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Friday, 30 April 2010

Solidarity with Chris Flaherty !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

Chris Flaherty, the producer of Migration of Beauty is challenging the Ethiopian diaspora to join him on his hunger strike to start on Monday May 3 in front of the White House to urge President Obama, recognize Birtukan Mediksa as a prisoner of conscience and call for her immediate release. The nine minutes video of Chris Flaherty is posted on oppositions websites and worth listening it.

The timing of his hunger strike unfortunately with the oil leak disaster in USA Gulf Coast might not get enough media attention but we can counter that if the thousands of Ethiopians who are residing in DC area join Chris 24/7 on his hunger strike. Let the young Ethiopians discuss this hunger strike on the weekend and present effective way of participating in it.

The strategy here is to get enough media coverage and for that to happen we need many people to participate. The most important thing is to join Chris twenty four hours. As days go by Chris' energy will dwindle and make sure to be with him for any emergency situation. Ethiopians in the taxi businesses have great role to play by spreading the news to all including many tourists  of this brave man on their normal routine.

We can also mobilize our business communities especially Ethiopian Restaurants for the first day of the hunger strike. Let all Ethiopian Restaurants show their solidarity by closing their doors for the first day of the hunger strike that is May 3. Yes they will lose business and that is a simple sacrifice to pay as an Ethiopian compared to putting yourself in great danger of hunger strike for honorable cause.

Ethiopian religious establishments, Christians of a all denominations and Ethiopian Muslims to pray for Almighty to give strength for Chris Flaherty's honorable cause each day  in front of the White House. All these actions will draw media attentions no doubt. I sincerely hope  brave Ethiopians will join  Chris Flaherty by directly participating on the hunger strike.

President Obama though distracted by emergency situation of the oil leak disaster can not ignore this hunger strike because it is in front of his residence. Michelle Obama will also be educated that another mother in a distant place is suffering for standing for freedom isolated from her five year old daughter for more than one and half year in jail in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We admire and love Chris Flaherty for standing with Birtukan Mediksa while the USA policy makers are only giving lip service for freedom in our country. We are calling the Ethiopian regime critics in the Congress to come out and show their solidarity with the hunger strike. Birtukan Mediksa has to be freed without any precondition to be with her daughter and mother. Above all with millions of Ethiopians for whom she is their symbol of resistance, Ethiopian Mandela.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Election Rape !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Last Saturday in Los Angeles gathering to welcome Ato Seye a leader of Medrek an interesting mathematical theory was developed which disprove that 4 million times 5 is not 20 million. The four million members of TPLF/EPRDF have been on mission to recruit five more people in their areas throughout Ethiopia to give a landslide victory for the Meles regime to continue on five more years so called "development'  and economic"growth" to feed our people three times  a day. So far the three time eaters most probably are the 4 million members of TPLF/EPRDF and another five millions to be recruited to fill their bellies three times a day, twenty  million of them, farmers,students, teachers, government employees, merchants etc.

Ato Seye Abraha believes that let alone the new to be recruited five million the four million so called TPLF/EPRDF members most of them will not vote for TPLF/EPRDF. He also said that more than one hundred thousands administrators of the election have also been selected by Meles to administer the election. Thousands of so called independent observes are also nominated by TPLF.

If we believe the diehard 4 million supporters and their five million recruits most of them will note vote for their bread maker, TPLF/EPRDF, the so called election administrators and observers who are to lose big time if TPLF/EPRDF is beaten on the voting booth can cheat in the vote counting. However, Ato Seye Abraha brought the experience of Addis Ababeans who stood and defended their vote in May 2005 election, acting as voters, administrators and observers to beat TPLF/EPRDF in a knock out blow.

Are the political opponents of TPLF/EPRDF ready to defend their votes as Seye believes ? If yes, how ? TPLF/EPRDF has already prepared its security forces in all voting areas to intimidate voters. These security forces will clear the voting stations from all opponents and are we ready to confront the Agazi forces once again ?

