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Sunday, 29 July 2007

KIC should follow the example of KIL

The news that Kinijit International ( KIL) has dissolved itself after the release of the elected leaders is one of the good things that we are hearing in this month of July and we should commend KIL for excellent job they did while the leadership was non functional in the last two years. The fight with other faction claiming legitimacy is now over and I believe the recent formed Kinijit International Council (KIC) should follow the step of KIL and dissolve itself and we have not yet heard,forget about the Kaliti letter any legitimizing of KIC by the elected leaders and it will be unwise to do so because many who were behind KIL for the last two years will be disappointed by such move,

Kinijit leadership should evaluate all the works done in the last two years all the good and the bad one and that should start by controlling all the offices in Kinijit's name in the Diaspora for that to happen KIC should follow KIL and dissolve itself.

The attempt by KIC to call meetings with the elected leaders of Kinijit is dead wrong and that is divisive and all the paltalks who are trying to reflect the past position of KIL and KIC are not helping us to heal the past wound and move forward.

We should not forget the thousands of Ethiopians in the Diaspora who were calling for the release of the elected leaders and other political prisoners and we know many are not members of Kinijit and our struggle is to bring all political groups to function in Ethiopia without intimidation and harassment by TPLF an not to start our own exile movement separated from our people.

The politics of "Asayewalew" has to stop and let's be humble and polite like our people and get their trust by our deeds.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Celebration and Killings

Tedla Asfaw
Ethiopians while we are celebrating the release of the elected leaders of Kinijit we are witnessing the intensification of killing and blockade of food aid to thousands of Ethiopian Somalis in the Ogaden. This is the testing time for all of us if we really wanted justice and equality to come to Ethiopia and we can not be spectators while such crime is committed by the TPLF regime and let us mobilize the thousands who are coming out for celebration of our leaders to expose the killing and the starvation in Ogaden in the Western cities like we did in the last two years demanding the release of our leaders.

The May 2005 peaceful revolution should spread to Ogaden who are now punished for resisting tyranny of TPLF and wanted to be treated as equals and forged alliance with other opposition groups in Ethiopia who formed AFD.

AFD haters are not expected to denounce this killing or starvation because for them anyone who first did not pledge alliance to Ethiopia should not be protected or supported and the TPLF harsh and genocidal actions will in the future might lead a big problem which will invite foreign forces like the one planned for Darfur.

Who is going to blame the Ogadedn Somalis if they choose to be independent from regimes who always kill and starve them and never seat as equals to solve a problem since King Haileselasse's time.

Friday, 20 July 2007

All political prisoners should be released

Tedla Asfaw
This Ethiopian saying is appropriate at this FridayJuly 20 to express our joy for the release of 38opposition leaders. Forgive me for saying few thingsto dampen our celebration and however today is acelebration day for their families and millions ofsupporters who voted for them and the DiasporaEthiopians who campaign tirelessly for their release.As we know this is half victory and until allpolitical prisoners and especially the Mecha TulemaDevelopment Organization leaders, the young and thevery old one, many Somalis from Ogaden and the youthsof Oromos and the EPRP leaders who are now rotting inunderground jail are free nothing will change for ourcountry which will give us a dim of hope.The millions of Ethiopians do not have right to gatherto celebrate this victory but on our religiousgatherings,in mosques and churches, we shouldcelebrate this day and continue to campaign for manywho are still in jail.Here in the Diaspora we can have at least a one dayunity and celebrate this day. Thanks

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Playing with fire
Tedla Asafaw
I was lousy this Monday because of the July heat and tried to catch up with the expected court day drama of July 9 late in the day and my blood almost freezes when I read the BBC headline Ethiopian called for death penalty for the 38 of our CUD leaders.

Death what? You must be kidding, TPLF is now playing with fire and his financiers from the west tried to tell us otherwise and any attempt on our leaders lives will be matched by a fire which will consume TPLF and Ethiopia will join Somalia and other countries who are abused by the minority fascist regime and will declare war on TPLF and be assured we will have no time to waste in western cities but to join the battle and liberate our country from fascists.

USA and UK administration who lied about the rule of law in Ethiopia will be also held accountable in supporting this fake trial and accept the so called verdict of the TPLF cadres and tried to force our leaders to fall on the shoes of Emperor Melese and ask for pardon.

The failed policy of USA and UK in Iraq and Somalia under the cover of fighting Islamic terrorism is here to be repeated in Ethiopia not under the cover of fighting Islamic terrorism but fighting the majority of Ethiopians for not electing their beloved servant Melese Zenawi.

If USA and UK administration failed in Iraq and now in Somalia
why do not they learn from their mistakes? this might be because the crisis that is developing now in Ethiopia and engulfing Somalia is not going to cost them human life and financially is a fraction of the monetary expense in Iraq.

Cheap war for them but the consequence of this coming war will take millions of our people lives and the Horn of Africa will be destabilized for many years to come and the people of that region by now know very well our region never seen such evil force like TPLF in our life time and it is imperative to form a united front against TPLF and reclaim our region and charter a peaceful future for our children and grand children.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

On Yared Tibebu's confession

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Yared's assertion of the division in Kinijit between Ethiopian nationalists and left wing groups isnot convincing and as far as we know all political groups in Ethiopia their affiliation with left wingideology is long gone.

The division inside political organizations in Ethiopia is a result of lack of democracy in theirorganization and the ambition of power by individuals.

Kinijit in this way is not different than any similar organization back home or in exile and we really donot have a culture of running political organization and as far as I see Kinijit should be commended for handling its political debate while infiltrated byspies in a much better way than others.

The division what we see between the unelected KIC andKIL is not about ideology and it is about lack oftransparency which is wrapped by the blanket of the socalled the Kaliti letter and both groups claim to beEthiopian nationalists who accuse the minority regimeof TPLF as anti-Ethiopia.