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Friday, 31 October 2008

Obama Girl from Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

She is an Obama girl from Ethiopia and her name is  Dire Tune and those of you who watched the London Marathon of this year you know what I am talking about. She is competing in this New York City Marathon this Sunday to beat other "old" experienced athletes like Paula Radcliffe. She  might not have much experience like her and others but she has the  the intensity and the power to win like Obama.

This is another Obama Girl not the cutey dancing and singing in the subway of New York City, "I have crush on Obama" but a cute 23 year old who is a winner like Obama and this Sunday she will lead by example and beat all those without or with experience like "John McCain", the likes of Paula Radcliffe, Catherine Ndereba and I am not kidding.

In the past athletic competitions, Ethiopians have performed very well after human made disasters. Let me take you to the Atlanta Olympics final event in marathon. A deranged man planted  bomb and we all were scared and the next morning in women marathon Fatuma Roba trashed everyone and won the Olympic Marathon.

Here in New York City after 9/11 devastation the worst on American soil the sad marathon went as usual in November and we know who comes in top in men's  marathon. It was Ethiopia's Tesfaye not only won but set a new record for NYC Marathon. This time we have  human made financial crisis in the Wall Street and America is looking for  a real leader and that leader is no doubt Obama and our Ethiopian Obama girl, Dire Tune  will show  him the way by example two days ahead of him. Let the Obama Girl from NYC come out open on the surface and sing  Obama is a winner like Dire Tune from Ethiopia.

Dire Tune's win in  New York City marathon this coming Sunday will be replicated by Obama  and he will be  in the  White House in 2009 trashing all stereotypes. He will bring back NYC as the financial center of the wold. The Obama Girl from NYC, however  should not be jealous for Obama picking the Ethiopian winner because he himself is the winner like her.

Root for My Father !!!

Hearing one of our family members seriously ill and not be able to see or hear him or her is painful for all who live far from home in foreign country. We all live and carry death within our selves and we are not sure when is going to be the final day for each one of us. Death back home in Ethiopia, however, is afflicting many of our people due to starvation, disease and war and I wonder how many of our people are in their eighties or nineties.

I am one of the lucky ones who have elderly parents father and mother. My father will in a week or two will turn 94 years old and the last days however have been very difficult for him.

The last time I talked to my father was on our new year on September and I am afraid that might be the last time to hear his voice and I need all of you to remember my father as as a good man and a patriot who gave one of his eyes fighting Mussolini in Southern Ethiopia and loves his country beyond anything else.

Let us root for him to celebrate his 94 birthday in two weeks time.


Tedla Asfaw

Monday, 27 October 2008

Is Ogaden National Liberation Movement website prejudiced ?

Tedlla Asfaw

I am an Ethiopian who read ONLF website (English) regularly and get my information on what is going in Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden. I am also a person who have first hand experience working in Jijiga and its surroundings in the 1980s. The poverty and lack of infrastructure development in the area is still fresh in my mind.

Ogaden suffered also immensely during Bari's invasion of Ethiopia in 1977 and its worst tragedy however has been unfolding since the attack by ONLF the Chinese Oil Company two years ago and the total war declared on Ogaden by TPLF. Since then I kept following the situation closely and wrote my view for all and some Somali websites put my piece to be read and I have not got such luck with ONLF site however.

I hope it is not censoring all of us who are not from Ogaden. My worry however is that maybe the case. We organized a rally this past Friday October 25 in D.C. to denounce TPLF and stand with Somali brothers and sisters in their difficult time and call for USA to stop participating on the killing and human right abuse in Ogaden.

It was my hope that ONLF website will cover the news this time at least to inform its readers what happened last Friday in D.C. Sadly ONLF failed to report about it. How comes a concern from US. Congressman Donald Payne has more weight than hundreds of Ethiopians who deeply felt the pain of Ogden brothers and sisters ?

The problem in Ogaden can only be solved in democratic Ethiopia where liberation movements like ONLF, OLF and all political organizations participate and tackle all their common problems without any preconditions and prejudice. Reporting without prejudice will help us create a conducive atmosphere for our future.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Successful Protest !!

Tedla Asfaw

VOA Amharic coverage of today's protest in D.C, Friday October 24, estimated by them more than one hundred against the killing in Ogaden, is available on VOA website and please click the evening program. This is the only successful anti-TPLF rally in D.C. this year and such united action is what TPLF and its cadres are afraid  and  should be encouraged in all countries where the Ethiopian Diaspora resides. No time to waste in fighting among ourselves while our people and country are bleeding. The enemy is TPLF.



Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We say No to contract signing with unelected regime in Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I read a news on Ethiopian web site,, posted on (Oct. 22) that Calvalley Petroleum from Canada  is reaching a production sharing contract with unelected regime of Ethiopia at a time more than ten millions of our people are starving and international organizations are calling for more aid to save lives. The greed of Western and recently Chinese companies to sign a deal with unelected tyrants is not new what is new that people said no to such deal and the recent experience of Chinese Oil company in Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden was not taken as a lesson by company like Calvalley Petroleum.

