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Monday, 31 December 2007

Where is Senator Obama?

Tedla Asfaw
The violence in Kenya following this week presidential election needs straight answer from the Democratic candidate of USA, Mr. Obama and a test for his foreign relationship credentials.

Moreover he is also respected in Kenya as their own because his father is a Kenyan and it will be
interesting to hear from him here and and in Kenya too.

Senator Obama is quite may be Kenya is not important in the presidential debate but for many people who questioned his international credential it would have been better if he comes out and take stand on what is going on in Kenya following the contested election.

Some of the candidate might only know Kenya as land of Safari and it is not at all important and the USA media have not shown so far any interest.

For those of us from Horn once again like the 2005 election of Ethiopia the region's hope for a model is gone and we are left with no alternative.

If peaceful election does not bring hope to our region we will be left out only with armed struggle and military coups as we have been accustomed for many years.

Victory for our people in 2008!!!

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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bhutto's Dynasty?

Tedla Asfaw
Today the Bhuttos are gathering to pick a successor for the late Benazir Bhutto according to BBC news hour and this is also compared by some to the Kennedy's, Bushes and Clinton's and however this comparison is not correct.
In USA no one  inherits power from their families rather elected to represent their party by the  Democrat or Republican caucuses. What we have seen in Bhutto's family in Pakistan is a feudal power transfer since the independence of Pakistan.
The possible inherits of the power are the nineteen year old son of Benazir  Bhutto, her husband or her sister and I am surprised the Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) has no role to pick the leader of their party and how can an organization bring democracy to its people without electing democratically its own leader?.
Such transfer of power is now become a norm also in undemocratic countries and we saw it in Jordan and in Egypt the son of Mubarak is now groomed to rule Egypt. Such practice will give an ammunition for Islamic extremists to wage war in the name of Islam and the disenfranchised masses will be left out of the power game..
Without democratic institution and transparent deliberation within parties it is impossible to bring accountability and fight neptoism and corruption and people are going to worship leaders and that is bad for democracy.
On this first anniversary of Saddam Hussein execution nothing bright has come for the Islamic world and still most Islamic countries are run by dictators and that will not bring peace and stability in any region of the world and inherited power is neither different.
It is sad a woman who preaches democracy and accountability while alive her death is not hope for Pakistani democracy rather an excuse to keep Bhutto's legacy and the winners on all these will be the undemocratic forces led by Musharraf and Islamic extremists.. 

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Does it matter, Dialogue or outrage for the Kinijit's sickness ??

Tedla Asfaw
I read Ato Fekada Shewaena's well written piece about the current predicament of Kinijit, once a very popular party getting the support of millions of Ethiopians, remember the "Miazia" 30/ May 2005 rally a week before the election  and now in a disarray fighting in two camps in Addis to secure "office" and name for KInijit "legally" posted on
The whole world knows that millions voted for CUDP/Kinijit and now TPLF is telling us that we must be stupid because there is no party called Kinijit and even those who got a seat for their safety in the "parliament" Ayele and Temesgen do not know which party they represent.
On top of that Hailu and Birtukan factions are not allowed to mobilize supporters while they have been given stages to destroy each other. We have now four Kinijit parties begging for recognition from TPLF and TPLF is now roaming Addis and many cities to win the local election for the coming spring and preparing to win the landslide victory for the so called "election 2008".
It does not matter who will get the certificate of recognition for Kinijit and this will not change the fact that TPLF will compete with the loyal oppositions led by Bulcha, Petros , Lidetu ,Ayele, Temesegen and you can add Hailu, Birtukan on this list and the so called fair and free election under TPLF is gone for good whether Kinijit remains undivided or not.
What Hailu and the other Fives have done after their release is destroying the Kinijit spirit by their examples we heard in their interviews and deeds. They might be educated people but not good leaders in any measurement you take.
The millions in Ethiopia who voted for Kinijit hoping  better future and that future no doubt is hijacked by TPLF and  failed leadership of Kinijit paving the way for another rule for TPLF dynasty, 2010--2015 and whether we engaged in dialogue or outrage it does not matter any more the damage has already been done.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Dr. Birhanu Nega Vs. Bereket Simon on "Bravery Scale"

Tedla Asfaw
I read a short armed struggle account of EPRP and the role of Dr. Birhanu's contribution according to " Adal Isaw "not a real name posted on Aiga(Dec. 28) titled "EPRP and Dr. Birhanu Nega:"Like father,like son" which accuses Dr. Birhanu as cowardice and people like Berekit Simon an adviser of Melese Zenawi who was defeated soundly on May 2005 election as hero.
It would have been up to Bereket Simon to bring your allegation of cowardice on the debate and ask not to vote for Dr. Birhanu and other CUDs because they are not as "brave" as EPRDF/TPLF fighters and ask  for another five years.
The writer accusation of Dr. Birhanu being "a scary cat" was also pointed by others against Melese Zenawi and he was accused of never seen in war front and in fact run from battle field and it would have been relevant for your readers if you were "brave" enough to comment on that.
Dr. Birhanu on his book "Yenestanet Gohe Sikede" clearly put his role as a young person like many of us a desire for a change including an armed struggle and admitted that he did not participate in any battle and left for Sudan.However, Bereket Simon and other former EPRP officials join TPLF and now  reaping the fruit of their "bravery" for being more TPLFites than TPLF officials even if he and othes  lost an election and if that is also bravery it should be called "bravery of cheating"
The future of our country is on the hands of our people and those who accepted the verdict of our peope in the polling booths are the winners and let our people vote on who is a hero and a coward and killing innocents demonstrators on the streets of Addis Ababa while hiding in the Menelik Palace is surely not a heroic action.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Fwd: Musharraf has to go !!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Dec 27, 2007 11:08 AM
Subject: Musharraf has to go !!!

Bennizar Butto is a courageous woman and whoever is
behind this heinous crime is a coward. The
beneficiaries of this crime might be dictators like
Musharraf who failed to protect her and wanted to stay
in power claiming fighting terrorism.

This is the time for Musharraf to go and Pakistanis to
elect accountable government to remove the threat of
terror once an for all with the full participation of
the public.


                                 Tedla Asfaw

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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Ethiopiafirst with Addisdimts host

Tedla Asfaw
Another educational interview on Ben's Radio and . Ben interviewed Ato Abebe Belew the host of Addis Dimts on current political situation in Ethiopia except the occupation of Somalia which in fact should have been part of the interview because its impact on future politics of Ethiopia is huge.
Educational interview is hard to find in a polarized paltalk shouting, cursing or worshiping interviews in the Diaspora and this one will not scare many Ethiopians including TPLF supporters and opponents to listen without worrying too much.
Ben has his own view sometimes different than Ato Abebe but this has not made each one of them to be an enemy and swear never to talk. Such tolerance is hard to find in our Diaspora political culture and if it is exported to Ethiopia it will negatively affect the future democracy we all want to establish in Ethiopia.
Free media which is totally non existent in Ethiopia as Ben proved beyond doubt from his recent trip to Ethiopia is not different than the Diaspora polarized media serving as a propaganda machine with the exception of very few.
If you want to know who you are in the Diaspora the litmus test is which website and media you are visiting. Ato Abebe Belew will get many emails and calls for appearing on Ben's Radio and many will  label him as TPLF agent to solidify their on going accusation against him.
I do not know if Ben's site is blocked in Ethiopia and I can assure you that this interview will never be allowed to reach a large audience in Ethiopia and if it reaches Addis Dimts will get many supporting emails and letters from Ethiopia. 
I also listened interview Ben made with the families of those killed by the TPLF forces two years ago possibly after he interviewed Ato Abebe and I would like to know what Ato Abebe has to say about this disturbing interview if he has heard it.
One thing I do not like  to see is to exploit the dead families for political gain and such actions by Kinijit leadership will be a disrespect of the dead.

Somalia Islamists are more popular now than a year ago!!

