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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Freedom for Teddy Afro !!

Tedla Asfaw

We missed you Teddy Afro !! When each day passes without hearing your voice  isolated in filthy prison watched by armed thugs our
 heart is bleeding but never stopped  supporting you. What did our athletes feel when they returned home with victory and missing Teddy's voice which has been an inspiration for all of them ??

What did Tirunesh/Tiruye felt when there is no Teddy's song  of the  equivalent of "Kineneisa Anbessa", the song of Teddy for  Athens Olympics heroes. No doubt, Tiruye's victory of capturing two golds as the first woman in the 5,000m and 10,000m in Beijing would have brought  the best of Teddy.

I am sure "Kenenisa Anbessa" was from start to finish on Kenenisa/Kenu's mind when he ran the 5,000m and set the new Olympic record. For the 10,000m it was the same script of  Teddy's song for Athens Olympics.

Olympics is over now and we have not stopped calling for Teddy's immediate and unconditional release since he was detained. The whole world knows by now that Teddy Afro is a prisoner of conscience  and those who hold him are accountable for his safety. We are now to gather once again this coming Friday, August 29 in front of TPLF's Embassy to show our support and love for Teddy Afro.

We know that there are thousands of political prisoners jailed in Ethiopia for many years some since TPLF came to power seventeen years ago, the likes of Abera Yemane. However, Teddy is not a politician and his only "crime" is to live in his own country and sing for love and unity. In Ethiopia we have many who called themselves politicians who are also paid by the regime for their service  and Teddy is peoples man and can not be paid by TPLF that is his crime. He is an artist who got love from  poor to rich from weak to powerful and his incarceration destroyed the hopes of millions of Ethiopians and there is a buried anger back home and those far from home will not stop supporting him until he comes out free.

Supporting Teddy Afro for many of us is supporting a family  member who needs helping hand. The Washington D.C. area Ethiopians Know what Teddy means to Ethiopia and Ethiopians and will come out in thousands to support him. Moreover, Teddy is Ethiopian young star equivalent to  Haile, Kenenisa, Tiruye and many of our athletes who put Ethiopians flag high in international stage.

We are proud of our Olympic heroes and  proud too of Teddy Afro for his musics and for being voice for the voiceless and let us come in thousands this Friday and call for his immediate unconditional release..


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Russian Style of Article 39

Tedla Asfaw

You do not need  article 39 of the so called constitution of TPLF to give power to the "oppressed nationalities", what you need is muscle. While the Western leaders like Bush trapped in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on lucky 8,8,08 Russia hit a jack pot and conquered South Ossetia of Georgia by rolling tanks.

The article 39 of Ethiopian constitution applied on international level, what a surprise ? We remembered the bombing of Kosovo by Clinton. Clinton ejected Serbian forces out of Kosovo by devastating bombardment and this country recently recognized as an independent nation by West and Russia refused to recognize it.

Here is the similarity what Clinton did ten years ago and what Russia did in the cover of Olympic distraction at the beginning of this month. Russia did not send planes rather  tanks and "liberate" the South Ossetia ethnic Russians similar to the Clinton "liberation" of Albanians in Kosovo.

Russia is flexing its  muscles and we are now in the era of new nations to be liberated by force of arms like Kosovo recognized by West and new nations like South Ossetia and Abkazia recognized by Russia  as an independent nations.

We have in our neighborhood a Somaliland which declared its independence in early 1990 and no one has recognized its independence, however, life goes on and even much better than neighboring so called independent countries.

The  TPLF of Ethiopia is blackmailing Ethiopians by  threatening the so called article 39 to use it when  their hold on power is threatened.The  fact of the matter is that  you do not need article 39. What you need is brute force, home or imported and  declare yourself independent and if you are lucky like Kosovo you will be supported by West or with the help of neighbor like Russia which has the economic and military muscle to grant you and protect your Independence.

The problem on East Africa is we have no one independent dominant military or economic power. The power in the Horns are serving the interest of western countries and China and there will not be easy break up like we witnessed in the Independence of Eritrea. "Independent Tigray, Ogaden, Oromia" which is the final goal of Meles similar to Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will bring more death and destruction for our region.

