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Friday, 30 October 2009

Sales men for China and Ethiopia on World Focus Radio !!!

Tedla Asfaw

World Focus Radio host Martin Savidge  talked with Professor Philip LeBel and Ato Ermyas Amelga a"businessman" from Addis Ababa yesterday on his weekly radio program about "Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia" which was aired on blogtalkradio live (Oct. 29)

I had commented earlier on his blog and requested if I can participate on the program. Since the program was not  listeners call  I had not a chance to question his guests how can entrepreneurship develops where the unelected regime in power is controlling all the resources, land and all cash generating crops and minerals.

"  We can't discuss about one cash crop, coffee, without                                                       seeing the big picture of farming in Ethiopia. Land is owned
  by the unelected government, Ethiopian farmers are now
  tenants of the ruling regime TPLF led by Meles Zenawi and
  his company EFFORT established by stolen aid money twenty
  five years ago.

  Large tracts of land have been also leased for foreign
  countries or are converted to crops that produce bio energy.
  When it comes to the small farms of coffee the regime wants
  to discourage farmers to abandon planting coffee to turn it
  into large scale coffee farms and it is amazing to see that
  USAID is part of this project at the expense of poor

  Some farmers switch to other crops like Kat a narcotic crop
  to support their families. Large areas of Teff farms
  surrounding Addis Ababa also turned by government to flower
  farm for European markets by those connected with the

  No wonder we are now where we were twenty five years ago
  and famine is threatening millions of lives again.

  In general Ethiopia is run by unaccountable regime who
  cares less for its people and profit at their expenses. The
  crisis we witnessed in coffee farms just a tiny fraction of
  our overall land policy crisis in Ethiopia.

  The least we Ethiopians in the diaspora do is to stop the
  Starbucks and others exploit our people with collaboration
  with unelected regime in Ethiopia. Those like your guest
  from Ethiopia today are only interested in making money at
  the poor farmers expense. We saw on Market Makers program
  recently that Eleni Gebremedhin working hard on behalf of
  the regime to collect each sack of coffee to the government
  stores to be shipped to profit her company called GUNA.

  The Bonga and Harar I see on your program has not changed a
  bit since I saw it more than twenty years ago. Where does
  the tax revenue go ? Surely used on the race of our rich
  tyrants to catch up with the world rich and famous. Ethiopia
  needs real change, democratic and accountable government,
  until then we say no to Starbucks, no to flower farm and no
  to misguided USAID ".

  I appreciate the host for reading the first paragraph of my comment on the program for which the professor replied by accusing Dr. Birhanu for his "harsh" call for overthrowing the Ethiopian regime similar to my "harsh" comment.

The Professor also looks like the spokes person for Chinese companies and I am not surprised for ignoring the question of accountability and the rule of law in Ethiopia raised by the host. The Professor is promoting development at the expense of everything , set to establish a New China in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian"businessman" from Addis, Ato Ermias, is also acting like  sales man for TPLF and he was careful choosing his words. Overall, both the Professor ant the TPLF cadre in Ethiopia should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring the real issue of millions of our people struggling  to get a piece of bread daily and tell us about rosy economic opportunity for those connected with the regime, the TPLF cadres and the Chinese accomplishment in Ethiopia.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Agree to disagree !!

Tedla Asfaw

We should agree to disagree and refrain from unwarranted  attack  like the one on Tekle, Editor of ECADF, by Dr. Getachew Reda on his Oct. 27 piece posted on his website. Why Tekle's "admiration" of Shabia is an issue when our people is suffering in all corners while TPLF and Shabia soldiers facing each other peacefully, maybe admiring each other ?

TPLF and Shabia can love and hate each other, why should it be a problem for Tekle ?  Can we function and think free from these evil forces who brought us to the current mess we are in ? How can someone be an admirer of Shabia as Dr. Getachew Reda accused  Tekle at this time when the whole world knows who Isaias' Shabia is ?

I have known closely Tekle for the last two yeas and I haven't seen anything which suggest that he is someone to be equated with Abraha Yaye who showed up in Asmara in the Badme war a decade ago  and later on went to give support for TPLF after its defeat in 2005 election.

If Tekle supports Ginbot 7 that is his right and  if we do not accept individuals  freely associating themselves with organizations they choose , how is that going to help the creation of free and democratic Ethiopia ?  I do not see Ginbot7 as an enemy and that in no way make me an admirer of Shabia.