The troubling thing for me is the major opponents of TPLF/EPRDF AEUP and Medrek are not even allowed to have their election rallies until now. We will not forget the one million march of Miazia 30 five years ago which shows the unpopularity of Western pampered regime of Meles Zenawi. The regime does not want to expose itself by allowing such big rallies by opposition forces this time.

We have less than a month to call our supporters to go and vote against TPLF/EPRDF. If we can not call our supporters to rally and give its support publicly why we should call them to vote for our parties in one hundred percent administered and observed election ? Let us show the strength of the opposition for friends and foes alike before any election.

TPLF/EPRDF may call its twenty million "supporters" for rallies and  many of these will vote or not vote for TPLF, most likely they will be influenced if the opposition staged  huge rallies. Rallies by oppositions will encourage the TPLF/EPRDF so called supporters to join the masses for real change like they did five years ago..

The subdued atmosphere where we find our people now is only helping the regime to steal/rape the election. Going election without energizing  supporters and have a plan to defend their votes is as good as participating in an election rape.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Save Araya Tesfamariam !!!!

Dear UNHCR representative in New Delhi,

I was shocked to hear the sad news of Journalist Araya Tesfamariam on an update piece (April 22) by Solidarity Committee For Ethiopian Political Refuges (SOCEPR) who is now on the bed side of his sick daughter in New Delhi hospital where his fourteen year old is going treatment for life saving situation. The worst thing for a father is to be attacked severely at this moment by the Ethiopian government send thugs and left to die. This is beyond cruelty, killing father and daughter !!!!

The Ethiopian regime thugs are now following  Araya Tesfamariam even in New Delhi hospital basement to harass and threaten him to be deported to  finish him off. Where is UNHCR which is established to save political refugees like Araya Tesfamariam who is now the number one enemy of the Ethiopian regime marked for death for using his paper to educate the  Ethiopian public before he went to exile ?

I myself  a parent of three young children can not keep quiet when another Ethiopian parent is suffering in New Delhi. This is an extraordinary parent who stood for justice beyond his immediate concern of his family like most of us. He could have served the regime and lead a comfortable life like many others.

Such brave Ethiopian journalists are many in exile and they deserve protection. I ask your office to save Journalist Araya Tesfamariam  from being deported to Ethiopia with the help of the new Delhi Administration where he will surely face torture and death.


                                                             Tedla Asfaw


Sunday, 11 April 2010

TPLF, from Open House to Open Scandal !!!!

Tedla Asfaw
I read " The Author Memoir" by Tesfaye Gebrab, 422 pages book, I pre ordered . First I read it at fast speed one time and reread it again on this weekend. This is a book about our rulers life from their Open House fake degrees, open looting, open insult to their "Secret" night life which is no longer a secret thanks to Tesfaye. Once the TPLF/EPRDF leaders reached Addis Ababa almost two decades ago their main focus was enjoying life they missed in their seventeen years in a forest. Drinking and sleeping with young women was their priority after they put down the student revolt in Addis. I wonder how many of them were infected by HIV virus but no doubt many of them are now on drug even though Tesfaye did not give any detail.

Our rulers threw their old ladies and refresh themselves with young. Sibhat Nega the "old" brain of TPLF regenerated himself with eighteen year old girl. Foreign Minster of TPLF/EPRDF changed his old wife with Eritrean Madonna to dump her after the Ethio-Eritrean war in 1999-2000 to marry another business/thief woman from Tigray. Tefera Walwa and Abate Kisho jailed their old wives for new young wives. Samora Yunus, Kuma Demeksia, Bacha Debelle divorced and married multiple times.

Recently I read that TPLF/EPRDF has many women candidates running for the coming fake election. If there was a free media in our country such degrading character of our rulers towards our women would have put the majority of the ruling clique out of office keeping their other crimes aside. The new so called opponents of TPLF/EPRDF leaders character would have also been scrutinized.

Gebru Asrat a leader of ARENA who locked his paralyzed wife for new lady would have faced a serious question from our women and all people who read this book of Tesfaye. How could such man be trusted to stand for freedom and equality which himself fail to practice in his own home.

