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Monday, 31 January 2011

Save Ethiopian Refugees in Cairo !!!!

 Ambassador Shoukry,

 Washington, D.C.

Dear Ambassador,

The first time I saw you was yesterday on ABC program. I know you will be very busy this time because of the ongoing crisis in Egypt and my email might not be too important to reach to your attention. But I do believe that as your neighbor and an Ethiopian residing  in New York I was convinced to write this note.

Few minutes ago I heard the sad situation of fellow Ethiopian refugees residing in Cairo. Women and children are huddling together and with the help of Egyptian neighbors are surviving gangs and rapists at present. We are hearing also women are raped and some are kidnapped. Their call to UN was not helpful at all because no one was in office.

Who is going to help our people when even in peaceful time their own so called "Embassy of Ethiopia" never take care of Ethiopians. It is only you who can make a difference for the  poor Ethiopians who are crying and begging for help. You know the neighborhood of Cairo where poor refugees mostly reside.

I have confidence you will do the right thing and give protection for the abandoned Ethiopians in Cairo at this dangerous time.


Tedla Asfaw

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Walking, protesting like Egyptians in 2008!!

Tedla Asfaw
I watched a brave woman(Aljazerra April 6) on the street of Cairo saying no to Mubarak's tyranny supporting the stay home strike called by Egyptian workers who are now living on a  USA $2 per day and  can not afford to buy bread for their families due to high inflation.
The stay home strike that  was called by workers and later on communicated to students and the masses  on Internet by bloggers was a success.The streets of Cairo were quiet except few protesters that were matched in number with armed security personnel who were seen beating women, children and old people.
The government of Egypt claimed the "illegal" strike was a failure and most people went to their normal business,however, we saw empty streets in Cairo and we know the strike was  a success and did send a message and shock wave  to Mubarak that his days are numbered. 
The people who were on the streets were angered by the regime for not allowing them to protest and vent their frustration peacefully. We all know that country like Egypt and Ethiopia who are the staunch supporters of the "war on terrorr" are good in terrorizing their citizens and locking opponents first fabricate charges later and convict them for long term prison.
Moreover, this protest is coming before the Municipal election in Egypt this week and the regime has already locked up opposition supporters like the Muslim Brotherhood who have wide support in the poor neighborhoods that won substantial seat before.
The Muslim Brotherhood has boycotted this coming election because the regime has already learned from its previous mistakes and fielded many of its candidates to take the municipal seat and it seems to me that Mubarak and Melese Zenawi are following the same script in conducting "fair and free election".
Both regimes deny the right to protest and accuse the protesters as outlaws who wanted to destabilize their countries. Both wanted to rule forever. Mubarak wanted to transfer power to his son and Melese is not sure when to transfer power and the closest one maybe his wife, Emebete Azeb. The possible alternative is to initiate a debate within TPLF  not "to waste the brain power of our beloved leader, Melese Zenawi" is to make him a president of Ethiopia by amending the TPLF's Constitution in his own parliament.
The economic hardship of about 40% of Egyptians who live below poverty line is a good testament for the failed Mubarak tyranny and this can be said the same if not more for Ethiopia  where food price is sky rocketing and Melese Zenawi who blame the economic growth of China and India together with home merchants for inflating prices.
The west including Saudi can help subsidize food in Egypt and avoid the mass uprising which is surely to come. Ethiopia is already benefiting from the USA subsidized wheat and the question is for how long? As  we see the war in Iraq and the recession in USA is not encouraging to put hope on the handout from USA.
The seventy million Egyptians and  seventy million Ethiopians have been ruled for their long history by autocrats  supported by west and the recent talk of "democracy and freedom" by Bush and Condi remains empty rhetoric and the people of Egypt has taken a lead by going out on the streets and demand  their democracy and freedom this past week,.
Ethiopians should do no less. We have to follow the Egyptian example and call a stay home strike and boycott the government organized  make-believe election  for this month. We know their is sacrifice to be paid and we also know millions of our people have no dignified life to live for.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Blue Print for Our Struggle !!

Tedla Asfaw

I have been reading Ato Abebe Gelaw's writings for sometimes but I can say "Bread to the hungry, land to the tiller" posted on many sites including was timely. Someone should translate it into Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigrina, Somali etc  to share it with the masses. I suggest for those of us who are in the diaspora and deeply care about our people to endorse it and make it  our blue print for our struggle.

Once we endorsed this blue print we will challenge all to make it a reality. We will work to realize this clear goal. The cry for bread and land to the people as it was in 1974  is a cause that our abused people back home could come out in millions like they did on Miazia 30 more than five years ago. They cry Enough is Enough !!!! and the popular uprising was sabotaged by USA, Europeans  and the coward opposition leaders.

The regime in power can be defeated by popular uprising. We did it in 1974 and we can do it again in a short order. I commend the writer for diagnosing the two decade  sickness and leadership  failure to unseat the ethnofascist regime of TPLF and for prescribing the correct medicine. We have now a Blue Print to take us to victory. Victory is not far !!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Obama on Africa !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Obama mentioned Sudan's referendum on one line and Tunisia uprising just few words that is what he said about Africa on his State of  The Union Address yesterday. In fact he wisely avoided Egypt even if he is aware of the anti-Mubarek demo yesterday. Congress did not show any interest either as wee saw  from the reaction.

The Tunisian uprising has not achieved its goal of removing the tyranny. Kicking Ben Ali and arresting some of his allies while keeping the system all together is not change at all. The proposed election six months after unless it is free and fair will bring back the former regime with name change only.

