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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A challenge from a brave woman leader, Birtu Kahen !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Some doubted this past  weekend letter, "Kale",  sent by the honorable judge Birtukan Medeksa  means business. The letter challenged  not only the fascists in power but all Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora. Birtukan for many of us is more than a traditional Ethiopian name with its English equivalent  "Orange" for its deliciousness and a common traditional fruit that is carried in urban Ethiopia when we visit families and friends in hospital.

Millions of Ethiopians who closely know her admire her and gave their confidence to lead them to freedom in May 2005.  She and other leaders of Kinijit were jailed for two years and released because of pressure on the foreign supporters of the regime. Since then I have  admired her confidence in the middle of men's club of Kinijit and hoped she will be a bridge between factions of Kinijit to keep the hope of May 2005 alive.

Who will forget the "Gashe" Hailu appeal in USA and her travel to visit him when he was seriously sick while some considered unworthy to visit a "dead man" ? This is a lady of principle and Ethiopian decency all melting together which many of us including leaders lack in the opposition camp.

I was not surprised by the weekend letter, "Kale" meaning My Voice for drawing  a line on the sand and expose the "pardon" fiasco designed  by fascist clique of TPLF to escape full responsibility for the killing hundreds of citizens in broad day light and put blame on the opposition leaders.

TPLF, however, changed its tactics and printed voluminous pages recently  to defend its crime committed against the Ogaden civilians when it was accused by human right  organizations because it could not find Ogaden Somalis to sign him a letter for "accepting" responsibility for killing their own family members.

The Meles regime killing has all been documented for the last eighteen years and will be charged for all the crimes sooner or later. The new theater in the name of the law that  has started by throwing our strong teacher or "Kahen "to jail for life is not  Birtukan the orange but "Birtu Kahen " to deny us a charismatic leader and also to distract us from TPLF's defeat and expulsion from Somalia, the on going protest throughout the Diaspora for the freedom of Teddy Afro and all political prisoners which is now gaining momentum day by day.

Ethiopians back home are very sad and a letter posted on one website is asking the Diaspora to do something because the email said "Ethiopians can not do anything home".  The reply from one Ethiopian was unambiguous, "live or die ".. Birtu Kahen/Birtukan has done her part and it is  the men surrounding her that have to come out and lead because as one sister put it no more hiding behind women's skirt.

However, I commend Professor Mesfin for what he did  to protect his "loved daughter",  Birtu Kahen not intimidated by fascist "Kalcho" and gun as we heard him on VOA interview Yesterday.  On the other side I was disappointed by Pastor Daniel who was close by and not brave enough to stand to the outlaws.

To other leadership of Birtukan's party, Andenet, I urge them to  be an example of a peaceful struggle they are pursuing and call  Ethiopians on street for peaceful protest and face the consequence. This is what peaceful struggle is all about beyond making good declaration on safe conference rooms and hotels. The other faction of Kinijit, AEUP,  led by Eng. Hailu should rally behind our Birtu Kahen and mobilize its supporters similar to "Miazia " 30 million people rally on streets of Addis Ababa. Former members of the ruling mafia, the Negaso Gidada and Seye Abraha's  who were received  as heroes on UDJP/Andenet conference in Addis last month should join the street mass protest if they are serious about peaceful struggle.

Those of us who were supporting Kinijit and now splintered in three or more camps or neutral, immediately mobilize the Diaspora under the banner of Birtu Kahen 's word , "Kaleshe Kalachene" and  not seat idle while she is locked up. We know very well the enemy strategy is to kill us separately. We can bring the never dying spirit of Kinijit of  2005 and answer to the challenge of the honorable and brave woman leader.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Looking for love in a wrong place !!

Tedla Asfaw

Dear Brother Girma Kassa,

Most of your writings usually end up with call for love/Fiker and your current piece in Amharic "begging" TPLF/EPRDF to rescind its three days ultimatum it gave to judge Birtukan Medeksa to "RE APOLOGIZE" or face jail brings me to question the love and its new preacher Tamerat Layne you quote. First, I do not agree with  Tamerat Layne  turns  "Pastor"  preaching about love. It is too early and too soon for a man who has blood on his hand to preach about love, seems to me the quick turning of TPLF from Albanian Communism to American capitalism eighteen years ago overnight . Let "Pastor" Tamerat Layne confess for his past sins, for taking innocent lives and urging in public for elimination of Amharas in Eastern Ethiopia where you grew up, as his new religion demands.