Tedla Asfaw
The United States occupation of Iraq and all its implications squarely rests on George Bush and the public is informed daily on the casualties of this occupation and its cost to the tax payers and the 2008 election will much be determined on who will bring the troops back home safely.
Today is the first anniversary of occupation of Somalia by "Ethiopian" soldiers and in direct opposite to the occupation of Iraq, let alone the public the so called parliamentarians do not now the number of "Ethiopian" soldiers who died in this adventure and where  the money is coming for this war, and  how much this occupation has cost so far?
We have not heard debate in the Ethiopian "parliament" similar to the USA Congress to fund the war and this surely proves that this money is not coming from tax payers of Ethiopia and it is probably tied up with the so called counter terrorism agreement with the USA administration.
Do we have the names of the dead ? Is that also a military secret like most things in Somalia? Can anyone tale me how many Somalis were killed? we are hearing sometimes hundreds of dead Islamic fighters and does anyone believe that Somalia is much stable and is free of "terrorists" than it were a year ago?
It is in fact the opposite. After one year of illconceived adventure the Islamists have many Somalis on their side fighting for their "national" pride and one thing this occupation did is to bring all Somalis together.
The impact of this occupation for the future instability is great. Somalia either will go to the 1990s clan fight or Islamists will capitalize on the current Somali nationalism and rally the people and establish an Islamic state hopefully which has no ambition for neighbores territories.
I have no doubt, like the Hamas of Palestine and Hezbollah of Lebanon tested in war times they will also be popular in Somalia. However, the Somali Islamists should not miscalculate and call for Jihad on neighboring countries especially Ethiopia encouraged by outsiders who are now only giving lip service to their resistance.
The "Ethiopian" army unceremonious departure by next year will be filled  possibly by India and Muslim countries to stop the killing and Somalis have to be ready to live with the Islamists and the Islamists have to realize their dream in their own territory and declaring "jihad" across the border against Ethiopia will sabotage Ethiopian people struggle for freedom and equality and be an excuse for the dictatorial regime of Melese Zenawi to stay in power. 
Ethiopians are true friends of Somalia and the hundred  thousands of Somalis displaced by war never felt as foreigner living in Ethiopia and no matter who comes to power in Somalia that should be the foundation of our future relationship.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas Greeting to a Friend

"Wondeme", "Kena Seta Yemelemaele Gobata" in this day of communication it is hard to leave the field for the very few and be spectator and that is what I did my part in 2007.

How could one be a spectator when ones country and people held hostage by very few and their foreign backers who claim to be especialist for our problems.

Was it not a very few patriots like "Ras Abebe Aregaye" and others who draw a line during the Italian invasion while many were lined up to eat Spaghetti?

This time is not different, we saw many of our friends lined up to buy property walking on the bodies of our dead and enjoy the food and "women" of Ethiopia with our current fascists.

"Wondeme", if you and me can not draw a line on good and evil who can do it for us?

TPLF is afraid of paper and ink and the only weapon we have right now and we have to use it to bring change for our people back home.

I finished reading a book by the widow of Danny Pearl, "Mighty Heart" who was beheaded in Pakistan after 9/11 while he was in mission to report the under working of Islamists and it is a moving story and if you have not read it please pick it up.There is also a movie about it by Angelina Joline, the "mother" of Zahara from Ethiopia.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday and the coming year to reach to our goal to live in a free and democratic Ethiopia.

I have enjoyed checking in on you at Addis Voice. You are doing a fabulous work on creating forum on matters affecting us and our country. Thank you for sharing your ideas and for your objectivity in your comments. I appreciate you energy. I look forward to seeing you next year. Keep up the excellent work. Keep it coming. I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved
family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Friday, 21 December 2007

No Money !! No Honey !!

Tedla Asfaw

TPLF started another fight this time not by gun by money. The millionaires party, TPLF, is drafting a new law to ban all contributions out of country and crippling parties that survive from the Diaspora contributions.

The three hundred thousand dollars raised from KIL supporters lat month might be the victim of this new law and this new law is going to completely shut down all opposition activities.

The new law, by demanding the names of the contributors, it will scare most people back home not to give money for fear of reprisals.

How are we going to mobilize supporters without money? impossible and all the money raised for the opposition parties have to go underground and in this time of suspicion and division in the Kinijit leadership this new law with the banning of free assembly and speeches will definitely kill the hope of peaceful struggle in Ethiopia.

Divided Diaspora that can not raise money legally will not help the cause of millions of our people hunger for change.

I hope such war waged on our people by TPLF might unite the splintering Kinijit factions KIL and KIC offices before they shut down for not paying rent and other expenses, no money no honey.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Eid al-Adha, Festival of Sacrifice

Fellow Ethiopian Muslims with other Muslims all over the world are prepared to celebrate the Eid al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice tomorrow and this holiday ritual is also embedded in the heart of Ethiopian tradition both Muslims and Christians.

As in many of our religious holidays like "Fasika"/Easter and new year celebration, wedding and
others, Ethiopians Muslims and Christians buy sheep to slaughter for a feast.

Our family has to follow our father and do this ritual and this experience from child hood until now never lost and still remember asking my father as if today, why do we slaughter sheep?.

The answer was straight and simple.My father answered to us "when God asked Abraham/Ibrahim to sacrifice his son he never hesitated to do it. God saved Abraham's
son and gave him a sheep to sacrifice ".

Here in the Western world we still follow that ritual. A decade ago for my wedding my father and father-in-law have to go to New Jersey to buy sheep.

Here is the funny thing. The Muslim merchant has to make his prayer "Besemelahe" and my father and father-in-law jumped with him saying "Besmaeabe Wewelde" and hold his hand and slaughter the sheep.

All of us laughed on the incident but one thing is true, we all believe in one God in our own way and I wish my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Eid al- Adha.

Tedla Asfaw

"Long Live Senator Inhofe" !!! posted few supporters of TPLF photos standing at Oklahoma Senator Inhofe's office and holding placards against HR2003. "Long live Ethiopia, long live USA " and then the funny call is "long live Inhofe".

How long ? wishing him to be a life term senator like TPLF supporters wanted to be Melese the life term leader of Ethiopia. "long live Melese Zenawi" should be added with "long live Inhofe" to be fair to your leader. Ethiopians voted out Melese in 2005 and he is now living with stolen time and I am longing for his departure from Ethiopian politics and as for Senator Inhofe he will go after his term is finished and the TPLF supporters can find him a job as life term adviser.

Long Live Freedom!!

Tedla Asfaw

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The infamous number sixty in Ethiopian politics.

Tedla Asfaw

The number sixty brought our memory of the sixty
Ethiopian high officials of the Imperial regime of
Haile Selasse who were massacred by Junta Derg in the

After more than three decades the number sixty comes
again in our politics this time when we debate the
crisis in the Kinijit leadership.

I read on EMF the "master list" of the Supreme Council
Members of Kinijit happens to be sixty and as we know
when the leadership was thrown to jail two years ago
this council ceased to exist. Some were jailed,some
hiding, some in exile and some left Kinijit for good.

After the release of Kinijit leadership four months
ago few less than twenty are engaged in power struggle
in two camps, Hailu and Birhanu/the Fives and are now
campaigning other Supreme Council and executive
members to join them in the fight while the millions
supporters of Kinijt following the saga on VOA and
German Amharic.

Engineer Hailu Shawel on this week's interview with
VOA confirmed that there is no Supreme Council of
Kinijit and it is dead.

It is true that the sixty council members and the
whole Kinijit movement are dead politically thanks to
the TPLF banning of peaceful politics combined with
the leaderless Kinijt train.

Kinijit supporters can not peacefully demonstrate and
is hard to gauge their reaction. However, if you do
your own survey it is not surprising to find that
people demand readership change in Kinijit and for
that Hailu and the Fives and all the members in the
leadership position have to go. I hate number sixty
and hopefully Kinijit will look for another number and
mobilize its supporters by all means to keep the
spirit of 2005 alive.

