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Monday, 27 April 2009

TPLF's Miazia Coup,not Ginbot 7 !!

Tedla Asfaw

The video clip from Ethiopian TV in Miazia (April), displayed guns, ammunition, foreign currencies,computers and  camping gears allegedly confiscated from the coup plotters of Birhanu Nega's led party of Ginbot 7. The timing of this fabricated coup, TPLF's Miazia Coup  follows the same past trends.

Among the many fabricated anti-TPLF plots here are some of them. When TPLF was rejected by the masses on May 15, 2005 the genocide accusation of Kinijit followed immediately and when that accusation did not make sense for TPLF financiers USA and UK, it was  turned as "throwing the regime" by mass uprising coined as "Yegodana Newte".

Many leaders of Kinijit were thrown for almost two years and because of the relentless lobbying and protest on the Western streets by Ethiopians the regime has to release the opposition leaders and face saving formula was coordinated by the elders and all of the leaders were released.

After the release of Kinijit leaders, and the formation of Ginbot 7 as one of the factions of Kinijit we haven't heard about Ginbot 7as a threat for TPLF until now. In fact for the many bombings in Addis Ababa, Shabia supported OLF was blamed. Many educated Oromos were arrested for terrorism activities and this new accusation of Ginbot 7 what makes it different according to the TPLF media, it is ordered from Western cities and Shabia was not implicated on this accusations.

This is not by accident. Those who are preparing this fake coup could not find a clip where Dr. Birhanu Nega, the leader of Ginbot 7 travelling to Asmara to "accept order". They have to prepare their fabricated coup without Shabia.

Who will forget the invasion of Somalia to distract us from the May 2005 election's aftermath , and the killing of more than two hundred people,  thousand jailed and the Diaspora well organized call for freedom and democracy that exposed Western double standard.

In the Somali invasion, the Islamic Court was accused in organizing a coup too. "The TPLF after it found the clue for the "coup" it has no choice but to go to Somalia and dismantle it ". The fabricated story of Shabia foot soldiers and generals evaporated after the occupation of Somalia and we didnot see any of them killed or captured except Eritrean journalists. The victims were Somalis and Oromo refugees.

Why they picked on Ginbot 7, a young organization this time not OLF, ONLF or Arbegna ? When it comes to ONLF they believed ONLF is finished after assassination of its leader and when it comes to OLF they believed OPDO has full control of Oromia after killing the OLF commander. The Arbegna they believed is busy fighting among themselves.

The fear for TPLF is mass uprising by Ethiopians. The Ethiopia Revolution of Yekatit 66 was the combination of many factors which we see in making under the current TPLF tyranny. Life for ordinary people is unbearable, the young unemployed wasted their time chewing chat or standing by streets and the army sacrifice for both Badme ten years ago and recently in Somalia, wars to keep TPLF in power by fabricating fake Nationalism in both cases angered the veterans. The Ethiopian army is frustrated by the people in power and for their sacrifices unrecognized.

Why do Ethiopians need Ginbot 7 or other organizations for mass uprising ? Did we wait for a party to help us the popular uprising thirty five years ago ? The popular upheaval is the natural way of releasing frustration and that is now what is building in Ethiopia. TPLF is isolated and the only way it can stay in power is by making stories like the Gibot 7 coup and stage a circus.

This new circus is well set up until the next fake election of 2010. Ethiopians will witness court circus and TPLF will win in landslide for 2010. "Yeleba Giriger Le Kemagne Yemetchal", translated  "self made anarchy is good for the real thieves". The one who plotted the Gibot 7 coup is TPLF in Miazia/April for the purpose of stealing the coming fake election of 2010.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Hawassa's massacre ninth anniversary

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Ewenetu Tulema wrote a piece in Amharic  remembering the victims of the Hawassa/Awassa massacre nine years ago on the month of May, and the perpetrators of this heinous crime on unarmed people of Sidama are still free men. More than forty dead and close to hundred injured and those who committed this crime are now on high posts of government and one such man is the current   ambassador of TPLF in South Africa, Melese Marmo.