I can agree with you that Judge Birtukan deserves real love. However, you are looking for love in a wrong place. Not on the vocabularies of TPLF what you prefer to call it for "love" sake  EPRDF, "Melketefu Beseme Yedegefu". I have not read  the TPLF Constitution you declare a good document and I have serious doubt however if there is anything written about love for an individual or country there. Is article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution about  love ?

If you are selectively accusing TPLF for  blackmailing you are also wrong too.  Judge Birtukan is a young promising leader so do Weizero Mesobewerk Kitawe the editor of "Andenet" newspaper who is thrown to jail last week. How comes you who are calling for Tamerat Layne's kind of love not to speak on  behalf of the other woman. Does she not deserve love too ?

Love do not discriminate Ato Girma and I want you to speak forcefully or beg  on behalf of Weizero Mesobewerk, Teddy Afro, many others  and the hundreds of Somali refugees who are thrown to jail by TPLF as we speak.  I pray for your success brother and keep on loving you.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Asimba, the home of the braves !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Forgive me for not be among the braves who went more than three decades ago to Asimba to make real their dream of united and equal Ethiopia. I have to be honest with you that I came for the first time to see this historical mountain because of the writing of AFP correspondent, Emmanuel Gujon on Dec. 22 about the Irob community at Asimba 's  determination to keep their Ethiopian land  and identity no matter what.

The writer focuses on the last ten years of the Irob community history and did not ask questions what Irob looks like before TPLF and Shabia controlled the surrounding area militarily eighteen years ago. Before them there were young Ethiopian visionaries who came to Asimba from all areas of Ethiopia to realize their dream of free and united Ethiopia and start an armed struggle from their base at  Asimba about which many songs and poems were written.

The Irob community joined  this struggle by feeding and sending its young sons and daughters. The main reasons for  Irob people's  determination to be courageous now facing two enemies, Isaias and Meles is the historical bond it  had with the rest of Ethiopia and the close relationship it developed with other Ethiopians  fighting  fascist Derg, TPLF and Shabia in its recent history.

Young students from colleges and high schools, professionals all joined  hands to fight for freedom and paid a high price together with the sons and daughters of the Irob community and that  relationship which was temporarily broken by TPLF anti-Ethiopian clique failed to destroy the  bond of love for a country according to the piece, "Tiny ethnic group claims Ethiopian allegiance " by  writer Emmanuel Gujon (Dec. 22).

However, this Irob community is now a bargaining piece for  TPLF. It can be sold any day and time for TPLF's own survival. The only thing which stops this transaction is finding  a reliable  buyer in Asmera. Meles Zenawi who told us in his own sleeping parliament about the generous Sudanese who received Ethiopian land as a gift could say the same on giving back Ethiopian Irob community and all the land to his beloved Eritreans one day.

This love of Ethiopia by our Irob community we have witnessed and recently disclosed to the whole world through the foreign journalist will not be different  if foreign journalists were  sent to our western boundary and talk to the people of Metema and south to Gambella. The people on those areas like the Irob in north have resisted giving away their land and  identity  and  are now fighting to remain Ethiopian.

The role of those EPRP visionaries, love for a country and freedom,  in our western front thirty years ago was also written on their blood and it is now one of the motivation factors  to fight both TPLF and Sudanese militia. Many like me who have not contributed to this struggle as fighters in Irob/Asimba, and western Ethiopia  should  come out from our closet and honor these gallant Ethiopian fighters.

I thank the foreign journalist for writing about the Irob community and  waking up many like me to research  our own recent history of heroism which is still going on long after many died and forced to leave Asimba. I salute the website Asimba and Asimba paltalk room  for carrying this historical name and educating Ethiopians about our beloved country struggle for freedom and equality. I also suggest for this website to post mount Asimba on its home page permanently to honor those brave Ethiopians and the Irob community who are still continuing the struggle.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Reject TPLF and the West democracy experiment for 2010 !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The coming "election"  2010 has now become an issue in some quarters and this debate also reached to the ears of Ethiopians back home through the VOA Amharic interview this past week. Ato Teklemichael Abebe former Addis Ababa University President who supported participating on the coming election and Ato Azale Desta member of EPRP who opposes any participation on the election debate was first posted on the website this month and  the VOA program (part one)  hosted by Alula tried to continue on that debate which was unheard in Ethiopia because of censorship of websites by TPLF.