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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Melese Zenawi, the next President of Ethiopia

Tedla Asfaw
The Russian prime minister Putin has nominated his buddy to replace him and his successor would like to put Putin as President of Russia and you can call it give and get more. Why not TPLF emulate this to the Ethiopian situation?
Prime minister Melese if he kept his words, this will be his last term as prime minister and by the 2010 our country will have another member of TPLF as prime minister in the coming TPLF controlled election.
The president of Ethiopia is ceremonial as President Girma Wodlegeorgis said  in his recent appearance on New York Public Radio and compared it to the "Queen" of England. The Ethiopian "Parliament" could change that and make the president to be more active in internal politics.
Following Russia's Putin the Ethiopian "Parliament "next step is to nominate prime minister to be our   next president of Ethiopia by huge majority and if there is any law against that TPLF will use its super majority and make a new law.
TPLF can not survive without Melese Zenawi and they have to thank Putin for bringing this new model to be emulated by our life term leader to jump from one post to another and we should not forget Musharraf's conversion from the Army chief to be president too.
While Ethiopian popular party Kinijit is now splintering and leaderless TPLF should not worry about organized protest in any form and the new position of president for Melese Zenawi might indeed be a big possibility TPLF supporters will talk about   in the coming year or two.
"President Melese" will use his years of contact and experience to be our official president and unofficial "prime minister" of Ethiopia and Kinijit's failed leadership might make this alternative more interesting for him and we will hear from him soon and of course retirement is out of question Mr. President.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Poverty and educatin in the rich nations

Tedla Asfaw
On BBC news hour (Dec. 13) I followed the study done by the British regarding poverty and education. Children at the age of seven from poor families who are bright end up as adult in poor school with no  future probably ending much poorer than their parents.
This is not peculiar to Britain and here in USA family income and children education has strong correlation.Children from high income family end up in good private schools and pay their education in college and take well paying jobs and the majority of children from low income families end up in poor public schools, some drop out in high schools and the lucky one end up in community college, and very few  in good colleges which is a license for good job opportunity.
Born from poor family seems a curse and things are not getting better for the poor of the world, and if the west can not tackle this inequality in education it will prepare itself for many underclass citizens with less paying jobs or no jobs that will trigger crime and  will cost them huge amount of money to fight these crimes.
Rich nations should be better off spending money for quality public education and tap the potential of  bright children from poor families and wasting it as they do now is immoral.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Fwd: Certificate of Expulsion for Dr Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tedla Asfaw <>
Date: Dec 12, 2007 9:24 AM
Subject: Fwd: Certificate of Expulsion for Dr Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Dec 12, 2007 9:24 AM
Subject: Certificate of Expulsion for Dr Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa

Engineer Hailu's KIC or call it "Kinijit" on its
December, "Thaesas" declaration barred Dr. Birhanu and
Judge Birtukan Medekssa from Kinijit membership.

The official declaration "let us go our own way and
let them go their own way" by Dr. Birhanu last week on
the paltalk got an official reply from Engineer
Hailu/Dr. Taye.

The Diaspora supporters of Dr.Birhanu will call call a
meeting and establish their exile organization to be
lead by Dr. Birahnu and back home the returned
delegates Ato Gizachew Shifereaw, Dr. Hailu Araya and
Ato Biruke will continue their battle under the
watchful eye of TPLF with the Engineer Hailu groups.

The Ethiopian masses who voted for Kinijit in 2005 is
out of this power struggle and should not choose
anyone of the warring groups.

We have not heard last time when the masses gathered
for "Talaku Rucha" in Addus  root for Hailu or Birhanu
and for them they are failed leaders and the "Derg"
like proclamation will not drive them to create
suspicion among themselves who are now suffering under
the brutal regime of TPLF.

The May 2005 movement looks crippled for now but the
masses who were mobilized in millions for Kinijit
support in "Miazia 30" two years ago will pick leaders
to replace the failed ones and move for a change.

Here in the Diaspora the majority of us who rejected
the two camps and call for reconciliation have to
denounce those who would like to lead us from exile or
dividing our people back home to hostile camps and
guarantee years of rule under TPLF tyranny.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

KIC's "Lekaberew Aredute" statement

Tedla Asfaw
I listened on Andent Radio the Dec.8 KIC statement regarding the call Dr. Birhanu made on the paltalk radio that Kinijit warring factions have to go their separate way. How could  this be news to us? We witnessed it when the Kinijit delegates arrived separately in September until they left divided in November.
Dr. Birhanu's " let us go our way and let them go their own way" is not going to be a surprise for millions of our people who followed the sad story of KInijit since their new year and the KIC statement is like "Lekebarew Aredute".
We can go back and read the recent statements of KIC except  "Kinijit is one" in words their actions like the Birhanu groups, KIL had achieved the breaking away of Kinijit and all the festivals and parties had not gone from our memory to deny that.
The elected leaders of Kinijit are now paralysed and forbidden to reach their constituents and the gathering of few elected leaders in the name of Kinijit is not different than the Kinijit we have in the TPLF parliament which communicate by remote control with its "constituents"
Why should KIC worried about the call made by Dr. Birhanu on the paltlak and didn't we hear getting a new name for Kinijit from Eng. Hailu  which is not different than splitting Kinijit? It is clear for all of us the KIC group will have a new name and the KIL will take another name and that was declared few months back here in USA.
The Ethiopian people "Kinijit" has to rise up with new leaders from the ashes of KIC and KIL and this people power has to take its own course and "Talaku Rucha"  has shown us the glimpse of  what to come.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Eritrea is not Somalia

Tedla Asfaw
I read editorial Eritrea is not Somalia, Dec. 10, 2007 and I agree fully on the analysis that backed Melese's assertion that he  will not go to war with Eritrea  "without full scale of invasion" by Isayas of Eritrea.
This is true because both tyrants are strategical friends and the current tactical misunderstandings which led to Badme war ten years ago and cost more than seventy thousands of civilian lives do not bother them at all because no one question these warlords and had we lived in a free country we would have damped these guys long ago.
Strategically both are moving to their goal of fracturing Ethiopia beyond repair. The last Christmas war of going to Somalia is not because Somalia had launched full scale invasion against Ethiopian the litmus test presented by Melese for Eritrea but because that was a contractual obligation of war against terrorism by the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia for the Bush Administration.
By going to war he invigorated the historical enmity of Somalis toward Ethiopians and that together with the Ethiopian Somalis fight for equality might lead in the long run for the break away of Ogaden which is the strategic goal of Melese and Isayas.
The division within Kinijit which is encouraged in Addis Ababa as a government policy and Asmara not officially but by eliminating all patriots like the late Kassahun Hunde and many others is  the coordination  of the strategic goal of Melese and Isayas.
Sibhat Nega and Melese Zenawi had said several times in public for Eritrean audience that no one  better than EPRDF/TPLF will come to power in Ethiopia to secure their independence and warned that the coming of Kinijit and others is the end of Eritrean Independence.
To support this strategic goal Ato Abrahm Yaye recently alleged on that the "Amharas bombed Ayder to split the Tigrean and the Eritrean people" in the Badme war.
From all these what any layperson can conclude is that Melese and Isayas by destabilizing the rest of Ethiopia by detonating all the ethnic bombs on their way out they believe they will build their ultimate home "The Greater Tigray".
The Oromos who are the majority, dispersed in large areas of Ethiopia and the rest of nationalities should take this threat from both Melese and Isayas seriously and avoid like they do now  any animosity towards each other.
The Somalis currently occupied by Melese's forces should realize  this strategic alliance between Melese and Isayas and protect their leaders both in Asmara and Addis Ababa and they should not buy what they hear in Asmara and as they witnessed to their amusement there was no Eritrean fighting force who stood with them in the last Christmas invasion of Somalia.
Moreover  the Somali leaders in Asmara should ask one question, why Isayas is not opening another front in the north to help them out eject Melese's soldiers from Mogadishu ? What is one year of empty talk in Asmara acheives for them?.
The answer to all of those questions is clear that the regimes in Asmara and Addis Ababa survive only on war footage and if that is gone they will go too and they will not do anything that will jeoparidize their strategic goal of leaving the rest of us in turmoil while defending and building "Greater Tigray". 

Friday, 7 December 2007

Fwd: The brutal killing of Kassahun Hunde

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Dec 7, 2007 9:10 AM
Subject: The brutal killing of Kassahun Hunde

I was saddened to read on Dec.7 on , a
day I arrived here in USA twenty years ago escaping
tyranny to live in freedom, the death of Ato Kasshaun
Hunde on the hands of brutal killers.

I saw Ato Kassahun on Eritrean TV after he escaped
TPLF imprisonment following the May 2005 election and
on that interview he admitted that he was a Kinijit

This brave man lost hand as a result of gunshot but it
did not brake his fighting spirit and after escape he
joined those who took up arms to defend themselves to
fight for "freedom" in the northern Ethiopia.

This brave man killers are now out there to kill
freely thinking Ethiopian patriots wherever they are
be in Ethiopia or Asmara.

The tyrants in Addis Ababa and Asmara would not like
to see brave patriotic independent Ethiopians the
likes of the late Professor Asrat or other young
patriots like Ato Kasahun Hunde and what they want is
individuals or organizations who take order from them.

Both tyrants are threatened by patriotic Ethiopians
and organizations and would do all they can to destroy
them and they are also exploiting  the difference in
the democratic and patriotic organizations until they
are paralyzed and becomes toothless.

If those who are challenging TPLF by arms are taking
direct order from Asmara it will not be different than
those who are sleeping in the parliament while Melese
is lecturing.

The division in the Ethiopian Patriotic Front(EPPF)
which we heard in the paltalk room is not much
different the one we see in many Ethiopian political
organizations and what makes it different is it has
outside sponsor, the Eritrean regime.