Young Ethiopians like Tekle should be encouraged to do what they have been doing out of love for their country. I do not see what economic benefit such people are getting sacrificing their time and resources. Unfair attack is not helpful at all. The one who are benefiting from such attack are only the anti-Ethiopia forces led by Shabia and TPLF.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Millionaires were born out of Ethiopia's famine !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Gebre Medin Araya's, " Tigray Betelate Eje Mewdekena  Yasketelew Mezez"  part one and two, fourteen pages in Amharic is a timely piece on this  25th anniversary of the famine in our country Ethiopia. Sadly, another  famine is unfolding at this very moment and those who want to make money out of it are well organized as usual. "Sewe Berasu Sanba Endayetefense Newe" interview of Ato  Asgede who wrote two books recently about TPLF and was  one  of the eleven founders of TPLF  also exposed what he knows about the current situation in Tigrai, famine and politics.

Ato Asgede on his  recent interview with Reporter identified many places in Tigrai  that has been exposed to drought. However, the regions suffering from drought in Ethiopia currently, BBC and other foreign medias showed Tigrai as non drought area. This is not a surprise and deliberately a misinformation campaign by TPLF. These foreign medias got their information from the regime in power and take it without checking other resources.

This false information is purposely designed to misinform the Ethiopian people as Tigrai Region/Kilil as beneficiary of the development plan on Tigrai for the last nineteen years. The propaganda of other regions in Ethiopia  to learn from Tigrai was deliberately orchestrated to isolate the people of Tigrai from other Ethiopians.

Ato Gebremedhin  on his educating piece , I recommend all to read, exposed how TPLF benefited from the famine of 1984 to build its money empire which later  culminated as EFFORT. The one hundred million dollar handed over to Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega by Bob Gildoff, the organizer of live aid,  in Sudan  needs further investigation. It is a big robbery unknown for many of us especially to those who donated their money after they saw the heartbreaking video of a child seating on his dead mother body.

The one hundred million dollar is now on Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega's  foreign account according to Ato Gebremedhin and we have the right to ask  Bob Geldof what he knows. We know  this money had not reached to the dying and starving people on whose name the money was collected.

The tons of food shipped to  Sudan port had also  ended up  for sale in Middle East and somewhere else and  it will be very hard to track  what happened . However, by exposing such criminal activities of TPLF we can alert  foreign donors not to hand over their aid to be controlled by TPLF and its  Sudan collaborators. We know that Sudan port is the port chosen by TPLF to unload foods and other donated materials for the starving people this time.

Famine has been a gold mine for TPLF bosses. Their wealth back home and in foreign countries is at the expense of dead children  women and the elderly.  It is time to bring these  criminals to justice. There is no statue of limitations on such crime.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Famine and accountability!!

Tedla Asfaw

My country  Ethiopia is preparing for a make-believe election on this coming summer. Drought as always is threatening our people and any layman can ask how comes a Western supported regime of Meles Zenawi could not feed its people ? We were told by the regime and its supporters that the Ethiopia economy has been growing double digit for the last ten years. Today's BBC headline news (Oct.22) was not different than the one we heard twenty five years ago for which the former dictator Mengsitu Halilemariam was accused by the West. Why we have not hold the current dictator, Meles Zenawi to the same standard ?

What is "economic growth" that could not feed its people ? Why do we waste resources in the fake election ? Our luck of feeding ourselves is partly because of failed land policy, accountability  and the brain drain of the educated masses for the luck of freedom in their own country.

If Ethiopians failed to feed their own and every other five or ten years are debating with donor nations for the accuracy of the number of the starving, six million or ten million then we should be categorized as failed state and be done accordingly.

However, the starving and the million other proud Ethiopians whose life has gone worst for the last eighteen years under Meles Zenawi's unaccountable, apartheid rule have no choice except call for "our regime" to be our best spokes person to beg for food aid without any shame.

If there was decency a regime that can not feed its people should go and let an accountable administration took over to solve the equation of  famine and accountability once an for all. Otherwise the next cycle of famine, call for food aid and the debate on the number of the starving will be  who we are as a people and a country. That is shame !!!




Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fwd: EFFORT VS Gebru/Seye's Medrek ????

Dear Getachew Reda,

I read your piece you wrote to Professor Tecola Hagos  supporting my short piece,  " Medrek, the last Hope of Kilil Politics" on I am delighted to see debate raging on  Internet on the issue of Medrek and your involvement on this to educate all of us is appreciated.

I sent a note to Professor Tecola Hagos on issues I did not cover while I wrote that piece and was interested to get a feedback after pro TPLF, Aiga pose a question to Gebru Asrat the architect of Medrek, his position on EFFORT. Who is the owner of EFFORT Mr. Gebru Asrat and Aiga demanded immediate answer on public.

I posted the note I sent to Professor Tecola Hagos as follows hoping he will reply to me to "correct my position " on  Medrek and convince the wider public why Medrek is different from EPRDF and  Arena from TPLF.