Seye Abraha and Bereket Simon who were mentioned as family men on Tesfaye's book have other issues which the public want to know. Berekit Simon the forged Amhara is responsible for giving away all the fertile land of Gonder by imprisoning and killing all the Amharas in the Amhara movement he chaired by force to Tigray Kilil.

Seye Abraha's problem is only Meles Zenawi and their power struggle has victimized many people. Seye and Meles have a same strategic goal, power has to remain under Tigrayan control for years to come. Their difference is at tactical level. Meles is using the fake federalism as a divide and rule to exploit regions in Open Robbery while Seye knows that this tactic is not working after the May 2005 election.

Whatever difference Meles and Seye had during the 1999-2000 Ethio-Eritrea war that divided TPLF in to two camps and the reason for Seye to go to six years in jail is no more on issue for both Meles and Seye. The issue now is how to keep power under TPLF in organizing and participating in fake elections for years to come, 2010, 2015 etc.

Thanks to Sibhat Nega a year ago Ethiopians were told in VOA Amharic that TPLF owned EFFORT is the richest company controlling more than ninety percent of the wealth of Ethiopia. The environmental damage TPLF brought to our country is monumental. The Jimma, Awasa and other forests have been cut and sold for fast money by TPLF.

Sadly the tyrant Meles Zenawi who supervised such environmental crime is seating as spokesperson for environmental affair on international stage, what a shame ? The anger of Abebe Geresu, a high military officer, who is now in exile is understandable. "Why do they do to us ? "Is Jimma an enemy land ?". The five hundred years forests are now cut and he will not be surprised if Jimma turns in to another desert.

Abebe Geresu also telling us in Tesfaye's book that our looters what they do not know is destroying the forestry of Jimma and Hawasa has direct impact on the rain in other parts of Ethiopia. The funny thing is by only putting forest in your Kilil you will not change the hydrology of the vast region. Only if you think in country level you will make difference. Does Meles Zenawi know that inaugurating dams after dams is not a solution to our water and energy problem. If there is no water what is dam for ? The last eighteen years under TPLF is destruction of our forests, building many dams is a mockery or a show case.

Ethiopia is not only under racist cliques but also under enemy who is planning for our long destruction after they left the scene in peoples uprising one day. The division and hate he witnessed even on those who are now leaving selling their bodies out of country in Dubai is sad and worrisome. A young Tigray woman is seen as enemy by others while she like themselves are the victims of TPLF that forced them to lead such shameful life in far place..

The love and respect our people showed to each other back home should be an example for those who are far from home.. Ethiopians are now under small group of people who are swearing in the mane of Tigray not to repeat "King Yohanese mistake" ,they never respected him in first place, not to give power for Amharas in the name of any election.

The story of Anebele Amare who was one of the Agazi leaders that killed more than two hundred people in Addis following the May 2005 election and the Oromo officers humiliation by TPLF cadres have shown us things have changed for the worst. What remained the same is TPLF did not face serious challenges from oppositions.

Our leaders are now millionaires who will spill whatever blood it takes to keep their wealth. Election or not TPLF/EPRDF will not give power to non-Tigreans. Here is the similarity of Meles and Seye who are now seem on opposite sides but working to the same goal, "keep power for those who lost thousands of lives fighting Derg, under Tigrayan control".

When it comes to more than eighty thousand lives lost in Badme under Meles and Seye leadership in Badme war they do not deserve any power to share. Their death is more valued than ours to keep them in power for long time. This reminded me of Rwanda's Paul Kigame and his party who are now on mission to rule forever Rwanda for the crime the Hutus committed against Tutsis. What is the crime the majority of Ethiopians committed to be ruled by few Tigrayans who are swearing in the name of the dead Tigrayans fighting Derg ?

Tesfaye who "failed" on his elementary and high school days did not get his diploma from Open House, the fake diploma of masters like our TPLF rulers. He got Ethiopian Diploma by reading, writing', mentored by respected authors like the late Hadis Alemayehu, Birhanu Zeihune, Tsegaye Gebremedhin and many others. More than that his childhood time full of love, with his mom , sisters, his friends likeNebiu Abebe and his family and all whom he met at a young age has made him who he is now.