Melese Marmo should be put on spot light in a democratic South Africa where he is residing on this May. Ethiopians in South Africa should organize a protest rally in front of the TPLF Embassy and held Melese Marmo accountable to the massacre in Hawassa/Awassa while he was a  vice president  and the security chief of the Sidama Region.

Berekt Simon and his friends who are the architects of this massacre according to Ato Ewenetu Tulema's piece(April 2009) though they are now on their comfortable offices in Addis Ababa, the cry and the call for justice we make in South Africa against one of their collaborators on this  ninth anniversary will remind them that we didn't forget their crimes and the judgment day is near.

Such protest at the time the Genocide Watch is zeroing on Meles Zenawi for its crime in Gambella, Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia will bring attention to seems forgotten crime like that of the Hawassa nine years ago. This is what is expected of the Diaspora activists to mobilize and be the voice for the voiceless in Ethiopia.

I want also on this occasion to congratulate the Washington D.C. Ethiopian activists who expose the law firm DLA Piper by buying spot on the taxi cabs for its alliance with the genocidal regime of Ethiopia. These are actions that will bring result on the long run by exposing all who are profiting from blood money in Ethiopia.

This coming May has also important significance because on this month four years ago Ethiopians went out peacefully and voted TPLF out of office. More than two hundred people were massacred on broad day light in Addis Ababa by assassins bullet  while the world is  watching and no one is charged for this crime.

The "untouchable" Meles Zenawi is now investigated by the Genocide Watch for crimes against humanity in Ethiopia's Gambella and Ogaden and it is  appropriate to show our support for such investigation while we remember the victims of Hawassa massacre.

TPLF is doing what it has been doing since it came to power in May 1991, gunning down with impunity and that has to be stopped and let us come out and expose one of the criminal gangs, Melese Marmo,  who is now residing comfortably in South Africa.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Unforgettable Tilahune Gessesse and Sad Hamus !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

I followed the OLF Amharic Radio program of April 20 and 21 posted on Internet after seeing no news posted on  the passing of the legendary singer, Tilahune Gessesse on Easter/Fasika, past Sunday on OLF home page. There was song of Tilahune "Singebegebelate" on April 21 on OLF Amharic without mentioning his passing.

Is this the Oromo tradition during the loss of a loved one including a giant who sang in Amharic as well in Afan Oromo for more than fifty years basically affecting the old as well the young, including future generations. I applaud the selection of the song even if it did not mention his passing away, maybe tried to send a message of love and hate between lovers including people of one country, one nationality VS the other.

Tilahune Gessesse is a man we all enjoyed his songs in bad and good times and will continue to do so in the future. It is appropriate for the OLF Radio to give Tilahune a well deserved respect on its program. VOA Amharic spent a day program on the passing of Tilahune and German Amharic also covered the passing of a legend  and the burial of Tilahune this coming Hamus/Thursday indeed will be covered by all and we all will come together on this day to say our final good bye/Dehena Hune to Tilahune/Tileye.

The OLF Radio and website by ignoring the mourning of Tilahune Gessesse by millions of Ethiopians for the last  three days is shooting itself on foot. Listeners will ask, if Tilahune Gessesse's passing is not worthy of news on those who manage the program, we would like to assure them it is not an Oromo culture.

Even the TPLF boss knowing the political implication of downplaying Tilahune's passing is rushing to exploit it for its own political agenda. Meles Zenawi is the first to write a condolence letter to Tilahune Gessesse's family to divert attention from imprisoning another popular young legend,Tewodros Kassahune at  the same time. That is what you call it "on one stone two birds".

The pro TPLF website like Aiga exploited the passing away of Tilahune Gessesse to divert our attention from the current Western boycotted visit of Al-Beshir of Sudan in Addis Ababa. What I do not understand is what message OLF is trying to send by ignoring the passing away of Tilahune Gessese ?