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Tedla Asfaw <> wrote: to Professor Tecola Hagos

I want you to inform me if  Gebru/Seye have different position than that of  Sebhat Nega on the issue of " EFFORT ".  Is the "Leulawente" of Gebru Arena's party accepts that EFFORT is owned by the "People of Tigray". What is the similarity and difference between Gebru/Seye and Sebaht/Meles, and what is the position of the Tigrayan elites on the hot issue of EFFORT which comes out as on open querry on Aiga front page for Gebru Asrat the Medrek organization Chief ? Power comes through money and whoever controls the purse is going to dictate  politics of poor Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Vote for us you will be paid. Is that maybe what Dr. Negaso Gidada is compalining about "No Level Field" or is he promised to get some by joining Gebru's Medrek who has big share of EFFORT ?

                                                                                                                                              Be Akiberot,

                                                                                                                                  Tedla Asfaw

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Medrek, the last hope of Kilil Politics in Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The TPLF known loyalists, Beyene Petros, Merara Gudina, Negasso Gidada and others  will never retire from political circus until their master Meles Zenawi is forced out of the political stage by peoples revolt or "Yegodan Newte". Well if you do not subscribe to kilil politics and force TPLF from  power, Ethiopia will brake apart like the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia according to the current chairman of Medrek, Dr. Merara Gudina.

The TPLF "kilil" is an arbitrary drawn line that has no legitimacy in the Ethiopians eye and we are not going to be scared by what will happen after the demise of TPLF and its servants. The real force behind Medrek, However,  is Gebru Asrat, Arena party leader who is preparing himself to be the first  Sovereign Tigray Republic leader after the "disintegration" of Ethiopia.

 So called  "prominent" individuals like Dr. Negasso Gidada and Seye Abraha are known Kilil politics defenders who failed from Meles' favor on personal agendas. They wanted to replace TPLF by Arena, EPRDF by Medrek. Professor Mesfin Woldemariam on VOA Amharic yesterday denounced few  UDJP members and leaders  like Giizachgew Sheferaw who is the vice president of Medrek  for abandoning their party principle of Unity, Democracy  and Justice to the Kilil lords of Gebru, Seye, Merara, Beyene, Bulcha etc.

There is no difference between the current tribal warlords and the one who are conspiring to replace it by using  poor Ethiopians "vote".  TPLF did not ask the support of Ethiopians to topple Mengistu Hailemariam and is right for not asking the peoples vote to stay on power. TPLF is expected to rule for many years as reward to its sacrifice. It has also been true that TPLF will not allow anyone or organization who has not endorsed the Kilil politics to come to power in a free and fair election.

The cry of "no level field" we heard from Dr. Negasso Gidada recently travelling to Dembidollo his birthplace by talking to few people is not about "no level field" it is about "no field". People are not allowed to speak, organize freely and those who are allowed to speak their opinion are only those who bought the philosophy of  Kilil.

Ethiopians in Dombidolo and other places what they demand is real freedom to choose their representatives and condemn all who have been conspiring with  TPLF for more than two decades including Negasso Gidadda who is now complaining about no level field that has been true for more than twenty years including his time as a President of Ethiopia. People over there might have told Negasso that he is part of the problem too.

The option our people have is to reject both TPLF/EPRDF and its clone Arena/Medrek. Let them organize their election circus paid by donor nations. We know the divide and rule of Kilil politics is on its last breath and it is up to us to deny them the remaining available Oxygen by saying no to Kilil Politics and rejecting their election circus this coming summer.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Stop the torture of our sisters immediately !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopian young women who traveled to Middle East and Gulf Nations working as maids have increased dramatically for the last two decades. These young women abuse has also increased dramatically, some of them end up dead, rapped and tortured and the video clip of  Al Jazerra's TV, less than five minutes, this week showed one young woman tortured on  boiling water by her female boss/master.

The victim body was totally burned and it seems the lady did not receive adequate medical care. Without Al Jazerra's professional investigative journalism we would never have known about the suffering of this sister. There are many sisters who are suffering as we speak and it is time for our community to stand with the victims.

Organized protest should start immediately against those countries who allowed this abuse by not taking  legal actions against the perpetrators of this crime. This morning I spent few minutes with the media representative of United Arab Emirates(UAE) in Washington DC on telephone to inform her what I saw on  Al Jazerra's clip that is posted on many Ethiopian websites.

The UAE media representative unfortunately has not seen the clip. However, she was disturbed by what I told her. A woman/master  doing to another woman/slave  who is under total control reminded us the day of slavery which is still fresh in some Arab countries household. They hate towards Ethiopian women most of them  Christians might have made things even worst.

Moreover, some of these Arab countries are also "buying" our best women and men athletes to run for them. Our big athletes are also running for big prize in these Arab countries. All of them have responsibly to use their star power to come out and speak against the abuse of Ethiopian women which is rampant in the Arab land.

The diaspora Ethiopians power to expose this crime and call for justice can make big difference and I urge every Ethiopian to come out and protest by calling and writing to the UAE embassies all over the world immediately. For those who are in USA they can call 202-243-2448, media representative of UAE, and registered their anger and call for those who did the crime to be punished .