Patriotic Ethiopians in the north of Ethiopia are
squeezed from TPLF and the Issayas regime while the
mass movement of May 2005 let rote in the drama played
under the watchful eye of TPLF in Addis Ababa.

To make matters worst young patriots like Ato Kasahun
Hunde life is cut short with no one being accountable.


                                         Tedla Asfaw

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Monday, 3 December 2007

Quality education in Ethiopia is a victim of politics.

Tedla Asfaw
I followed Melese Zenawi's discussion in Addis Ababa University with the higher institute community posted on and it was interesting.
Melese Zenawi pointed out that quality education depends on the economy of the country and he said, "since we have limited government financial resources for  higher educations, students and educators have to understand this and try  their best to achieve quality education in the difficult circumstance they are now ".
The fact is that the quality of education is going down the hill because of political decision made by the Melese's administration for putting its priority to establish universities through out the country and boasting about it and care less whether these institutions are equipped to produce quality human power.
If the prime minister's  assertion that higher universities is mostly financed by the government is true how comes we are focusing on the quantity at the expense of quality and ask more sacrifice from the students and teachers ?
The prime minister believes that quality education is based on quality teachers and he said that we have to produce quality teachers which he said are the one who produce other quality professionals.
There was very interesting question by a woman who challenges the prime minister and got wide applause. She said that the education faculty in Addis Ababa is recruiting low achievers to be trained as teachers and  how could we expect such teachers to produce high quality engineers, doctors etc?
She also said that the discipline of students in the campus and lack of disciplining those violating the code of conduct is no longer there and that has threatended the security of the teachers and it is impossible to produce quality students in this atmosphere.
The prime minister did not answer why the education faculty is recruiting low achievers but he said the government tried to reward teachers even if symbolically by giving them more money than other graduates of the same degree to recognize teachers and educate the population about the service they give to our country.
This discussion was organized to make us and others believe that universities in Ethiopia are free learning centers. However, from picking the universities president and recruiting teachers it has been all political. All the universities are now run by pro TPLF administrations and the lack of recruiting good teachers has not been possible after TPLF dismissed more than forty professors for their political believes more than fifteen years ago.
Now after all these years  Melese Zenawi is talking about quality of education after it has been politicized from day one of his regime. I can give you one example.I know an Ethiopian soil scientist who got PHD in Belgium in 1988 who was teaching in Alemaya for few years and was appointed as the President of Mekele University rather than teach soil in Alemaya or wherever he likes, and I would like to hear form the prime minister if such political appointment helps the quality of education?
Our universities should function freely without government intervention by professionals and remove all the cadres from education establishments which are threatening the safety of our students and teachers and then we will talk about quality education.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Fwd: "Talaku Rucha"

Tedla Asfaw

"Talaku Rucha Besote Megletcha, Keweyane Yeshalal Somale and Demdem Yeshetal Betu Yebetemengistu" that is what the less than two minutes video clip from Addis posted on all opposition web site is saying.

Amazingly this is exactly opposite to what in the last two months here in the Diaspora Kinijit supporters and now in Addis Kinijit leadership we are witnessing. This shows that the people are not part of the power struggle within Kinijit and they are focusing on TPLF's abuse of power.

TPLF's ruling by banning all peaceful protests and rallies is not without reason and "Talaku Rucha"types of platforms will soon also be banned because the regime is totally exposed for what it is even on a festive recreational atmosphere.

Political organizations like Kinijit will have only few chances to lead such restive crowd and if they waste time fighting each other they will be forgotten by the people.

I was happy I did not hear slogans like "Hailu Yegna new" or "Birtukan Yegna Nate", the majority voted for Kinijit's spirit not for personalities. If the elected leaders do not heal their wounds and move on they will be left out.

In atmosphere of criminalizing peaceful rallies the people's reaction to the division in Kinijit can not be measured. However, "Talaku Rucha" can be a tasting ground and I see people are focused to fight TPLF and they have no desire to fight each other siding with Hailu or Birtukan factions.

Those who are here in a safe distance as I said so many times if we have deep interest for the good of our people let us support the demand of our people and not impose our will on the people.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Is "Limatachene" equals to "Siltanachene" ??

Tedla Asfaw
"Limatachenen" or " development goal" is the most frequently used word in TPLF politics besides "Ashabares" or "terrorist" and Ato Melese once again brought it many times  in  his parliament speech this week.
Does any one know what "Limatchnenene" means ? as I understand it means anyone who is trying to mobilize people peacefully to say no to TPLF tyranny or fighting Ato Melese's army in all corners of Ethiopia is enemy to derail "Limatachenene" according to TPLF leader.
Ato Melese said several times that if someone just sleep on our "Limatachenene" he cares less because he is a just a sleeper and he we will not declare war on him. Does he mean those so called oppositions in the Parliament who sleep or looked bored on his lectures do not worry him?. He is right and most of them are paid to sleep.
He said that  "Akrarew Kinijit", OLF and ONLF has to be taken care of so that Shabia or the Islamic Council in Somalia could not succeed to sabotage our goal of "Limatacnene" .
In all cases when he talks about "Limatachenen" he  means TPLF's power and  can be substituted by "Siltanachenen" or TPLF's right to rule. We all know that and have heard several times that TPLF will not share power with anyone and were told several times by Melese himself to go to the jungle  and fight for "Limatachehu" or "Siltanachehu".
He is also right when he said if anyone sleeps he is not worried about it and that is why he is not worried about Shabia because Melese is certain that Shabia will not remove him from his "Siltan or Lemate". What worried him is the spirit of May 2005 led by "Kinijit" what he called  "Akrarew Kinijit" and the uprising by Oromos and Somalis.
For this goal he will use all the means to destroy and weaken Kinijit until it becomes a "sleepy Kinijit" and try to break the backbone of the OLF and ONLF to get few more years to keep "Limatechene or Siltanachenen".
The Ethiopian masses know very well that when TPLF is talking about "Limatachenen" it means its prosperity because of "Siltanechen" and it is true that anyone who challenges them peacefully or otherwise is not welcome and he should be put to sleep.
TPLF is serious about this and had shown what it can do by gunning hundreds two years ago in Addis Ababa and it is really scared of Kinijit if it comes out strong from its current splintering and take the restive masses to freedom.

The Jamming Business of TPLF

Tedla Asfaw
Jamming radios in Ethiopia is not only a waste of tax payers money as Ben of  put it but is also a waste of foreigner tax payers money because  the German and American radios are running by their government budget.
It will be important to bring the jamming of these foreign stations to their government attention  to warn the Ethiopian regime to stop these business immediately otherwise we have to alert the taxpayers that their money is wasted and the VOA and German Radio Administration should be held accountable.
 TPLF when was asked by the VOA Director two years ago to drop the genocide charge against VOA Amharic journalists it complied immediately and quietly and the director should now explain to the American people why he is paying salaries for the program in the first place is not reaching to the people it wants to serve.
If TPLF's assertion that VOA and German Amharic are working for the opposition, it is up to the head of these radio stations to evaluate the allegation and  make decision. We would not allow quite diplomacy to work here and the millions who are following these radio stations should be told so on what is going on, waiting for unheard program is painful for people who are exhausted of tons of propaganda daily.
Regarding opposition radios which are jammed that is up to them to get their right to disseminate information which will be costlier and if they do not have the money they will be forced to cut their airtime and allocate cost to fight the jamming.
Most importantly opposition radio stations should stop being another propaganda media like the regime they opposed and used their costly airtime wisely and we do not want to hear the noises we are hearing on Internet to be repeated on the radio again.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tigray State President's interview

Ato Tsegay Berhe President of the State of Tigray was interviewed by cell phone on the Ethiopian Forum for Political Civility on broad issues and I would like to concentrate on the Kunama opposition party, Ato Gebru Asrate's new "Arena" party, Union of Tigreans for Democracy and Sovereignty(UTDS) and the state of tension with Shabia of Isayas.

Ato Tsegay alleged that tlhere is a strong anti-Shabia Kunama movement in Eritrea which has a strong support in the Tigray Kunama region and if this is true for Kunama how comes TPLF is surprised to see support given on the eastern part of Ethiopia where Somalis of Ethiopian region will stand in solidarity with fellow Somalis across the border?

Is it not true that Kunamas in Eritrea were fighting Shabia while Ato Tsegaye Berhe and his movement sided with Shabia killing and injuring many Kunams before the Independence of Eritrea and if the allegation is true that Kunams in Eritrea have legitimate grievances and their armed insurrection is understandable and coming to Tigray for safety should not be exploited by TPLF for cheap political propaganda.