The millions of Ethiopians back home and close to one million in the Diaspora will surely will shed tears on this coming Thursday and the OLF website managers are encouraged to cover this sad day out of respect for the departed loved one according to the Oromo culture. "Selameka Yagene Selamake, Dubene tene Dubi Muchayo Megala" is my preferred song for that day out of many songs Tilahune sang in Afan Oromo.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sadness and Joy ??

Tedla Asfaw

The news of the passing of the legendary singer Tilahune Gessese coincided with the 113 Boston Marathon today which was concluded few minutes ago by the heart breaking loss of  Dire Tune, the defending champion by one second to Salina of Kenya finishing 2:32:17 and  2:32:16 receptively. On the men's side Deriba Merga won the race by beating the Kenyan rival Daniel with 2:08:42 for 2:09:12.

Unfortunately, the Boston Ethiopians who wave the flag and gave encouragement for our runners as they always do and the millions  of Ethiopians who watched the race live back home, their celebration was overshadowed by the sad news of the day, the passing of Tilahune Gessesse  on Ethiopian Easter/Fasika yesterday.

The young runners of Ethiopia once again put the Ethiopian flag high and say thank you to Tilahune Gesesse, the legendary singer  who sang for mother Ethiopia for half a century,  way long before these runners were born. We are mourning and celebrating today and whenever Easter and Boston Marathon is coming every year we will once again celebrate our heroes.

" Etu Yeshaleshal, Yeshaleishal, Abebe Bikila Yagebashale, Tilahune Gessese Yedereshal". The song of the time loved by Ethiopians to show their love for our legendary marathon runner, Abebe Bikila and the legendary singer Tilahune Gessese indeed reflected on Ethiopians mind when they watched Boston Marathon, running and music.

Though Abebe Bikila passed many years ago, hundreds of Ethiopian athletes followed on his footsteps like they did today in Boston and put our country on top of long distance running. The passing of Tilahune Gessesse whose voice that match the best of the world  is indeed a loss for not only Ethiopia but the whole world.

The sadness especially is very personal for all Ethiopian athletes because it is hard to separate Abebe Bikila's achievement and Tilahune Gessese's contribution to Ethiopian music. One can say easily that Abebe conquered marathon with and without shoes and became a benchmark for excellence in long distance  while Tilahune Gessese's voice has been part of us for more than half a century by way of producing young singers, the likes of Teddy Afro currently locked up by the tribal regime of Ethiopia to deny us his talent.

It is indeed a double tragedy when a legend passed, young artist Teddy Afro is jailed. It is impossible to imagine athletes like Deriba Merga and Dire Tune's to come out without the influence of Abebe Bikila. Music and athletics are inseparable in Ethiopia. They are the ones who brings us together in sadness and joy.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dr. Nega Mezlekia's honorable fight

Tedla Asfaw

The Media Blitz , A personal Battle by Nega Mezlekia, recent writings in 2009 can not leave me before I finished it few minutes ago after I started reading it on Good Friday/Ethiopian Sikelete. It was a human crucifixion of modern era  mirroring the betrayal of Jesus Christ by Yheuda. The likes of Ann Stone and the National Post/Disgrace, Noah Richler indeed were failures who wanted to destroy Nega Mezlekia to compensate for their own literary career unrealized dream.

Ann Stone who could not succeed in being recognized as a coauthor of the award winning book of Nega's , "Notes from the Hyena's Belly" used the unpublished manuscript, " I can not Recognize Myself Anymore" he forwarded  to her as a friend to get him when she knows that her case against him will not bring her any fortune. I can say the new plot to destroy Nega's name as a "violent man" planning to kill his former advisers and professors was taken as sensational matter to drive the National Post circulation by way of also satisfying the two failures who were feeding this frenzy for the media beyond Canada.