Both Teklemicahel and Azale agreed that in TPLF's Ethiopia, it is not possible to conduct any free and fair election and what was then their main difference ? Teklemichael believes that election is part of the struggle to expose the crime of the regime for the world community. However, he failed to mention which new crimes the world have not known so far that he would like to expose.

Let us assume that the world community found new crime in Ethiopia related to the coming "election" of 2010 and then what ? What did international community do to the crime committed by TPLF in the 2005 election ? Is the hundreds life lost, thousands jailed and many exiled is not enough a crime that warrants action from the West that motivated Ato Teklemichael to conduct another election experiment to get sympathy for poor Ethiopians from the West ?

Is this not what the West have been doing for the last eighteen years in poor Ethiopia and paid the loyal opposition to do ? "Participate in any election, gradually, slowly and peacefully TPLF will comply with the peoples will and hand over power to the people ". Election to "expose" TPLF and educate  the West about the undemocratic and tyrannical behavior of TPLF was tested in 2005 and TPLF learnt a big lesson and would not repeat such mistake again and gladly has already started the election campaign.

The Ethiopian people have also learnt their lesson and will not be part of such experiment again in 2010. The rejected election experiment of 2005 should not be repeated again and we have to test a new hypothesis, the total boycott of TPLF including the coming 2010 election.

Ato Teklemicahel's  new call to bring the rejected election experiment as if it is new  will not convince anyone except the known opportunists who are paid to sleep in the parliament and maybe recruit new comers. The West as usual care less for democracy experiment in Ethiopia and is unwise to repeat the same experiment to satisfy their interest and on the way buy five more years to expose our people for more killing and abuse.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

George Bush and the flying shoes !!

Tedla Asfaw

Wow !!!, late night TV here in USA was overwhelmed by the flying shoe incident of George Bush in Iraq to be exact size 10 and I do not know its brand or the odor if it was toxic or not.

George Bush showed to the whole world he has a good knowledge of balls. Those who know him owning baseball team in Texas are not surprised by his instinct and dodging  the flying shoe what I call the "fast ball" send to his head by the Iraq "pitcher" who is now under the custody of the Iraq army.

If this was on the baseball field,dugouts will be cleared and many could be involved on fist fight. George Bush's  buddy, the Iraq prime minister failed to show any reaction on this incident and that shows he is not good at all in balls. Our Bush is a smart ball handler and that is why he did not panic and fall to the ground on the unexpected arrival of flying shoe from short distance.

The Iraq journalist "fame" on the wider Arab world is not unexpected . The Bush that was seen  holding the Saudi Royal's hand will surely now be seen together  with the flying shoe for all who opposes USA policy in Middle East and will be a permanent video which is part of the legacy of George Bush's war in Iraq that costs thousands of lives both Iraqis and Americans.

The billions of the USA tax payers money the war costs also  could have been  worth spending it here home or help many poor Arabs building their infrastructures and hence  flying flowers can  replace flying shoes and we all could have been winners.

For those who try to replicate this sign of protest maybe in Afghanistan you should be careful, however. President Obama is not only a good basketball player who can catch any ball on the air but can also  dunk it on your face.

"Election" 2010 in Ethiopia by Minga and Tsion

Dear writers,

I read your article posted on (Dec 16) on the so called the coming election of 2010. I want to remind you that Ethiopians are not  in any business of election and this is not an issue that worried most of our people at the present time. The only one that are worried are the ruling racist ethnic mafia of Meles' TPLF,  those who are sleeping in parliament paid by poor Ethiopians and those who are currently dancing around to secure a seat  by participating on the coming fake election of 2010.

How comes you failed to mention, living and breathing in Ethiopia is only allowed for card carrying TPLF members and few in the name of opposition who are allowed to make noise here  and there in hotels and offices under the watchful eye of TPLF security ? What makes you believe this will change in 2010? On the recent so called local election we witnessed that TPLF bought the rural and urban people and fielded millions of candidates and this is what to come in 2010 even if  foreigners are allowed to monitor the election as you suggested and surely TPLF will comply.