When it comes to Ato Gebru Asrat's "Arena" party(UTDS)Ato Tsegay assured us that it has no support in the Tigray State. How do you know Ato Tsegaye?. They have not yet opened office in Tigray and we will not know if the party will have any influence until then and we are not also sure if they will be allowed to operate freely.

The Tigray State has been under one party TPLF and Ato Tsegay is proud of the achievements of the region in development and when he was asked why some farmers are now moving to south and end up in cities as "beggars" he answered that every one has a right to go to any part of Ethiopia for whatever reason.

I agree the right of people to move freely however if all is well people will not move to end up in cities where they have no place to stay and no income to support themselves and their families.

When it comes to Shabia/Isayas Ato Tsegye declared that if there is no confrontation Shabia will lose and if there is war it will lose too.

When there is peace he said we will concentrate on development and we will change the lives of people which will anger people across the border and rise up against Isayas and what I do not understand is that what is the reason that Isayas could not also develop his region. Is it for the lack of capital or skilled labor which fled the country after the independence that is not different than the many skilled Ethiopians which are fleeing their country everyday and I wonder how Ato Tsegay thinks of this as new only to Eritrea.

When it comes to confrontation he boasted of the Humera region which is separated by Tekeze River and Zela Anbesa few hundred meters from the Eritrea's garrison are vibrant areas of Tigray and go on without any fear and if it comes to war he said that will be the end of Shabia and that is the deterrent.

I was surprised by the clear quality of the interview and am not at all sure if that is also seen as one of the TPLF development fruits becuse neighboring Somalia is leading our region in cell phone usage and the quality of the sound maybe topographical.

Tigray has to be opened for all Ethiopians freely and for that to happen Ato Gebru Asrat "expedition" by his new "Arena" party is watched by all of us and if he succeeds the end of TPLF in Tigray State will be near if he failed "Arena" has to change course.

When it comes to TPLF/Melese and Shabia/Isays both regimes are unelected and unpopular the only difference is that TPLF is backed by USA while Shabia is without support and the so called "development" Ato Tsegye talking about, if is it true, in Tigray would have materialized across Mereb were Isayas accepts the leading role Melese was given by USA and serve as a junior partner.

If war breaks in North it will only to correct this relationship between these two regimes and the sad thing is that thousands will be victims on both sides and the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea should look inwards for their problems and avoid unnecessary human and material cost to keep unelected tyrants in power to lead a miserable life.

Tigray State President's interview

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Tsegay Berhe President of the State of Tigray was interviewed by cell phone on the Ethiopian Forum for Political Civility on broad issues and I would  like to concentrate on the Kunama opposition party, Ato Gebru Asrate's new "Arena" party, Union of Tigreans for Democracy and Sovereignty(UTDS) and the state of tension with Shabia of Isayas.
Ato Tsegay alleged that tlhere is a strong anti-Shabia Kunama movement in Eritrea which has a strong support in the Tigray Kunama region and if this is true for Kunama how comes TPLF is surprised to see support given on the eastern part of Ethiopia where Somalis of Ethiopian region will stand in solidarity with fellow Somalis across the border?
Is it not true that Kunamas in Eritrea were fighting Shabia while Ato Tsegaye Berhe and his movement sided with Shabia killing and injuring many Kunams before the Independence of Eritrea and if the allegation is true that Kunams in Eritrea have legitimate grievances and their armed insurrection is understandable and coming to Tigray for safety should not be exploited by TPLF for cheap political propaganda.
When it comes to Ato Gebru Asrat's "Arena" party(UTDS)Ato Tsegay assured us that it has no support in the Tigray State. How do you know Ato Tsegaye?. They have not yet opened office in Tigray and we will not know if the party will have any influence until then and we are not also sure if they will be allowed to operate freely.
The Tigray State has been under one party TPLF and Ato Tsegay is proud of the achievements of the region in development and when he was asked why some farmers are now moving to south and end up in cities as "beggars" he answered that every one has a right to go to any part of Ethiopia for whatever reason.
I agree the right of people to move freely however if all is well people will not move to end up in cities where they have no place to stay and no income to support themselves and their  families.
When it comes to Shabia/Isayas Ato Tsegye declared that if there is no confrontation Shabia will lose and if there is war it will  lose too.
When there is peace he said we will concentrate on development and we will change the lives of people which will anger people across the border and rise up against Isayas and what I do not understand is that what is the reason that Isayas could not also develop his region. Is it for the lack of capital or skilled labor which fled the country after the independence that is not different than the many skilled Ethiopians which are fleeing their country everyday and I wonder how Ato Tsegay thinks of this as new only  to Eritrea.
When it comes to confrontation he boasted of the Humera region which is separated by Tekeze River and Zela Anbesa few hundred meters from the Eritrea's garrison are vibrant areas of Tigray and go on without any fear and if it comes to war he said that will be the end of Shabia and that is the deterrent.
I was surprised by the clear quality of the interview and am not at all sure if that is also seen as one of the TPLF development fruits becuse neighboring Somalia is leading our region in cell phone usage and the quality of the sound maybe topographical.
Tigray has to be opened for all Ethiopians freely and for that to happen Ato Gebru Asrat "expedition" by his new "Arena" party is watched by all of us and if he succeeds the end of TPLF in Tigray State will be near if he failed "Arena" has to change course.
When it comes to TPLF/Melese and  Shabia/Isays both regimes are unelected and unpopular the only difference is that TPLF is backed by USA  while Shabia is without support and the so called "development" Ato Tsegye talking about, if is it true,  in Tigray would have materialized across Mereb  were Isayas accepts the leading role Melese was given by USA and serve as a junior partner.
If war breaks in North it will only to correct this relationship between these two regimes and the sad thing is that thousands will be victims on both sides and the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea should look inwards for their problems and avoid unnecessary human and material cost to keep unelected tyrants in power to lead a miserable life.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

AFD Card is gone what is Next?

Tedla Asfaw
Melese Zenawi of Ethiopia had made it clear several times in his "parliament" that the Alliance for freedom and Democracy(AFD) according to him sponsored  and financed by Shabia,by  mixing "fire" and "water" is thrown to destabilize his regime from its development goals.
Melese Zenawi elaborated on AFD by calling founding members  and said that being an OLF, ONLF and Arbenga/EPPF or Kinijit is equivalent to treason and when I read a piece by Selamawit on (Nov. 16) that  Kinijit distance itself form AFD  it seems understandable but for the regime to throw this leaders back to jail the HR2003 card will be also played even if Kinijit visiting delegates denied the regime to play the AFD card.
Is AFD really to be distanced? Not for me because this alliance is peoples alliance that denied the regime the power to perpetuate conflicts and consider itself as a peace maker. That is the foundation of TPLF, a protector of Nationalities which it can manipulate to stay in power.
The Oromos, Amharas, Somalis and other Ethiopians overwhelmingly support the formation of the alliance and for that you can hear opinions on radios the only opponents of this alliance are  few  educated elites of some opposition parties like "Hibret" which still are not different than the TPLF elites when it comes to the right of Nationalities.
Thanks God AFD has never been an issue for the last two months while Kinijit visiting delegates were in North America,  the Hailu VS. Berhanu factions were debating minor party differences like who broke the party's rule not who was pro AFD or Anti-AFD.
Thanks to the Ethiopian Television Conference Kinijt delegates gave(Nov. 15) the question of AFD came for the first time and we are not surprised to hear Kinijit distancing itself from AFD. "We were not there when it was formed and we do not deal with armed groups like OLF and ONLF) unfortunately for the regime who wants to bring its opponents to jail that is not helpful. We did not forget the "genocide" charge against the Kinijit leadership and we have to wait what will be the new charge against the returning Kinijit delegates, the regime has lost its AFD card yesterday and most probably HR2003 is also risky.
The "wise leader",  Melese Zenawi wrote books about "Bonapartism" in the Badme war and throw the books on Ato Seye and others and I have no doubt that there is a ready "Book" which will appear soon to help TPLF throw Kinijit  leaders for long time jail.