No oil company is welcome in any parts of Ethiopia at this time. Poor and starving Ethiopia succeeded in bringing few millionaires in the  last eighteen years out of  the ruling TPLF who stashed millions of dollars in foreign accounts and we do not want to give our natural resources to put them in the class of billionaires.

We would like to remind Calvalley Petroleum that Ethiopians in the Diaspora have already started boycotting any businesses related to the ruling  TPLF mafia and this boycott might include companies like Calvalley Petroleum that is  doing business with killers and human right abusers.

We know what greed had done to the world economy by now and we advise Calvalley Petroleum to reconsider the signing of the deal with unelected regime in Ethiopia  and if not we we Ethiopians will come to its  head quarter to tell the stock holders that Calvalley Petroleum stinks.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Protest Rally in D.C.

There will be a protest in front of the States Department in Washington D.C.  Friday, October 24 at 9AM. The organizers expected each and one  of us who strongly believe in expressing our feeling on what is going on in  Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden for the last two years to come by disregarding all distractions.

Meles Zenawi  war  machinery that is defeated in Somalia is surely to take its revenge again on Ethiopian Somalis as it has already done in the last two years following the ONLF attack on Chinese Oil Company.

Ogaden has not been the same since then, I personally characterize it as our "Darfur" . We Ethiopians have been quiet and TPLF thought that as endorsement and it is not late to challenge this wrong assumption and say NO !!! to killing of  Ethiopian Somalis in the name of fighting secessionists.

Let us stand with Ethiopian Somalis in this difficult time and held Meles Zenawi accountable similar to Beshir for its atrocity in Darfur.Let us call for international community to bring Meles to International Court for his crimes in Ogaden.


                                                                                       Silence is not an option !!!

                                                                                    Tedla Asfaw

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Divisive Fund Raising in the name of Tigray

Tedla Asfaw

For those of us who followed Addis Dimits Radio last Sunday ( Oct 12) we heard the noise in Sheraton Addis by those who claimed to raise money for the development of Tigray. Were those who pledged millions of Birr to build schools in Tigray contribute money also to the millions who are now starving in all parts of Ethiopia including Tigray?

The language we heard in the name of fund raising was rather divisive and no Ethiopian is against school development in Tigray but when it is accompanied by wild partying and boisterous and divisive noise it shows that its intention was not to help build school in Tigray.

The intention was to seed division between Tigrayans and others. Regional development including school construction by people of the region is not new what new is the divisive political cover it was given by TPLF supporters.

Mind you when the people of Tigray was in danger in the Badme war in the 1980s many of those who were making noise in Sheraton did not go to the war front to defend the people. It was the sons of Ethiopia from all regions who went in thousands and sacrificed heavily about 70,000 of them never returned to their families.

Did the fund raisers remember those Ethiopian children on their festivity ? Did they try to honor them by raising fund to help the community that gave their young to defend Tigray from Isaias' war machine ?

The boisterous crowd in Sheraton were none other than TPLF die hard supporters who were partying by the stolen Ethiopian money in order to paint the image of TPLF as Tigray builder that deserves life support.

We have witnessed such divisive projects going on for the last eighteen years in the name of Tigray people and the attempt to tell us openly in our face to seed more suspicion and hate is out of desperation by the very few racists.


Friday, 10 October 2008

Lidetu Ayalew and Girma Wolde Giorgis on stage !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Have you followed the recent  fake democracy in action in Ethiopia and if you do not let me share with you by bringing the big two players of the circus. Girma Wolde Georgis the "President" of Ethiopia and Lidetu Ayalew the day time opposition and the night time collaborator of TPLF who lost credibility,  mind you he even did not try until now to call a "fake rally" to show to the world the right for free assembly in his "democratic" Ethiopia.

Ato Lidetu Ayalew is the only "opposition" member of the parliament that supported the December 2006 invasion of Somalia who is now calling for Meles' army to pull out immediately  because "Ethiopia can not "finance" this war indefinitely. Do we really finance this war ?

Let me ask you Ato Lidetu Ayalew a question. As a member of parliament, have you travelled to Somalia to assess the progress of the occupation ? If yes what did you hear from the young soldiers there ? If not, will it not be appropriate as the only supporter of the war from the so called opposition for you to resign by not doing your job ? Can you inform us the amount of money spent so far on the occupation and the debate that was conducted to "finance" this war  before you step down ?

The next drama on  parliament floor comes this week following Girma Wolde Georgis' speech to the parliament. Ato Girma spoke on the opening of the fake parliament and Ato Lidetu this time with the help of other known opportunists in the parliament are organizing a protest  motion against  the rosy speech of  Girma Wolde Giorgis on the economy and also  for ignoring Ato Lidetu's call for immediate withdrawal from Somalia.

This is a well staged circus to show democracy in action in Ethiopian parliament. Girma Wolde Giorgis' speech was not different than  several lectures of Meles Zenawi we heard this year. Economic growth of double digit and denying the current famine is not new and why then Ato Lidetu jumped now to organize a motion against the speech of Girma ?