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Call for Defiance !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The so called  spineless oppositions are begging TPLF  to participate on the coming election theater on the summer of 2010. They are now forming  two groups one led by Medrek and the other by Ayele's Kinijit and its subsidiaries to  win the heart and mind of TPLF. Ayele claims everything is OK in Ethiopia and what we have to do is just to show up on the election day well behaved and dressed and the other group calls for the stage set up to be changed to attract poor Ethiopians for the  coming coronation of Meles Zenawi as the unchallenged ruler of Ethiopia until death.

Some here from the diaspora also jump to this theater. One  new group called Ethiopian Democratic Hibrehizb Unity Movement (EDHUM) is suggesting  on its sixteen page "election manifesto" that participating on the coming election is a  must for our people because the alternative is death.

EDHUM argues that the farmers will lose their land if they are not registered to vote so do the government employees. Forget about going to higher education or to travel aboard all will depend on showing your election registration card. Overall it said if you do not vote you are dead.

While the so called oppositions to TPLF are asking what is good for them EDHUM is warning us what will happen to the masses if they do not come out and vote. TPLF cares for the turnout because it wants to show to the wold that this is another miracle like the double digit economic growth.

Those of us who see this whole as a circus  should come out and foil this circus by mobilizing the masses in the known gathering places like churches, mosques and schools. We have to tell people that the only way to get freedom is by sacrifice and it is time to reject TPLF and its all collaborators by saying NO !!  to the make believe election of summer 2010.

The fake oppositions and organization like EDHUM are only worried for their own survival not about the well being of the masses whose lives are getting worst day by day for the  last two decades. Had our parents followed cowardice advice and accept the mighty Italy seventy years ago  we all could have spoken Italian by now.

Yes an organized resistance is very important and let us use the modern technology to our advantage  and reach to our people to say no to Meles Zenawi and his collaborators. The dark city of Addis Ababa besides exposing our people for hardships have also given us opportunity to shout death to TPLF and its collaborators.  Does TPLF see in our dark neighborhood too ?

Patriot Shaleka Atanew Wase

I followed the late Shaleka Aranew Wasse memorial audio posted on Assimba website. I send my condolence on comment I  posted on Debteraw the moment I heard his passing away. It is indeed sad such a brave man sacrifice is not recognized by the so called opposition medias in the diaspora.

The truth of the matter is our shortsightedness and selfishness in the business of politics. We divided ourselves so too Ethiopian heroes among ourselves. Rather than honor them as Ethiopia's heroes we  own them and exploit them for our own narrow political interest.

I am not surprised to see patriotic fathers like Shaleka Atanew victimized on his death too. However, his patriotic story will be told thanks to his sons and all who know him very well. I have no doubt that a huge volume will come out soon to teach future generations the sacrifice paid to defend Ethiopia by ordianry people.

For those of who are in business of informing our people it is appropriate to tell the story of our heroes dead or alive without any prejudice.

                                                                                                                Ethiopia Heroes are Our Treasure !!!

                                                                                                                      Tedla Asfaw

Friday, 2 October 2009

The 2016 Olympics !!

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From: Tedla Asfaw <>
Date: Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 9:03 AM
Subject: The 2016 Olympics !!

Here is a result and it is not a shocker at all. The Obamas and Oprah are good team, they might have few converts on their lobbying for Chicago for 2016. Make no mistake this is not lobbying for USA. I remember when Atlanta hosts Olympics in the 1980s many New Yorkers even do not know if the Olympics was that close to them.

Rio is not about one state, it is about the whole South America and they are going to take the Olympic 2016. It is not surprise for me and many New Yorkers even do not know if there is such competition. We are now in baseball season and every one is rooting for its own team here in USA. Chicagoan have also their own team and I do not think 2016 is in their mind.

The Obamas will accept their defeat and I am not going to cry for them. Go Rio !!, Go Brazil, Go South America !!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tedla Asfaw


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Time to act !!!!

Dear Ye Hagere Lijoche,

I have been following  the conspiracy and the final deal to hand over our land to Sudan by Meles Zenawi and Beshir of Sudan. I followed few minutes ago Dr. Fisha Abebe on German Amharic today informing the Ethiopian people on the final plan of TPLF. As he said our people are given final warning by TPLF to give the land to Sudan settlers. How can the brave sons and daughters of Tewodros give their own to enemy and cry ? This is not our tradition and we have to find ways how to be with those braves who will never give their land no matter what. What is your immediate plan for this month ? One strong protest to remind Obama the future time bomb buried by Meles and TPLFwill help. Standing as always with our braves who will be fighting and shed their blood to keep the land that has been always Ethiopia's.



                                                                Tedla Asfaw