If Somali Land has been the neighbor of Russia it could have been easily recognized as an independent nation with full economic and military protection. Do not forget, Eritrea's recognition as an independent nation comes through USA help via Meles Zenawi, otherwise it could have been another Somaliland.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Flood in Gambella

Tedla Asfaw

 Mr. Gwayn, the vice president of Gambella Administrative Region of Ethiopia on VOA Amharic today (August 26) called for assistance for more than thirteen thousands of people who are displaced by flood followed more than a week of heavy rain that overflow the tributaries of Baro River and  flood  large areas.

Most of the displaced are around Itang and we should give our support for our people through the humanitarian organizations that are working in the area.

This natural catastrophe is beyond the people and as of now the so called "Federal" government has not delivered any support for the displaced Gambella people.



Monday, 25 August 2008

Celebration and protest in Addis Ababa

Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopian athletes will arrive in Addis Ababa Bole Airport soon to be renamed by the full support of the Addis Ababa residents as " Kenenisa Bekele  International Airport " on Wednesday August 27 morning Addis Ababa's time by Ethiopian Airlines and the Addis Ababa and surrounding residents will be on the "Bole Road" which is going to be renamed also as "Tirunesh Dibaba Highway"  unanimously by Addis residents.

Let the celebration begins and the Teddy Afro "Kenenisa Anbessa" be on the air of Addis. To add to the silence voice of Teddy Afro let the public chant "Tiruye Nebrewa Werkachene" and singing and dancing by millions of residents on the streets waving Ethiopian flag to show our full support for all our athletes.

This is the time also to show our support for our jailed beloved artist Teddy Afro by calling for his immediate release and hold accountable TPLF for his health. Poems of Teddy surely is ready by now and it is a matter of time before it reaches to our ears.

After welcoming our athletes and send them home to their families we will surely turn this rally against the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and call for the release of the thousands who are now suffering in TPLF's jail and call also for the immediate withdrawal of TPLF's militia from Somalia.

In Ethiopia where peoples right to organize is denied such opportunity should not be missed to show Ethiopians hatred for ruling TPLF mafia.


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Debteraw and our Athletes

Tedla Asfaw

I am surprised why avoid covering our athletes glories victories in Beijing for the final week of  Beijing ttstOlympics. Did it find it irrelevant or what ? Whether the editor find it irrelevant or not it should cover it in its own way out of respect for millions of Ethiopians who are grilled to TV back home to watch the glorious victories and celebrate by singing "Keneisa Anbessa" as a sign of protest and call for the release of Teddy Afro.

Website like tried to own our athletes by running interview with athlete Haile Gebreselassie on its site. Our athletes are surfing websites from Beijing and what will they say to sites like Debteraw  who ignore their presence ? Make no mistake our athletes are Ethiopia's treasures and you can not get unchallenged for ignoring them.

Many like me who regularly visit your site are very disappointed and we need you to correct your mistake soon. Sport and politics are only separated in TPLF's  mafia not in millions of Ethiopians mind. We should also challenge sites like on its attempt to monopolize our athletes as his own and using them to propagate a "Kedami Emebete" propaganda for TPLF by posting greats like Haile's interview  with his "Kedami Emebete".

King Kenenisa of Ethiopia answered to Queen Tirunesh of Ethiopia's letter

Tedla Asfaw

King Kenenisa/Kenu answered to the letter of  Queen Tiruye tonight in Beijing and became the first man to win both 5,00m and 10,000m by setting new Olympic record of 12:57.82 and I call this the miracle of Beijing.
Ethiopia is now on the top of the Bird's Nest two night in a row and we will finish it with win in marathon and the whole Africa should celebrate Ethiopia's win and declare this week an Ethiopian week.

The land of Abebe Bikila, Mamoe Wolde,Miruts Yefter, Fatuma Roba, Gezehane Abera, Deraretu Tulu and Haile Gebre Selasse is now on the hands of Tiruye and Kenu and I have no doubt that this amazing victory will bring many Ethiopians to follow the path of Tiruye and Kenu.

Let the celebration begins even if our beloved singer, Teddy Afro,  is in jail and let us write poems and sing. The Birds Nest which was cracked in Friday night brought Tiruye to flay in Beijing sky to deliver a letter to King Kenu to follow her and not only followed her tonight but he also carried the whole Bird's Nest in his shoulder to Ethiopia for celebration.