The days he spent as TPLF cadre though regrettable made him know well who our rulers are. Without his close personal observation we would have missed the next Michael Jackson, Bacha Debelle, Go Bacha Go !!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Father of Ethiopia, Ababa Janhoye !!!

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Subject: Father of Ethiopia, Ababa Janhoye !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I read Dr. Abebe Ambatchew one hundred thirty pages book titled, " A Glimpse of Greatness, Emperor Haile Selassie First:The Person " on this Easter weekend. From the start I was in hurry attracted by a title "The Person" " Ababa Janhoye " from a people who know him, working closely.

Ababa Janhoye, the closest I came to him was as a teenager  in my elementary school days when his  entourage passes through Aware in Addis Ababa. We run to greet him and get a reward, brand new one Ethiopian Birr handed to us by him through his  car window. The lucky one got directly money from him and those who were not strong watched from distance. We all enjoyed his affectionate smile from distance.

His picture hanging giving a diploma for our fist family member in our home was a pride for all of us. During Derg early time when the campaign to discredit him was in full swing we brought it  down from our wall. However, the terror under Derg did not save many I know and many young lives of loved ones were damped on our door steps.

The Derg campaign accusing Emperor Haile Selassie as a "thief" for owning  St George Beer Factory, "Ye Negus Tela Metmekia " propaganda brought many young people to shout at him "thief", "Leba" when he was driven from his palace and seen for the last time in an old Volks Wagen. This factory,however, was a legal property of Janhoye bought from foreign owners on Dr. Abebe Ambatchew book.

The personal story I read on this book is also going very well with similar stories I heard from my late father. My father accompanied "Janhoye" to  potash mine in the Dahilak  desert. Many dignitaries accompany the king and the Afar Balabits brought large number of local Afars to greet the king.

Temperature on that part of Ethiopia is unbearable for all of the highlanders. As soon as they camp in the site all were fighting for drink, the mineral water called "Ambo Wha". In the middle of the fight for the bottle "Janhoye's" glass of water was untouched. My father told me he believed many including himself drunk more than one bottle of water without break.

The sweat which was pouring on many faces and the calm comfortable Janhoye in his seat was the story my father shared with all he knows. Dignified man under extreme temperature handed clothes for the Afar locals one by one. The story on Abebe's book a visit to Tibila farm in the upper Awash did not surprise me because temperature wise Tibila is much comfortable and there is an average a temperature difference of twenty degrees or more.

When it comes to being the "Emperor of Education" that is not only true but was also the basis for Janhoye development policy, on how to exploit the natural resources of our country by our own. "Let our children learn "science" , will look for our natural resources themselves". That was why Janhoye gathered bright kids from all over  Ethiopia, educate, feed and cloth them to learn and develop their  country.

Dr. Abebe Ambatchew figures on the education status of our country after the five years occupation of Ethiopia by fascist Italy with the resources available to him was extraordinary. The current TPLF regime supporters count of the number of schools and colleges and comparing it with Janhoye's time is non sense.

Compare the time of Janhoye with other countries of his time. Compare our students of his time with other countries and you will reach to conclusion that Ethiopia was progressing in education and development. The most important thing is that many who completed their education in foreign countries were quick to come home which is not true now. A country which is losing its human capital like our country will not develop only by foreign experts and foreign loan.

Ethiopia under Derg was run by Russians, Cubans and North Koreans and TPLF Ethiopia is proud to open Ethiopia for all who have money. The major player in our country is now Chinese  professionals and daily laborers in thousands. Ethiopia is not a country Janhoye has envisioned to be developed by its children rather foreigners are now on driver seat exploiting  our resources.

Ethiopians are now spectators or working mainly on menial job for foreigners. Those who accused and murdered Janhoye are now locked up in jail while their jailers are millionaires who owned the majority of business in Ethiopia. Tell me who is the thief or "Leba" There is no one,however, who is accountable more than  Mengistu Hailemariam and Derg for the situation our country is now.