Friday, 16 November 2007

No trade or bargain with "Yehizeb" Kinijit

Tedla Asfaw
I heard interesting name, Yehizeb Kinijit,  on yesterday's (Nov. 15) Ethiopian Television Network(ETN) press conference by visiting Kinijit delegates and this is going to be the next name battle when the delegates turned home beside other accusations from the regime in power.
The Kinijit name is now owned by Ato Ayele Chamiso, Ato Temesgene Zewde both who got seat in the name of Kinijit in the parliament and both are now battling on the regimes court to get legal recognition for this name.
The other Kinijit which is called on yesterday conference as "Yehizeb Kinijit" which was established on Meskerem 14, two years ago have not yet got legal recognition and on top of that we heard also from Engineer Hailu while ago to look for another name to get legal recognition.
Judge Birtukan Medeksa yesterday however would like to steak to the Kinijit name most probably the "Yehezeb Kinijit" and this will further bring another confusion for the Kinijit supporters at home and many valuable time is going to be wasted and this will help the regime to wage its propaganda on the media it controls.
The millions supporters of Kinijit would like to see their Kinijit not Ato Ayele or Ato Temesgene's kinijit but the peoples Kinijit to call for mass rally and mobilize its supporters and put pressure on the regime to accept the peoples kinijit by stopping all this theatrical shows in the court.
The real Kinijit can mobilize people however the others who are now making money in the parliament  in Kinijit's name can do so until the next election comes and  both will be going out of business.
Changing name as was suggested by Engineer Hailu will only be helpful to make a new party that will get a favour of recognition from the regime however it  will anger many supporters of kinijit and turn them away which will only benefit the regime in power by dividing the united front against tyranny.
The Ethiopian people vote of May 2005 and the Meskerem 14, September 2005 dissolving of the four organizations and establishment of Kinijit should be the foundation of the future struggle and we have only one Kinijit that is "Yehizeb Kinijit".

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Fwd: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

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From: Tedla Asfaw <>
Date: Nov 15, 2007 12:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

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From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Nov 15, 2007 12:07 PM
Subject: Vicki worried about Ethiopia ??

Vicki Huddleston and Tibor Nagy(Nov 15 OP-ED)titled
Don't turn on Ethiopia on New York Times argued to
save the regime in Ethiopia for being on a track to
democratization and USA best ally in the Horn of

Ambassador Vicki when she was in Ethiopia two years
ago after the CUD leadership thrown to jail for
winning election went to Kaliti Jail to give the
ultimatum for the jailed Mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr.
Birhanu to renounce his mayor-ship so that the regime
will appoint someone on his September 6 address to the
New School Community in New York, What a shame?

When such person is now advocating that all is well in
Ethiopia and the regime should not be punished by the
pending bill of HR2003 it shows that this Ambassador
went beyond diplomacy and insulted the millions of
Ethiopians who are not allowed peacefully to organize
and participate on the matter that concern them and
rather treated like "animals" at the mercy of
unelected tyrants that Vicki is now endorsing without

Vicki we know you really worried about the final mass
insurrection which is very close and neither your
opinion nor congress involvement might save the
tyranny in Ethiopia.

External conflicts with Eritrea and Somalia is a
diversionary tactic you and the regime in Ethiopia are
now hoping to capitalize and as you know very well
Ethiopians will not go to any war with Eritrea and
overwhelmingly oppose the occupation of Somalia in our

Let me bring to your attention one of the allies of
USA, Musharraf of Pakistan who is now looks like
abandoned by USA and I heard USA has a replacement for
him in the army and how comes you did not propose any
one in case your darling, Melese Zenawi is thrown out
of the office?

On your next opinion we will be hearing if you have
anyone available to replace Melese Zenawi to continue
your so called democratization in Ethiopia.

Be a better pen pal.
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Friday, 9 November 2007

Fire power in Mogadishu as a warning to all oppositions.

Tedla Asfaw
The Somalia crisis is getting worst day by day and today BBC reported that the Bakara Market in Mogadishu was shelled by the "Ethiopian" soldiers killing many civilians and this according to the BBC is a reprisal action for the dead and mutilated Ethiopian soldiers who were dragged and pelted with the stone yesterday similar to the Black Hawk incident of the USA soldiers in the early 1990s during American humanitarian intervention in Somalia.
The UN chief also seems admitting to the fact on the ground that he said it is  not feasible to send UN forces in Somalia which only so far got a quarter of promised African forces and as BBC reporter clearly suggested "Ethiopian" forces are here to stay and things will be getting from bad to worst for the Mogadishu residents and many have already left the city.
The USA current Administration has already assigned Somali's crisis to be handled by  the fire power of Melese Zenawi and will keep on arming and paying for this terrible war and the next administration will not be different either.
There is also a high probability of opening another war front in the North to remove Isayas and expel all the Somalia and Ethiopian oppositions like OLF and ONLF and bring pro Melese force in Eritrea who will join forces to battle in Mogadishu and the horn for the foreseeable future.,
The war in the horn had just started and at this time Melese Zenawi is firing a shot and  picking his fights on his will and the political crisis at home is now hostage to this self made diversionary war which only benefits the regime to cling to power.
The Ethiopian opposition led by Kinijit will be trapped when they soon arrive in Ethiopia after two months stay in North America and Europe and have already been labelled as pro ONLF and we should not be surprised if they send them back to Kaliti or house arrest.
The Ethiopian regime survival strategy is to fight the "extremists" or "terrorists" wherever they are and the shelling on the Bakara market today is a warning also for all oppositions inside or outside Ethiopia, the real war has started and get ready for it.
USA administration has  made it clear that its interest is well served by Melese Zenawi and there is no need to change course and the Diaspora oppositions lobby to bring HR2003 so far is a success. however, the current escalation of the war might be deliberately designed to let the USA senators know that the war on " terror " in Mogadishu should not be hampered  by bringing laws like H2003 to punish an ally. The situation of Pakistan will also weigh on the senators mind and most likely they will stick to their strong men Musharraf and Melese by giving lip service for the rule of law and democracy.
Ethiopians and Somalis have to look inside and take back their countries from unelected killers and make sure not to play on the ancient animosity between these two neighbors currently exploited by the regime in Ethiopia to make this war as Ethiopian "Christians" against "Muslim" Somalis..
Somali's anger is also exploited by some in Mogadishu by inhuman treatment for the dead Ethiopian soldiers which is also un-Somali and un-Islamic and the majority of Somalis know that they are not fighting what they used to call "the Amharas " of Ethiopia but illegitimate regime serving the interest of foreign Powers who slaughtered innocents in Addis Ababa similar to what they are doing today in Mogadishu.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Fwd: Ten Ethiopian Students Killed and Four Journaists attacked.

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From: tedla asfaw <>
Date: Nov 6, 2007 11:34 AM
Subject: Ten Ethiopian Students Killed and Four Journaists attacked.
To: posted this chilling news today( Nov.6)
and we have to act before this state sponsored terror
takes more of our exile refuges lives in Kenya, Sudan,
Somalia  Yemen and other places.

Where is our outrage brothers and sisters ? and being
silent will invite more deaths to our fellow exiles
and many are living now in hiding like animals to
avoid the terrorist guns but how could they be safe in
hiding? is there a place to hide?

The Kenyan government is responsible for the lives of
Ethiopian refugees and those responsible for the
killing should be apprehended and bring to justice
immediately and we should also demand protection for

UNHCR should tell us the names of those who were
killed and injured and come to rescue the endangered
refugees immediately and we have to email and fax this
organization and we will make a difference.


                                  Tedla Asfaw

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gete Wame "Getachene" lost the double but still won the big price

Tedla Asfaw
In one of the most memorable women marathon in New York City Gete Wame," Getachene" gave all what she has and came very close. The difference between her and the winner Paula Radcliffe was twenty three seconds.
From the first mile in New York City Marathon to the last mile  Gete, " Getachene" went toe to toe with Paula Radcliffe and finished close second and  the difference was the reserve fuel on the finishing line in the last half mile and that was the result of two years without running and child birth for Paula and the grueling Marathon won by "Getachene" two months ago in Berlin. It seems Paula had the extra fuel and won the New York City Marathon for the second time and motherhood did not bother her at all.
The strategy of "Getachene" staying with Paula from start and never stayed behind had paid and became the winner of the World Marathon Record and beat the third finisher from Latvia to claim her price of half-million dollars.
"Getachene" the "little" Ethiopian as called here by foreign medias style of running is as beautiful as her smile had won her many fans and the waste high jerking motion of Paula though unlikable by spectators was not a negative factor and she won  for the second time in New York and this time as a mother.
We should congratulate both women for coming to New York City and gave us the most thrilling women marathon in New York City and I am positive that when "Getachene" comes here maybe in 2009 after the Beijing Olympics she will not only win but also  will set the course record for New York City.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Double for Gete Wami "Getachene"

Tedla Asfaw
After the warm up marathon in Berlin on September 30 and winning it  Gete Wame "Getachene" is going to run for New York City Marathon this coming Sunday on a mild November, about 45-55deg, and if she wins she will be the winner of the two cycle World Majors and will get half million dollars.
In Berlin after her win hagging Haile Gebre Selasse for seating a new world record she might got some tips from him about the feel of Central Park and the concretes of New York City and as a New Yorker let me give you some tips for" Getachene".
New York City likes new comers and remember the record for the New York City Marathon was set by Tesfaye in 2001 on his firs try and I do believe you will do the same and do not stay behind and hang on with the elite runners especially Paula Redcliffe a one time winner from Great Britain.
The race will be decided  on the central park hills and I know as a former five and ten thousands Olympic medalist there is no one better than you "Getachene" and do not forget your fans are waving your country flag  right and left to energize you and make history to win two marathons in two weeks interval.
Your beautiful smile will win you many fans and we are looking forward to see that smile at the finishing line this coming Sunday,
                                                                                                                      Berche Getachene

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Why not Sheikh Mohammad H.Al-Amoudi invest also to bring democratic Ethiopia?