Girma Wolde Geiorgis, the 'king" of Ethiopia, is only reading what TPLF handed  him and Lidetu's call for motion is also part of the well orchestrated drama. The fact of the matter is no Ethiopian is watching this circus and is just a waste of time and money like the Somali occupation.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Dr. Kinfe's frustration is understandable

Tedla Asfaw

Dr. Kinfe on the VOA Amharic(Oct.7) lashed out on tho ongoing boycott of TPLF and he purposely brought the Ethiopian Airlines which is currently not included on the boycott as an attempt to destroy Ethiopian asset and symbol by very few "unsophisticated" individuals.

The boycott of Ethiopian made fresh Injera however is something he will agree for humanitarian purpose and the telephone card is beyond boycott for him. His argument  that such actions are only symbolical and will not at all make difference was refuted by Ato Mirchaw Sinishaw with facts.

Moreover,  the anger and frustration of Dr. Kinfe  seems to suggest that TPLF and their supporters like him are worried that this is beyond symbolism and help our struggle by targeting  TPLF as the number one enemy of Ethiopia that has to be removed by all means including total boycott.

We also know that foreign aid from West is going to reduce substantially because of international financial crisis and whatever foreign currency the regime in power is denied is a big plus.

                                                                               No Business with TPLF !!!!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eyewitness account of the killing in Gambella

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Umet Uman  an Ethiopian from Gambella who has  been living in exile for the last four years  eyewitness account of the genocide that took place in Gambella in 2002-2003 is chilling. We all remember forced by the wide coverage of the  killing  Meles  established his own "independent commission" and we all know the  cover up very well.

Ato Umet Uman who served TPLF for thirteen years at various positions on Ginbot 7 Radio October 4 part one interview  vividly described the sexual assault of teens in front of their families by TPLF militia and is indeed very troubling to hear that as a parent.

The TPLF officials he mentioned  Dr. Gebreabe, Bernabas and the then president of Gambella were all behind these atrocities and are still serving TPLF at various positions even traveling freely to the west to "educate us" on the development going on in Gambella and other regions of Ethiopia.

TPLF atrocities on Annuak people was well exposed by Ato Obang Meto and the 2002-2003 massacre on other Gambella people was also well documented and similar atrocities were carried in Awasa, Harar, in many Oromo regions and recently on Wolkaite/Armachowe Gonder people and the defenseless Gambella region  ethnic cleansing is underway by the  collaboration of TPLF and Sudan's militia of  Beshir and South Sudan. The recent disclosure of weapons hijacked by Somali gun men on the Somali coast destined to South Sudan is very troubling if it is true. 

We have to just look across our Eastern boundary in Somalia to learn a timely lesson. If Somalis can do it we can do it too. Well armed enemy can not win that was proved more than   seventy years ago by our gallant fighters breaking the backbone of fascist Italy. TPLF's fascism fate is similar if we act together soon.



Thursday, 2 October 2008

Somali coast problem is foreign made

Tedla Asfaw

The so called Somali Transitional Government of Abdullahi Yusuf is asking Russia to take all the necessary actions on the Somali gunmen who hijacked the Ukrainian ship with twenty  Ukrainian and Russian crewmen on board week ago. Who are these hijackers? The Somali coast for the last twenty years has been a free coast for the United  Fish Looters (UFL) to come and fish on Somali coast and profit an estimated  $300 million per year at the expense of local fishermen.

The local Somalis organized a vigilante groups to scare away the UFL and they were not successful. These looters are carrying bogus flags of different countries and carry  fake licenses given by former Somali officials one of whom is Abduillhi Yusuf the current president of Somalia in Mogadishu who personally profited.

Somali coast has also become a damping ground for toxic wastes  and the United Nation which calls to fight piracy never addressed the issue of Somalis who lost livelihood to the well organized looters and did not take any action also on foreign companies that polluted the coast of Somalia and endangered the lives of many people.

Currently the Somalis has set up a strong thousand armed men who are moving on small boats to hijack ships and demand money. Some countries negotiate and pay and recently France sent a commando and rescue its people and capturing some of the hijackers.

The Ukrainian ship is rather interesting because of the 33 Russian made battle tanks it carry and the destination of the cargo that is still debatable, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia the possibilities. Recently Meles Zenawi was heard saying that he is worried about "piracy" on Somali coast. He might be worried this time more because he might lose the tanks if it indeed was destined for his war in Somalia as Somali Islamic fighters alleged and call the hijackers to burn the ship.

The American war ship is following closely the week old sea drama and buying time for the Russian ship which is still far to take on the Somali gunmen. From previous Russian rescue missions of hostages, the one ended up gassing everyone in Moscow might be the conclusion of this week old drama if Abdullahi Yusuf request is answered.

Such action will not stop future hijacking by gunmen in the more than 3,200 km coast of Somalia. The problem on the sea is not different from the problem of Somalia and unless Somalia is left alone from all outsiders and find its way to function as a country and control its resources the Somali coast will not be safe for anyone.