 I have no word to describe what I felt when Nega's  life after  a promising book tour for "Notes from the Hyena's Belly" in 1999 to be colliding with the well organized army of destruction led by Ann  Stone and the National Post that precipitated his prescription drug  and alcohol abuse to deny us a promising African writer. I have no word to tell him how I am proud of him being his former classmate at Alemaya, residing across in dormitory with such a talent. This is a story I shared with my three children. My elder son will be reading all of Nega Mezlekia's books starting this summer with " Media Blitz "to help him learn how an Ethiopian refugee like his father who came two decades ago shook the Media Establishment/Oligarchy of Canada to keep his Good Name.

Did Nega Mezlekia make a mistake in being open to those who wanted to benefit from his writings ? Maybe not, because as  a young writer that is the first step and there was nothing wrong in that. Where is that Ethiopian suspicion of  foreigners ? Where is the Menelik and Taitu perception of keeping copies in case the enemy make up its own stories ?

That is what  still angered me. Ann Stone keeping the unpublished manuscript of Nega Mezlekia and painting him relentlessly by her agents in the National post as a violent man could have started war between neighbors like "Ye Wichale Wele of Artilce 17". The war that led to the battle of Adwa.

However, I see one thing and many who will read this book, Media Blitz, will make Nega Mezlekia's amazing writings as  one of their favorites and  will read all his books. I myself  read the "Unfortunate marriage of Azeb Yitadeg " including the Media Blitz. This is not structural engineering that Nega was trained for and pay his bills,  but "structural writings" very few borne with, but only discovered it by accident.

The crucifixion is over and Nega Mezlekia gave a good fight to keep his Good Name and we should be all proud of him. "Someones good name is worth more than an expensive perfume", "Melekame Seme Keshote Yebeltal" .I do sincerely believe too a good film can come out of this "kill him by all means" suspense and thriller that goes on for more than seven years and cost Nega Mazlekia more than a quarter million of US dollars without including the health cost. Well done brother, many book lovers are behind you all the way.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Birhanu Kebede, the first casualty of TPLF in London !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The London TPLF representative/Ambassador Birhanu Kebede's job is in danger. I met my old neighbor of Aware while he was  a councilor for the Derg Embassy in Brussels in  1980s. The last time I met him was in New York in early 1990s when he was organizing the new office for TPLF.

Birhanu Kebede was a fun loving guy and well dressed handsome man and all who grew up in Aware agree with me on this characterization. He was not known for participating on student protests like his generations. After graduated in political science he worked for foreign affairs. I am not sure if he ever boycotted classes in Addis Ababa University and most likely he graduated on time which is rare.

The last time I heard about him was when he became the London Ambassador of TPLF. Since then I followed his speeches and regular letters he wrote to defend the regime. I send him a letter denouncing his service to the regime and understandably he never answered my email. I try to encourage him to abandon the regime following its electoral defeat exactly four years ago in May 2005.

Last month,however, was a very difficult  time for him in London. The secret meeting he called with the order of Berekt Simon to prepare a  welcoming rally for Meles' April 2 G20 gathering was a disaster. Brave Ethiopians foiled this conspiracy and since then life for Birhanu Kebede has been downhill. According to   Finote Radio of April 12, Birhanu Kebede was insulted by both Berekt Simon and Melses Zenawi and his days in London are numbered.

 Birhanu Kebede's service for TPLF has only brought the biggest anti-TPLF rally in the Diaspora and he is now blamed for not alerting this coming danger and  organize a pro-TPLF rally. What happen to those young students who are studying in Europe under government scholarship ? Why he did not call them  to show up to welcome Meles Zenawi and if he  can not organize this then he is not needed by Meles and he will be soon called to return to Addis Ababa. The news of Finote Radio is not far from the truth.