Tedla Asfaw
I watched ten parts of video clips posted on about the billionaire, the worlds eighties according to the Forbes Magazine, Sheik AL-Amoudi who invested  heavily in Ethiopia and  hired more than 15,000 workers.
Sheik Al-Amoudi investments are not purely on profit basis in Ethiopia but to establish a ground work for future generations who will follow such experience and also attract foreign investments according to the director who manages most of his investments in Ethiopia.
Living in foreign country  and following the news daily I know investment requires stability of a country to attract or keep its domestic educated power locally  and our country failed to establish these  basic requirements.
A big country like Ethiopia, its problems demand mobilisation of its brain power with the capital investment like Sheik AL-Amoudi and I have no doubt in my mind that Sheik Al-Amoudi could have  achieved exponentially than the one we are seeing now in Ethiopia if we have a stable political atmosphere in Ethiopia.
News according to VOA Amharic this week, more than eighty percent of medical doctors left Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Airlines skilled technicians and high level managers are fleeing to the Arab countries for better payment and if we do not tackle these problems head on what ever investments the Sheik made for his country will not pull us from backwardness.
For every Ethiopian he financed to study abroad there are twice or more that number not going back to Ethiopia after the completion of their study and many running away from Ethiopia on every chance they got.
Sheik Al-Amoudi is a good and liked man by those who directly got assistance from him and for the thousands who got their paycheck from his company.  I have no reason to hate him even if he supported the TPLF regime and not used his money power to convince the regime to respect the rule of law which is the corner stone of politics in many other countries the Sheik invested in billions of dollars.
I would like Sheik Al-Amoudi to be a bridge between the opposition parties and the regime and facilitate peaceful transition to the rule of law because the current situation in Ethiopia is not sustainable for much long and the unemployed thousands in our cities and the unbearable living condition  for millions and the desire to live in a democratic country witnessed by the May 2005 election will all bring change peacefully or otherwise.
To be honest with you why not Sheik Al-Amoudi run for office himself or be neutral rather than give support for the bankrupt regime of Melese Zenaw who is hated by Ethiopians and on the way tarnish his image of a good hearted billionaire on par with Billionaire Bill Gate.
The highest medal Sheik Mohammad H.Al-Amoudi received from Melese Zenawi on our millennium/Esra Meete celebration last September will be nothing compared to the love he will get from millions of our people if he uses his investment power  and stand with the people to establish a democratic system in Ethiopia.

Monday, 29 October 2007

War to replace Isayas of Eritrea is a war to extend TPLF's rule

Tedla Asfaw
The TPLF pending war against Isayas of Eritrea like the current occupation of Somalia should not get Ethiopians support because there is nothing we will get from this adventure and opposition parties at home and Diaspora should come open and articulate their position. 
TPLF's war of regime change to install a puppet in Asmara is to revive the "Tygrai Tigrente" or "Greater Tigray"  an old British colonialist blue print as escape route to "holy land", "Greater Tigray" on the eventual collapse of TPLF.
Personalities like Ato Abraham Yaye recently on Hager Fiker Radio accused the "Amharas" for bombing "Ayeder" in Tigray ten years ago to divide "Tigreans" on opposites side of the Mereb River.
This war of regime change  against Eritrea will be billed for international community as a war on terror similar to the last Christmas Somalia invasion and eventual occupation by TPLF forces which galvanized all Somalis and say no to TPLF occupation and today the resignation of the prime minister Gedi is a sign of more trouble to come.
Melese Zenawi's TPLF by establishing a puppet in Asmara will try to deny safe heaven for opposition political activities and as we saw it in Ogaden this is hard to achieve because most of the problems including the Ogaden and the Oromo uprising are not Isayas creations and it will not be going away with his ouster. The only tangible benefit for TPLF might be few more years to hold on to power by diverting attention from its political and economic crisis at home.
The Tigray people survival rest with the rest of the Ethiopian people and opening the road from Mekele to Asmara will not bring any economical benefit to the people and the only "economical" benefit  for the regime is to secure the use of Asab in a long term lease with friendly Eritrea.
Ethiopians should not die for this war and have not forgotten the huge sacrifice they made in the Badme war more than ten year ago and only to extend the life of the regime, on its wary to crush many patriotic Ethiopians like Seye Abraha  under the cover of "Bonapartism" and still the two regimes are facing each other, this time one of them has to go and for the good of Ethiopia and Eritrea both regimes have to be replaced with the popular uprising of their own people.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Passionate call for all Ethiopians at home and in exile

Tedla Asfaw
This past weekend(Oct 20/21)  for the first time I heard by the visiting Kinijit delegates important policy speeches than the usual apologetic speeches to assure us that Kinijit is one and undivided.
Judge Birtukan Medekssa on twenty minutes speech to the crowd in Minneapolis this past Sunday spoke about the spirit of the Miazia 30, May 2005 huge demonstration for a change which angered the EPRDF and accused Kinijit as anti-Tigreans who wanted to bring the rule of "Amharas".
This ethnic card has been with TPLF since its inception and became the bedrock of its policy to solve the question of nationalties and convinced movements like OLF and ONLF  to work with the regime,early in the 1990s,  until they found  that the regime is worst than the previous dictators and paying only lip service to the question of nationalities and wanted to replace them by its own  loyal wings, we call it " Gebare " in Amharic.
As Judge Birtukan clearly articulated we should oppose all who are trampling on group as well as individual rights of our citizens be it in the name of group rights by the TPLF wings of Oromo or Somali or the Diaspora Ethiopian opposition  movements who fail miserably to organize on multi-ethnic fashion and do not see eye to eye with the many Oromo and Somali exiles here in North America.
The nationalist movements should be allowed to organize and operate freely and article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution which incorporates the right to secede should not be used as a cover to deny these movements their legal right to mobilize their people without violating the individual right of all the citizens. Here in the Diaspora we have to organize joint rallies with Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Tigrayan  and others based on the spirit of Kinijit  we witnessed in multi-ethnic Addis Ababa two years ago.
Diaspora movements like "Hibret" and mainly EPRP had made it clear that they  would not talk with any nationalist movements before they accept to live under one Ethiopia. This Ultimatum is a failed policy and the best option is to accept both the individual and group rights of Ethiopians and give time for the suspicion among the elites to work out on their differences without ultimatum.
The argument Judge Birtukan Medekssa brought by citing the last Badme war which took the lives of seventy thousands or more people billed for us as the border war based on the treaty  made by Menelik and Italy almost two hundred years ago would make future wars to make borders be  catastrophic of unimaginable proportion if we go on and try to delineate new borders to partition Ethiopia based on the aspiration of the nationalist movements.
Judge Birtukan Medekssa's call for the nationalist movements in Minneapolis, a city where large populations of Oromos and Somalis resided out of Ethiopia is appropriate. If OLF and ONLF leaders and others who care about fellow brothers and sisters in Minneapolis,  Ogaden or Oromia they should convince all Ethiopians that they are not fighting TPLF to establish a new independent republic but rather to live as equals with  other Ethiopians .
The ethnic card of Melese as Judge Birtukan alluded on her speech had impacts in the Diaspora and many Tigreans and others see Kinijit as a party of Amhara, Gurages and Orthodox Christians and this perception partly is also encouraged by sites/ KIC who are preaching hate in the name of kinijit and  as the  protector of Ethiopian unity like that of Mengistu Haile Mariam and a lot of hard work remained in the Diaspora to fight such dangerous anti-Kinijit spirit.
OLF and ONLF haters are not known individually associating with the Oromos and Somalis for that matter and their noise is always in the name of Ethiopia and such empty rhetoric should be challenged in our everyday routine by our own exemplary character.
It is indeed was very important for Judge Birtukan Medekssa to bring the story of a young writer ninety years ago from Adwa/Tigray who wrote about government role under the multi-ethnic Ethiopia   advising Haile Selasse the" Amhara" ruler.
However, Ethiopian leaders are not learning from this young author as we witnessed in the past one hundred years of the sad story of power in Ethiopia and the current rulers are following on the foot steps of their predecessors divide and rule, ethnic as well as religious, until they are forced out from power.
I hope nationalist movements should also learn from the  EPLF/ Eritrean Nationalist movement who was not only fought more than thirty years  to liberate its people from the "Amhara" domination but kill also individual rights of its citizens in the last sixteen years after "liberation" which led to a call  "Marigne Ethiopia",  forgive me Ethiopia and for many to flee independent Eritrea.
We are all in this huge country called Ethiopia and we should reflect that here in the Diaspora as passionately articulated by Judge Birtukan Medekssa's  twenty minutes speech  and correct our antagonistic and suspicious relationship with  fellow Ethiopians based on the origin of ethnicity and let us dismantle this barrier and come together on the matters that concerned the well being of fellow Ethiopians. 