The first woman to win 5,000m and 10,000m in Olympics and the first man to win 5,000m and 10,000m with new Olympic record are Ethiopian heroes and the whole Africa should be proud of them.

Ethiopians should honor them also by naming their new born Tirunesh/Tiruye, Kenenisa/Kenu . What a night in Beijing !!!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Nigist/Queen Tirunesh Dibaba Has Conquered Beijing

Tedla Asfaw

The Beijing Bird's Nest was rattled tonight in Beijing and the push and shovel seemed an incentives for Ethiopian athletes to let the birds fly. On the 14th minutes of the 5,000m it all sorted out the winners and the question was who will conquer Beijing and the battle for gold started. Our Tirunesh/Tiruye controlled and led the charge and both Abeye/Hewan an Ethiopian Turkish and the defending Olympics Meseret/Mesi were almost together on the final one hundred meters and Tiruye/Tiruework took the lead followed by Mesi and finally no one was behind Tiruye and she won and became the first female athlete to double both the 5,000m and 10,000m in Olympics and by doing so she has set high the bar for future Ethiopian female athletes and no doubt in 2012 Olympics in London she will also  be the first woman to successfully defend her title.

Mesi won the bronze and no doubt the kick and shovel she got before the completion of race was a factor and you can see that at the end of the race by the pain on her face and make no mistake this day was our Tiruye's and will be remembered for a long time.

Her win is another inspiration for our Keneisa/Kenu tomorrow to do the same and be in a especial group of athletes who won gold in 5,000m and 10,000m  in Olympics, one of which is Miruts Yefter in Moscow Olympics  in 1980 which was boycotted by the West.

Kenu's attempt for the first time in Athens Olympics in 2004 fell short and I have no doubt he will crack the Bird's Nest in Beijing tomorrow night and the whole world is going to see not only double he will set a new Olympics record too like he did in 10,000m.

Who will forget Tiruye receiving a huge Ethiopian flag from Ethiopian crowd after the race and Abeye/Hewan staring at her birth country joyous crowd waving Ethiopian Flag and no one was fast enough to hand her a Turkish Flag and that was the moment my heart was broken.

What did Abey/Hewan  felt in that moment ? No one can be sure that but  her facial expression proved beyond any doubt that deep inside her if  all should  start again she will prefer to win a medal for her birth country and get that huge celebration by carrying Ethiopian Flag and join Tiruye and Messi as the jewels of Ethiopia and Africa.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lincoln Center in New York turns to Ethiopian Center

Tedla Asfaw

On a beautiful night Wednesday August 20, 2008 with mild temperature around 70 degree, low humidity front row seat as a result of staying on line starting 4PM, you will be rewarded with unbelievable experience which is only true in one of the greatest city of the world, New York City. Lincoln Center Outdoors in Manhattan was packed with humanity including those who travelled from New Jersey and as far as D.C. Bravo D.C. !!!

Their travel under high gasoline price really paid off. The music started at 6PM by Extra Golden, a Kenyan and American mixed music group and you might need interpreter to what the young singers from Bana Mayaka Nairobi's Kariobangi area for the vocal, However, the beautiful melody and the fantastic instruments were moving us all in our seats and the more than hour show was superb.

The next on stage was Alemayehi Eshete with the Either/Orchestra and his old music like "Addis Ababa Bete" was felt by many like me who believed that the music was played somewhere in Addis Ababa and you can read that from the face of Ethiopians, young and old. You do not need to know Amharic to love Alemayehu Eshete's vocal and his dance on the stage brought him many fans.

Jamaican  and Puerto Rican women who  seated behind me loved him on his dance and asking me politely  what he was saying and how comes they did not see a man of such talent right here in New York ? I told them our "Demisse Berhanu" what you call James Brown is unique in Ethiopian music and went ahead of other musicians in Ethiopia by singing like Elvis Presley and James Brown. However our Alemayehu brought his own style and elevate the vocal and dance at different level unfortunately such talent has been absent on stage for foreign audience.