There will not be any foreign post job for Birahnau Kebede and life after many years of living in comfort will soon be over. I am sure his family will not return to Ethiopia being demoted to start a new life in Addis Ababa. One thing Birahnu Kebede will not do is ask for asylum in London. Using his long years of contact in Europe he will find a quite place out of a public and the next time you might hear about him maybe to serve the coming new administration in Ethiopia after TPLF.

On Hagerfiker Radio program of the  April 2 G20 meeting , Birhanu Kebede did his best to paint his prime minister as a man well respected by all foreign leaders and however such statement is just too little and too late. The next loyal person for London is already on the way and Birhanu Kebede is out for good.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Yeadera Dimts Radio Superb Coverage of the London Rally !!!

Tedla Asfaw

This is a first class coverage of the London protest by Ye Adera Dimts Radio(April 4), Protesters from Ogaden and the leader of the Oromo Youth in London Obo Lencho and other Ethiopians not only talked about the protest but informed us what to come next.

The Somalis who lost many of the loved ones by the brutal occupation of TPLF soldiers and still under assault and other Ethiopians were  denouncing Meles Zenawi in one voice and that indeed is a new beginning for future of our region.

Dividing the protesters, OLF, ONLF and the rest of us by TPLF mouthpieces like Aiga and "Belly First" miserably failed and we have to work on  joint rally in future to let it be known, we have no problem of working together. I urge everyone of you to hear this latest program of the Yeadera Dimts Radio of the historical Landon Rally of April 2.

This rally not only showed our unity in action but also the professionalism of the coverage by Abbaymedia com and Yeadera Dimts Radio.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Big victory for Ethiopia and Ethiopians !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

VOA of Addisu Abebe interviewed (April 2) Ato Wondimu Mekonen from London and two gentlemen from Switzerland and Sweden on phone while the condemnation of Meles Zenawi was heard on background by huge crowd of Ethiopians who came from all over Europe.

The rush by TPLF's Aiga, Ben of "belly first" including and stick to the one minute video clip of OLF and ONLF and try to ignore the  video clip of BBC's own four minutes video clip is disgusting and non professional, fake journalism.

The millions of Ethiopians back home got the truth through VOA and the TPLF's TV can show the Gambella and Ogaden butcher dinning with the queen and cheering behind the scene for his financiers. Not hanging the photo of Meles with G20 leaders might be punishable by jail.

The truth of the matter is none of the G20 leaders dare to visit Ethiopia because Ethiopians never welcome those who sided with their tormentors. That was why George Bush never touch the soil of Ethiopia and why Tony Blair was not welcomed by Ethiopians.

There will not be any official visit of Ethiopia by Obama or other respected world leaders because they know very well that any government sponsored welcoming ceremony could easily turn to anti-Meles rally that will shame both the host and the guest.

A tyrant who is despised by his own people will never get any respect in foreign land and when the last day comes no one comes to his rescue either.

We thank you, the thousands who protested today and stand with the millions of Ethiopians.The flags you waved on London street were seen by all including the G20 leaders.

Genocide in Ogaden !!

Dear the Ethiopian Ogaden Community in London,

I saw few minutes ago a news posted on ONLF website about the mass killing in Ogaden by "Ethiopian" soldiers. The war in Ogaden is not between Ethiopia and Ogaden, it is between TPLF in the name of Ethiopia and ONLF in the name of the  Ethiopian Somalis in Ogaden.

There is also an error on the date of the piece, and should be April 2 not March 2. We have to unite force to take back Ethiopia from TPLF and we should have coordinated our protest with other Ethiopians today.

TPLF websites like Aiga tried to divide Ethiopians as OLF, ONLF in one group and the rest of us including them in another group on their today front page.The truth however is OLF, ONLF and other oppositions are in one camp and TPLF is another camp. ONLF is not fighting the Ethiopian soldiers but TPLF soldiers and let us work brothers and sistes together and let the Somalis in Ogaden and the rest of our people decide their  future freely.


                                                                  Tedla Asfaw