The West is worried about such upheaval coming to Saudi tyranny too. Yesterday's very limited support for freedom in Africa in USA State of The Union Address by Obama is not encouraging. Africa is now left for Africans and we have to go to street for change. Fake elections in Africa is over. Obama  is just another American leader that cares for USA interest.This time it is told by someone who  looks like us.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ethiopians Protest Rally in D.C.!!!

The Willard Washington, D.C.

Public Relation

Dear Barbara,

Ethiopian community is outraged when we hear the unelected regime members of the Ethiopian Embassy planned to organize a party at your location on Jan. 25. It makes it even worst because it is in the month when we celebrate Martin Luther King struggle for freedom  and equality.

In Ethiopia freedom and equality are used only for propaganda purpose to divide our people while the very few which are connected to the unelected regime live a life of the rich and the famous similar to America. Millions of Ethiopians,however, are living on food aid from USA.

According to the recent poll organized by foreign group, close to 50 percent of the educated young would like to leave the country for lack of freedom. Ethiopia is much worst than Tunisia. Ben Ali the tyrant who is hiding in Saudi Arabia is not as worst as Meles Zenawi.

Ethiopians back home are not even allowed radio programs originated from D.C, VOA. How could we allow members of the Ethiopian regime to party in D.C. ?  How could you give your space to these kind of people, Seyum Mesfin and Girma Biru  ?

I am asking you to cancel the reservation or be prepared for a boycott of your hotel by Ethiopians in the future. Our protest in front of your premise will expose not only  members of the criminal regime but also those who are doing business with them.


Tedla Asfaw

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ethiopia's Western Boundary ??

Tedla Asfaw

I still remember Gaston a South Sudanese who went with me in 1970s, a high school in Addis, Asfaw Wossen. He spoke better English than me. We used to go to piaza where he introduced me to his favorite meal, "Lazagna". He was well dressed and smart guy. However, I did not talk to him about his birth place or how he came to Addis for schooling. We just were happen to go to same class and we got along very well.

More than three decades later I do not know where Gaston is, if he is still alive. But his people are now voting to become the youngest nation in Africa and I wish them all the best. Both North and South Sudan have long border with Ethiopia and the border delineation like old African colonial borders brought unnecessary conflicts and tensions. Both Haile Selassie and Mengistu  worked closely with Khartoum regimes with no result.

Beshir,  Meles Zenawi's ally reached a secret deal few years ago, and was awarded huge land from North Metema to Gambella, 1200 km long x 50 km,  parts of that deal covered  South Sudan. This secret deal is not only illegal but also criminal. Any deal which is not transparent and that does not include the local people is not accepted by the Ethiopian people.

When the secret deal was uncovered, Ethiopians in the Diaspora organized and set up a Border Committee to expose all the activities carried out behind the peoples back. This committee prepared petition to be signed and sent to international organizations. Meles Zenawi finally admitted in his rubber stamp parliament that there was a deal and  no land was given to Sudan.

In fact he said that he gave what was Sudan to Sudan. There were Ethiopians who were displaced and kidnapped by Khartoum militias. Some were interviewed in VOA from their prison in Khartoum. Since then the tension has been high in border areas in the North West and the coming of independent South Sudan I am afraid will encourage North Sudan to take fertile land of Western Ethiopia to compensate the land it lost in South.

South Sudan has to be careful not to be trapped by TPLF dominated regime of Ethiopia and start animosity to the people who are living in border area. In Ethiopia there is no accountability and transparency. Huge land in Gambella and BninShanguel is now transferred under long lease to foreign land owners.

The people of Gambella and Benishanguel are protesting and conflict is certain which  will affect directly South Sudan. South Sudan  should not side with the Ethiopian regime who is terrorizing its people to submit to foreign landlords and be enslaved on their soil. Reports are coming that many are killed in Gambella and those who exposed the regime on media like BBC and VOA are running for their lives.

The friendship of Ethiopians in individual as well as neighborly basis  is beyond regimes. Regimes can come and go but our people have to overcome conflicts that are designed to divide us while our masters are profiting from the natural resources of our land. I would like South Sudan to be prosperous,democratic and transparent nation which will be an example for its neighbors that are currently run by warlord mafia types. The young nation should not  be part of any war with the Ethiopian people.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

TPLF and Shabia are Strategic Allies !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

Shabia and TPLF strategic goal of destroying Ethiopia remains unchanged. After the end of the Badme war except tactical difference between Isaias and Meles nothing has changed. Both are working to dismember Ethiopia by creating  war condition in Western and Eastern part of Ethiopia. Both TPLF and Shabia promised not to repeat the Badme type of war which brings war close to them.

The TPLF and Shabia close ally Sudan will be divided in to North and South Sudan. This is a sad day for Meles and Isaias beside Egypt and of course Sudan. The Western part of huge land of Ethiopia which was awarded to Sudan, North as well as South by Melese  with isaias blessing will start two wars one with North Sudan and with the newly independent South Sudan.

War in Eastern Ethiopia which is raging will continue in vicious way if the Arabs succeeded in forming one nationalistic government of Somalia. Mind you Somaliland which has all the historical support as former British colony to declare independence never recognized by Isaias and Meles. In fact Isaias tried many times to sabotage Somaliland independence without success.

For Isaias Ethiopian dismemberment can only succeed using united Somalia. That is also the policy of Egypt. Article 39 the "nuclear threat"  of TPLF and Isaias ambition to be the master of Somalia and controlling the ethnic movements in Asmara are the strategic goal of dismembering Ethiopia.

Ethiopian oppositions own two decades experience is enough to come with a new vision to free our country from Asmara and Addis Ababa warlords. We do not need Asmara if we want united Ethiopia. Neither fascists in Addis who are applying Mussolini's blue print of dividing Ethiopians  by Ethnic Kilil. Shabia and TPLF are anti-Ethiopia and Ethiopians.