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Friday, 17 July 2009

Bulcha Demeksa, getting and thinking old !!!

Tedla Asfaw

 Obo Bulcha Demeksa the head of the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement (OFDM) who served the Imperial Regime of Ethiopia, has long experience working for international organizations, currently a member of the TPLF parliament is sharing his wisdom. For Obo Bulcha the future of Ethiopian politics has to revolve around "Kilil" and each kilil has to be represented by party or parties who represent their nationalities. Oromo for Oromo's , Amhara for Amhara's, Tigray for Tigreayans etc.

Multi ethnic parties are non existent for  Bulcha and  Kinijit who participated on the May election and won all the seat in Addis Ababa/Finfine according to  Bulcha is an "Amhara" party. He said, "The multi ethnic vote Kinijit got in Addis Ababa is a vote against TPLF". A man who worked in many African countries if his expertise has been incorporated by now the whole Africa's political map has to be redrawn according to the TPLF Kilil which  Bulcha has been supporting for the last eighteen years.

Ato Bulcha's problem with Meles is for non-Oromos coming to parliament representing Oromo. "The OPDO is not true Oromo". Yes OPDO is not supported by many Oromos because they are not standing to empower the Oromo people rather used by TPLF to ignite war among many ethnic groups who have been living together for centuries and for which Obo Bulcha accused  TPLF on its own parliament in the past for the loss of lives and properties.

The scary thing,however, is Obo Bulcha does not believe non-Oromos can stand for  Oromo cause. He does not believe that the millions who lived intermarried for centuries have a right to choose any party that can stand for their interest. Dividing people purely on  language basis disregarding the fact on the ground is going to bring disaster to our people.

I have no problem with ethnic organizations but if I have to live with their dictate that is a problem. The majority ethnic group dictating on minorities or others who do not buy to their ideology is not different than  TPLF minority and its local surrogates abusing our people in their kilil for the last eighteen years.

If one ethnic organization is not allowed to campaign on other Kilil because that is not his kilil is against the right of citizens which  Bulcha would like to build on "Federal Ethiopia". Labelling Kinijit as an Amhara organization is also an insult to other nationalities who worked and died carrying a banner of Kinijit, freedom, individual and groups rights.

Obo Bulcha Demeksa concern for the Oromos is understandable and commendable,however, he failed to learn  from eighteen years of experience working with TPLF tribal Federalism. The elites of Ethiopia underestimate the masses and do not learn from their futile mistakes ignoring common bondage that hold Ethiopians together and keep on calling for Rwanda type division. Understandably if Obama asked Ato Bulcha expertise on how to be effective as "opposition" in Ethiopia the answer might be donation of many buses to bus nationalities to their  own "kilil" and return some of them representing their Kilil to form a "Federal Ethiopia". No one will pay for such adventure.