Then Mahmoud Ahmed with traditional cloth brightened the stage with his famous songs "Endew Mela Mela". Mahmoud had his own fans and one of them was seating beside me. She is an American who married to an Algerian and was going back and forth to take his picture and she told me she liked him better than the previous  vocalists because his voice was soft. And she also told me that his vocal sounds like the Algerian music she is hearing home.

No doubt the audience was backing both Alemayehu and Mahmoud by clapping, singing with them combined with "Eskista" shoulder dance and after the completion of their performance the stage was prepared for Getachew Mekurya with EX.

Who believes this giant is 73 ? Not many, Getachew Mekurya with his saxophone added to the excitement of the last two and half hours  and we went to a new world of music and at this time both the Alemayehu and Mahmoud's fans on my surroundings stand up for the whole show to see this giant playing unique Ethiopian music and I was not asked any translation because there was none to translate.

Getachew Mekuria was supported by a group of fantastic band and you could have said easily that this was played by former "Keber Zebena" orchestra in Addis Ababa. However, the EX band brought the old Ethiopian style to high level here in New York City. On top of that we had a young Ethiopian man on stage who did the dance and many of the audience were shocked by his talent and we saw the high level of "Eskista" shoulder dancing and "Fukera". Glad there was no long stick "Dula" otherwise some of us might have spent the night in the police station.

We have also a white woman who played instrument and vocal in "Guragena", Ethiopian language "Aleme" and it took us a while to know if she was really singing. She did it better than some who happen to grow up in the language and that is the beauty of music.

Getchew Mekuria did not want us to go and he tried to stretch the time way beyond 10PM and that was a time we all saw Ethiopian hospitality, "Chewanet" and we thank all of  you Getachew/Geteye, Mahoud,  Alemayehu/Alex, the young  Ethiopian dancer on stage who brought more fans to Ethiopian music for his extraordinary stage dance and the EITHER/Orchestra and last but not least our Kenyan brothers for the music experience which will stay with  us for very long time.

Finally I would like also to thank WFMU, for live transmission and those who sponsor the program and bring us all together in the Damrosch Park and those far for four hours of unforgettable music experience.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ethiopians VS Ethiopians in Beijing

Tedla Asfaw

What a Friday night is going to be in Beijing ? A battle within family members for gold,silver and bronze for 5,000m. We have Meseret/Messi, Tirunesh/Tiruye, Meselech on one side and we have what I call "Ethiopian Turkeys" Alemitu and Abeye.

Whether we like it or not we are going to see many like this for future and we might lose our best athletes for foreign countries. The question here is do we have the moral high ground to question Alemitu and Abeye running for Turkey?

If some of us have been granted USA, European citizenship why should it be different for Alemitu and Abeye?

Imagine Alemitu and Abeye beating our girls. I heard one woman in D.C was rooting for Abey's race with Tiruye for 10,000m on public because "she is a refugee like many of us".

For the outside world all these are girls who look like the same and behave like the same win or lose and that is indeed true . Shy but tough, go and battle it and I will be with Mesi, Tiruye and Meselech and rooting for sweep.

                                                Go Mesi, Go Tiruye Go Meselech !!!


First Lady/Tagaye Azeb Mesfin

Tedla Asfaw

First Lady of Ethiopia or as she liked to be called Comrade/Tagaye Azeb Mesfin's  interview with Ben of on August 18 covered a lot of issues and briefly at the end of her interview she was asked if there is any hunger especially affecting children and to a surprise of all of us the answer is come and see it yourself rather than being influenced by irresponsible medias.

Tagaye Azeb is busy now as a President of Organization of African First Ladies Against Aids (OAFLA) and has no time to travel in the drought affected areas and the news that is regularly covered widely by VOA and other foreign medias for her is not  reliable news. The sad thing is that she does not want to admit the starvation and the growing number of beggars on the street in Addis all foreigners including our own "tourists" from the diaspora recognize the moment they arrive in Ethiopia.

This is pure denial Tagay Azeb and it will not go away even if you wished it. There is no accountability in Ethiopia at any level be it in politics, social and economic. You said there is an infrastructure to fight starvation and where was the alert for the famine of TPLF/EPRDF? What is wrong for the journalists to show the famine crisis unfolding and ask for international help?