The preparation of the so called 2010 election is already underway and we know the winner is  TPLF by landslide. Educated people like you should be courageous to tell the whole picture and do not waste our time in teaching us the basics of election which by the way we also learned from TPLF websites. Our poor people have proven us all wrong in 2005 by their excellent deeds, they know what is good for them and do not need our lecturing of what an election is or should be. Election is an exercise by free people and as you well know the country you are residing, South Africa  did not end apartheid by election.


                                                                                                                                                Tedla Asfaw

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ye Ethiopia Adera Dimtse Radio

Tedla Asfaw

The December 10 program of "Ye Ethiopia Adera Dimts" program , posted on is worth listening. It  brought respected voices of the people that includes Eng. Hailu Shawel a popularly elected opposition leader, Obang Metho and Tamagen,  activists from  the Diaspora on  its program.

I hope this young radio will continue to entertain voices that will  make real differences in Ethiopia and avoid the trap of being the voice of any party. The name "Adera" in Ethiopia has a big connotation.   One of the saying in Ethiopia in Amharic, "Ye Tesete Adera Ke Mitefa Ye Woledute Yitfa" shows,  promise/Adera  given to someone has much more value even than once own child and never to be abandoned at any circumstance.

Radios who are the voices of  parties and other independent radios like "Adera" have  big job of mobilizing Ethiopians to battle the TPLF racist thugs on all fronts and they should be supported and encouraged by the public.

Let us all promise to focus on the real enemy, TPLF,  and bring freedom to our people by respecting our differences. The next Monday (Dec. 15) rally in D.C. organized by different radio stations to call for unconditional release of Teddy Afro is an initiative  which has a full support of Ethiopians and let us come out in force, snow or rain, and show Ethiopian Unity for foes and friends.



Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ziwaye Prison, Ethiopia's Abu Gharib !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

The military government of Mengisu Hailemariam, Derg, was  known for widespread killing of its opponents. Elimination of opponents was well choreographed then. The first official victims were  the sixty high officials of Imperial Ethiopia thirty five years ago. Since then many opponents lost their lives and we were accustomed to the accompanying musics/ "Shilela", the famous one was "Yefeyele Wetete/young goat Vs tiger" , the trademark of Derg's brutality.

However, the TPLF regime  is totally different. It has its own choreography. You do not hear official music/shilela before or after killing of opponents. Killing is usually followed by seating down with victim families and watch who is showing up and try to find out what the public is thinking about the killing and possibly find other enemies.

The killing is also going slowly in many prison camps as we speak. Young Oromo prisoners were gunned down few years ago under the cover of prison riots, however, the most common method of eliminating political opponents is by exposing them to unsanitary and deadly condition inside the prison. One of such prisons is the malaria infested  Ziwaye prison where  our beloved son Teddy Afro is rumored to be sent.

Why Ziwaye prison/ Abu Ghairb ? It is just to expose Teddy Afro to the deadly malaria that took many prisoners lives in the past. It is also a place where torture is carried out regularly far from  witnesses and we might not see Teddy Afro alive if he is sent to Ziwaye. We have to expose the deadly scheme of TPLF before it is too late.

TPLF racists can not sleep well until they shut down Teddy Afro's mouth forever and that is why they are going  to send him to his death cell in Ziwaye. Teddy Afro is not a criminal to be sent far from his families and millions of his admirers. TPLF wanted to preempt the weekly visit of thousands of Ethiopians similar  the elected Kinijit leaders while they were locked up in Kaliti few  years ago.

TPLF know that Teddy Afro has millions of followers, most of them young who would like to see him each week if he is in Kaliti. When Ethiopians are calling for Teddy Afro's immediate and unconditional  release in last month Great Run, sending him to remote  far prison not to be visited is an insult to millions of Ethiopians.

Hate is a force that is driving Meles and his racist circles. They are also experts in digging underground jails in Northern Ethiopia where they kept many EPRP leaders like "Debteraw" and  former Ethiopian army high officials  for more than two decades. The case of the Ethiopian Air Force pilots we recently learned about is fresh testimony to that.

Meles and his inner circles had "Phd" in "prison management" and have more than thirty years of experience  on how to brake opponents spirit using prison and in many cases these underground prisons also became a burying ground for many Ethiopian patriots. Ziwaye Prison is not underground but still run by the underground prison experts guided by the thick prison book/constitution of TPLF.