The killing that started on the government high officials, sixty of them, most of them well educated Ethiopians from poor back ground was the beginning of the end of Ethiopia Janhoye built from scratch. The master of this crime, Mengistu Hailemariam, is now living in comfort.

The elderly Janhoye trusted his people more than his close associates. He was begged to go to exile, begged to give a go ahead for his loyal forces to use force to keep his throne. His last word before he went to prison indeed should be how Janhoye seen in history, " if my deposition is for the unity and integrity of Ethiopia I will go, but keep Ethiopia united".

Ethiopia after seventeen years under Derg and eighteen years under TPLF is still in war. Neither Mengistu Hailemariam nor Meles Zenawi have  conviction for our people and country. Mengistu run to save himself while leaving his associates to death and jail. Meles Zenawi is working hard to be respected internationally using  his fluent English while hiding from his people back home. He will in the end will follow Mengistu running for his life. However, Ethiopians one day will  give a proper place he deserves for their beloved father, Janhoye, and will held accountable rulers who run away from justice.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Who is afraid of the D.C. conference and Why ?

Tedla Asfaw

I followed  this past Saturday, Andnet Radio hosted by Ato Yoseph. This was by accident but worth listening it. The debate between two Ethiopians about the coming three day conference in D.C., April 9-11. Dr. Kasa one of the organizers and Dr. Kefyalew /washera a regular writer on TPLF Aiga website who characterized the conference as "Awde Tifat" ,"conference of evil".

Last week Aiga Editor, Zeru Hagos,wrote a  piece, "conference of Hodgepodges", why the Horn of Africa Conference should be rejected. It went further and accused the co-sponsors of the conference, Trans Africa Forum and Africa Action. I  read also a piece posted on ethiolion  from anti-TPLF quarter  calling for  boycott this conference. The main reason is the use of "Horn of Africa" than the name Ethiopia  to appease the OLF and ONLF secessionist movements.

The debate between the two Doctors, however,was evolving around the substance of the conference. Is it "Awde Tinat"/Educational or "Awde Tifat" /evil . Dr. Kasa argued that in Ethiopia under TPLF where democratic rights are non existent, organizing such conference one time in two decades is  not we should be proud of in fact such conferences should have been frequent to charter the future of our country by analyzing all the developments in the Horn of Africa that is evolving as we speak.

Dr. Kefyalew however accused the organizers as fringes whose goal is to destroy the "legal" government in Ethiopia. He argued, it is only conference that is organized on what has been achieved under TPLF/EPRDF is a  conference he will support and participate.

The host Ato Yoseph tried to moderate the debate which sometimes looked like a high school debate. Name calling and insulting remind us our revolutionary days back home. Both knowledgeable people hammered their position and no one gave ground on his position.

I did not read Dr. Kefyalew/Washera piece posted on his objection of the conference. His whole argument, however, here is that the only way to be heard or influence Ethiopian politics is by working like the opposition parities who are now running for May 23 "election". He challenged Dr. Kasa how could they organize anti-TPLF conference and at the same time support some group in Ethiopia for the coming election ? This however was not answered.

This conference is not about the coming election, it is about Ethiopia under TPLF in particular and the messy region  which is known as Horn of Africa in  general. As I learned on other programs from organizers, speakers were invited to present their paper on this conference and Dr. Kefyalew was invited on the spot  to participate on the conference by paying $15 which is an entrance fee for three days conference. Dr. Kefylewa was surprised to learn that and declined the invitation.

This is the first conference organized in a long time that included many Ethiopians from North America, Europe, Africa including some from Ethiopia, foreign experts and NGOs. Dr. Kefyalew reminded us also there is one person from Eritrea.

I am the believer in debate. I do not support those who are calling to boycott this conference like Dr. Kefyalew for  not including TPLF officials and their supporters and others who denounce the conference by its title.Yes it is the Horn of Africa, home of Ethiopians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Kenyans and Ugandans. True, most if  not all of the debate is about Ethiopia. Until and otherwise there is stable Ethiopia which is run by the will of the people there will not be peace in the Horn of Africa.