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Kill HR 2003 and Save Our Boys!!

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma on the US Senate floor plead  for twelve minutes for fellow senators to reject the HR2003 bill overwhelmingly passed on the House floor on October 2 according to the senator by many congressmen and women who even do not know where Ethiopia is on the world map and proud  himself as the most travelling and informed senate in African affairs.
He said the terrorists from the Middle east are now squeezed and immigrating to the Horn and on the last year offensive on Somalia, Ethiopian soldiers stood with us and sacrificed a lot and he said "They did it for us".
Taking into account the national security interest of USA the  recently established East African Brigade which is headquartered in Ethiopia will be a basis for future American Soldiers after the disaster in the Middle East and he urged the senators not to damage the relationship with Melese Zenawi of Ethiopia. Let me ask the senator, if American base is closed in Saudi Arabia for not attracting "extremists" and harm USA ally the Saudi Royal family, why will our poor Ethiopial be different?
Ethiopia which he said the only uncolonized African country is now a strong ally/colony of America thanks to Melese Zenawi by estabishing military base and wage unwinnable war in Somalia, Ogaden  and currently is preparing for a regime change war in Eritrea  and destabilize our region .
The East African Brigade is an instrument of USA to wage war to control the destiny of African people and the unelected regime of Ethiopia is giving cheap service by sacrificing our poor people and the senator call to kill HR2003 bill before he goes to Addis Ababa and present it as gift to his friend Melese Zenawi is an insult to all Ethiopians and has future damaging consequence for the  American and Ethiopian people.
Diaspora Ethiopians currently bickering on power struggle in opposition party, the OLF, ONLF and other Ethiopians have to stage a huge demonstration in Washington D.C and tell the US senators to ignore senator James Inhofe and vote yes for HR2003 which will guarantee security for both the Ethiopian and American people.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Kinijit burial ceremony in North America

Tedla Asfaw
The Miazia 30 /May 2005 millions of Ethiopians rally in Addis Ababa for a change which culminates by voting overwhelmingly for Kinijit party which led for thousands to be jailed and more than hundreds to be killed by TPLF security forces  was crushed by jailing the leadership of Kinijit two year ago.
The Kinijit we know with all its problems mainly from uncompromising behavior of politicians that has been common in the last forty years of Ethiopian politics shows its ugly face in yesterday's meeting in Washington D.C. called for the support of Engineer Hailu Shawel's  led Kinijit, two year old party, by KIC.
In more than one and half hour of speech  chaired by Dr. Taye Woldesemayate choreographed by whistle blowers and cheering crowd, Engineer Hailu, Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigest Gebrehiwote made a funeral speech for all of us to hear.
We know Kinijit party has been sick since Ato Lidetu Ayalew  run away two years ago with his friends and Kinijit leadership was thrown to Kaliti jail/clinic for "treatment" by Kaliti Doctors and finally were released as outpatient by the struggle of Ethiopian people both at home and abroad.
Since our new year the hope of the recovery turns in to worst and  Dr. Taye in his ten minutes speech yesterday compared the division/sickness in Kinijit to the bloody fight between Isayas of Asmara and Melese of Addis Ababa that left hundred thousand to perish.
Engineer Hailu proclaimed a new alliance with "Hibret" which had long term connection with  Dr. Taye the Diaspora leader of KIC which is supported by many of the "Hibret" supporters  and  many showed up to throw their support behind the new Kinijit and "Hibret" alliance.
Is this the alliance of convenience like the one we have seen many times and will finally  died out? we will see that but one thing is sure  this not the alliance that reflect the Ethiopian peoples demand which forced the formation of Kinijit in 2005, "Tebabero Weyeme Tesebaberu" that mentioned again by Weizero Nigist Gebehiwote ten minutes speech.
After the  burial of Kinijit in North America the burial ceremony in Ethiopia will be conducted by the TPLF and unofficially Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigesat Gebrehiwote had a chance on Reporter/TPLF media to inform  Ethiopians the undemocratic nature of the touring Kinijit Five delegates by abandoning their leader, "Nebe Yaleawarawe" and the end of Kinijt the Ethiopian people voted.
Ato Bediru Adem's comical approach to the problem was given half hour yesterday to amuse the crowd what was not comical however was "we will crush them" declaration on the end of his speech and what Ato Bediru crushed yesterday is our peoples hope by coming long way here to participate on the burial ceremony of Kinijit.
The solution for the problem given by Engineer Hailu is for us here to organize in small groups forming cells and debate our future  and for his new party Kinijit and "Hibrete" we can call it "Hibrekin" will carry the torch to liberate our people without firing a gun with the help of the rural Ethiopian farmer/Gebere, this sounds like the Ethiopian farmer is hundred percent with us of EPRDF.
What will the Ethiopian people do about the death of its two year old party ? in a country the freedom to speak, write and gather is punishable we will not hear the voice of the people except the propaganda spreading from different corners who failed us miserably. As regard to the formation of a new party "HebreKin" I will say "Melke Tefu Besem Yedegefu" and sadly Ethiopians bright hope is once again crushed not only by TPLF but by selfish individuals wearing Kinijit's cap and abused their votes and trust.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Kinijit to "Kinenet" can it make a difference?

Tedla Asfaw
Kinijit is one of the most frequently used names in Ethiopia since 2005 and I wonder how many parents gave this name to their children. The Kinijit party might be forced to find other name to get "legalization" according to Engineer Hailu Shawel and I suggest the new name to be" Kinenet ".
The current crisis which evolves around individuals in the leadership of Kinijit is getting worst day by day because of accountability and openness, Kinijit leadership lacks "Kinenet".
On Swiss paltak (October 9) Engineer Hailu promised Kinijit will resolve its difference in Addis Ababa and the Diaspora supporters fear of the division of Kinijit is unfounded and Kinijit if it has to change name to be legalized it will change name. I hope they will consider 'Kinenet" as one of the contestants.
Kinijit is a party formed as  a result of popular struggle which forced many splintered opposition groups  to unite and  unseat TPLF in 2005 election and such movement with in short time have won the hearts and minds of million supporters.
However, in the last two years while the leadership was in prison groups who were organizing support in Diaspora in the name of Kinijit formed two warring groups which received the visiting delegates separately and now openly Kinijit is divided as pro-Hailu and the other one as pro the "Fives".
The last Thursday visit  by Judge Birtukan and Dr. Hailu Araya to Engineer Hailu in Minneapolis was a short " Enkoane Yemarewo" and the "Shiemeglena" by Dr. Fikre Tolessa was just a news for Engineer Hailu and he has never met a man called Dr. Fikre.
I hope Dr. Fikre Tolessa will elaborate on what happened last Thursday and if the "Shimagelis" met associates of Engineer Hailu only it should be said so and we should not be told story according to Engineer Hailu Shawel which is not true.
Engineer Hailu's promise of solving  internal leadership crisis when we even could not agree on what is said few days ago clearly shows the Engineer and his associates lack "KInenet" and  his  faction might prevail in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia gravely wounded.
One thing is sure many like myself are disappointed by many of interviews Engineer Hailu gave as a leader and even if his supporters will come as victors in the party fight in Ethiopia Kinijit we know in the 2005 is gone for good and  new name like "Kinenet " I suggest will remain only a good name with no substance at all.