Human Right  Organizations should expose these prisons both underground and on surface for international community and held those who run this deadly enterprise accountable. Former TPLF founders like Ato Sieye Abraha, Gebru Asrat and many others who now  claim to be on peoples side should expose the "prison industry" of Ethiopia they pioneered to bring all who have blood on their hands to face justice.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Teddy Afro, our symbol of unity and tolerance !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

"Go out !!! otherwise, I will give you the maximum punishment", the TPLF made theater stage director, Cadre Leiul Gebre Mariam /Gebre Seitan  screamed after sending Teddy Afro to six years to jail  and  pay 18,000 Birr as bonus for Gebre Seitan  wonderful "Broadway" show that ended on this Black Friday, Dec. 5, 2008.

Let the celebration begun in TPLF's camp for their successful show that culminated by sending Teddy Afro, the voice and symbol of Ethiopia to their dark cell hoping Ethiopians will forget him like they forgot many patriots Ethiopians before. However, this time is different. Teddy's songs are now the rallying cry for Ethiopians and our young generations showed us the glimpse of what to come on last month Great Run, "Talaku Rucha" after paying 40 Birr to get a spot.

"Teddy Obama, Meles Asama/Hippo" , that was the rallying cry chanted by thousands on the streets of Addis Ababa. Political rally is a crime in Ethiopia and that is why the Great Run is billed as "Talaku Rucha, Bisote Megletchia" in Amharic meaning "The Great Run,  platform to speak our minds",  and that is how young, old Ethiopians showed to the world what the so called trial of Teddy Afro  has been all about for the  last eight months, a sham circus and a conspiracy by those "Asamas"/hippos who are eating everything on their way including their loved singer, Teddy Afro.

Teddy Afro is now a martyr and a symbol of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian masses have to pray for him in churches and mosques. This young man's song for tolerance among Ethiopian Christians and Muslims, nationalities not to fall to the trap of  hate propaganda by the TPLF's hippos for the last eighteen years was a remarkable achievement no prison can take it from us.

Locking Teddy in jail will not stop the resistance movement and those apologists who are telling us that TPLF is not enemy let them go and pray for the longevity of  their king and queen. Queen Azeb Mesfin avenged the humiliation she received in America when she came for an "award" few years ago by orchestrating the hit-and-run show to its successful end. She can now sleep good listening to Teddy Afro songs.

It is true, the queen  is not listening to Bob Marley's, "No woman No cry", because this time the one crying is Teddy's mother and millions of his admirers. It is indeed today is a day of crying in Ethiopia and also a  call for more martyrs to carry the Ethiopian flag until freedom.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dancing with the Devil !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Judge Birtukan Medekisa and Ato Akililu Girgire of Andenet party, at the end of their European tour answered many questions on ECADF. For the question of responsibility for the destruction of Kinijit, Judge Birtukan put the blame more on the leadership of Kinijit than the TPLF organized terror that killed and imprisoned its supporters including herself and the other leadership.

It is very hard for those of us out of the country including myself  to put such blame on the young leadership of Kinijit,and the popular movement that won the election of May 2005 peacefully as Judge Birtukan did on this interview. We know that this was the condition set by TPLF for the release of herself and the other leaders from jail and guarantee not to go back to jail.

We heard also different arguments from TPLF cadres before that if Kinijit had been allowed to govern, Ethiopia would have been in total anarchy. How comes millions who voted peacefully overwhelmingly for Kinijit will then become ungoverned by the party they chose ? We know there were difference between factions of Kinijit,  but there was no disagreement on the peoples desire for change. No doubt, Ethiopians would have secured their basic democratic rights to organize and speak and challenge their  leaders who got their votes and help them become strong leaders.

If we take Judge Birtukan Medekisa assertions of failed leadership seriously, these leadership are now in three camps including hers. One is led by Eng. Hailu back  home, and the one led by Dr. Birhanu is out of the country. It is very hard to prove or disprove Judge Birtukan on who is responsible for destruction of Kinijit among these leaders of Kinijit  because our people are not allowed to speak and gather freely. They are living in a huge prison called Ethiopia that includes many mini-prisons where many Ethiopians are still languishing and many entering this jail daily.

The so called  rights to open offices  by the "oppositions" or allow gatherings in the controlled areas of Ethiopia by TPLF, what Judge Birtukan alluded to using all avenues, "Kedadwene Masfate" is the controlled right that does not allow our people to express freely their mind. That is why our people chose to express their outrage on the Great Run in Addis Ababa last week.

When it comes to war in Somalia, she was soft on TPLF too. She opposes the war, but failed to articulate the consequence of this war for the national integrity of Ethiopia by exasperating the situation in Ogaden. For the question of Ethiopian women suffering in Middle East, her answer  was clear that this was not an issue she is currently working on. This was the missing opportunity for her to get huge support from women in the Diaspora even from those who do not support her current engagement with the ruthless regime that declared officially that what Ethiopia needs is Development under TPLF/EPRDF for the next forty years.

Why bother then to have indoor political discussion, what I call "Hotel Democracy" when we all know that such right will cease to exist when you are on public parks and streets ? Is that not what happened last weeks to Eng. Hailu led party supporters in Addis streets. We have not heard Judge Birtukan condemning the regime for beating and jailing young people on the broad day light. Are we going to blame the victims once again ?


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Official declaration of war on patriotic Ethiopians !!!

Tedla  Asfaw

 We saw the final episode of  the abduction and jailing of Teddy Afro yesterday wrapped in the name of Justice for the homeless man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident more than two years ago. We saw in the past, many Ethiopian patriots, the  likes of  the late professor Asrart Woldeyese abducted and held hostage until their death. Ethiopians are familiar with an Abduct and jail tactics of TPLF. For foreign bank rollers of the regime, the stage circus chaired by Cadre Leul Gebremariam ended by making sure that Teddy Afro will not see the light of the day until TPLF is in power.

The ball is now on the peoples court and no time to waste talking  nonsense before the next Teddy Afro is dragged to silence the pro Ethiopian forces and  flood the country with paid opposition forces, paid electorate to keep TPLF for the next forty years in power to finish yet their unrealized dream of destroying everything Ethiopian, the land and its people.

Ruling by blackmailing and terror can not be defeated until we change our tactics. TPLF butchers and cadres can not be defeated by condemning their injustices alone. We have to deny them the monopoly of terror and let them be challenged in  their green zone or safe heaven.

Teddy is gone for good and is now a hostage. The hostage takers are responsible for what is to come now. Crying terrorism can not save them as we saw in Somalia. We have to hit them back in the language they know and we have to be ready for the consequence. Ethiopian dignity is violated by this few racist thieves to cover their on going crime in Oromia, Ogaden and Somalia.

Meles declared war on patriotic Ethiopians officially and he should be answered in kind. Talk of peace has no place and we Ethiopians should give ultimatum for the resignation of Meles and to be brought to international court for crimes he committed in the last eighteen years while in power.

The wanted list of the criminal gangs of TPLF has to be official for the international community and until these criminals brought to justice, the war of resistance will continue. We want to make it clear too that those countries who are helping these criminals in any form are the enemies of Ethiopians who care less for justice, human right and democracy.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Truth or "Gehade" ?

Tedla Asfaw

"Gehade" or "Hake" in Amharic means "Truth", first came out in Tigrena few years ago and is now translated to Amharic and is  sold in many Ethiopian centers here in the diaspora. The author, Ato Asgede Gebre Selassie, one of the eleven founders of TPLF was the host of Abebe Belew on yesterday's(Nov. 30) Addis Dimits. You can go to and follow the forty five minutes interview.

Ato Tariku Dama should also be thanked for translating the book to Amharic . The book's main objective is to shed light on the "master and slave relationship" between TPLF and Shabia.

The master and slave relationship after the toppling of Derg and Ethiopia's occupation was governed by the famous slogan. "Eritrea Yegelachene, Ethiopia Yegarachene", "Eritrea is for only Eritreans  and Ethiopia for all of us to plunder".

The division in TPLF after Badme war, "the war between masters and slaves", Shabia and TPLF, the  involvement in Somalia by force two years ago by TPLF and Isaias' support for the Ethiopian and Somali opposition forces in Asmara was not covered in this interview. The master and slave relationship seems to evolve into who is going to be the master of the Horn of Africa.

However, Ato Asgede avoided talking about the forces like EPRP that  were the victims of both TPLF and Shabia. Many Tigreans and other Ethiopians gave their life fighting  TPLF and Isaias/Shabia anti-Ethiopian forces.If the book is indeed is telling "the truth" the author has to take responsibility for its shortcomings and make the "Full Truth" in the future.