The main accomplishment according to  you and other comrades/Tagayoche is making Ethiopia a land where we can speak and write what  we want and this assertion was supported by personal experience of the host Ben. He saw individuals condemning EPRDF without any repercussions on his short visit to Ethiopia and compare it to the pas, Deg time ,he said  that you need to drink alcohol/Teje to do so.

Thanks to the  "democracy" of Tagaye Azeb and Ben of Ethiopiafirst you can write and talk whatever you want with or without drink. Such rights are the first in Ethiopian history and in fact the empowering of our people by election was historical and the win by the opposition   and accepting of defeat in addis Ababa by  TPLF/EPRDF in the May 2005 election is a major accomplishment that Tagaye Azeb will be proud of.

Tagaye Azeb is representing the Wolkait/Humera area in the parliament and she should have informed us what she accomplished for the people. I heard her talking about foreign investment and supportive of those who are coming from our neighbors like Djibouti and wisely avoided the western neighbor Sudan where she spent good times of her life.

How comes you did not say a word about Humera, Welakit 's land and the current people uprising to defend it from Sudan "Investors" ? This talk of investment by foreigners becomes big after we all united against TPLF/EPRDF including some of your supporters and denounce the land your  husband sold to Sudan.

Let us not mix investment with out right sale of Ethiopian land and as a representative of the region you will be asked for it and thanks to your democracy no debate was carried out on the parliament  even if it the outcome is known fearing the Gonder  people resistance and unmasking the true face of TPLF before it accomplishes the dismemberment of Ethiopia beyond repair.

Is this the way to empower people Tagaye Azeb ? I do not believe so, one thing I like about you, however, you do like Bob Marley songs like "No woman No cry", "We should get up stand up and fight for your right". Ethiopian women are still crying and our people say no to  TPLF and we will keep on fighting until the Ethiopian people get its right. Finally would you please Tagaye Azeb release our Reggae star Teddy Afro for the love of Reggie music ? "Lambadina" is my favorite and please forgive him for some of his songs that irritates you.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Victories and Freedom for Teddy Afro !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopian athletes Meseret/Mesi the defending 5,000m and double for Tirunesh/ Tiruye will bring us gold and silver on this coming Friday for 5,000m. Our Gelete will beat the other Ethiopian Maryam who is running for Bahrain in 1,500m will get gold on Saturday while Kenenisa will bring us another 5,000m gold on Saturday and we will close it on coming Sunday with marathon gold,silver and bronze sweep for the first time in Olympics history.

Overall Ethiopia will have Six golds and four silver and one bronze and will be on the top of the African continent and let the celebration begins here and hope.

A celebration without Teddy Afro,however, is impossible and we will call for his release and all will wear "Free Teddy Afro Now" here in the Diaspora and home.

The crowd watching in big TV screen in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa will call for the release of Teddy by  singing his popular songs , "Kenenisa Anbesa" and new victory song by Teddy will be ready to receive our Athletes.


GO Messi, Go Tiruye, Go Geleti,Go Keneneisa, Go Tsegaye, Go Deriba, Go Gudisa, Go Gashaw !!!!!

Free Teddy Afro Now !!!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Keneneisa Ambessa, Sileshi Neber

Tedla Asfaw

Let Teddy Afro's "Kenenisa Ambessa" be on Ethiopian's air back home and here in the Diaspora. Sunday's night in Beijing brought the world an African domination from one to seven all Africans in 10,000mt, Kenenisa with a new Olympic record.

Kenenisa/Kenu and Sileshi come out one and two followed by two kenyans and our father/Haile following in distance as expected.

Here we go let the flag fly high in Beijing and more to come in 1500, 3000 and marathon and let us all sing Kenneisa Ambessa what a Sunday.

                                      Kenenisa Ambessa

                                       Sileshi Neber

                                       Haile Abatachene

                           Ye Ethiopia Ligoche Yebarkacheue !!!


Friday, 15 August 2008

Is Arsi for sale too?

Tedla Asfaw

After the victory of Tirunesh Dibaba in 10,000 meter  in a new Olympics record in Beijing Friday night(August 15) exactly eight days from the opening of the Olympics the world is again reminded of the Athletics glory of Ethiopians in long distances that started with Abebe Bikila in the 1960s.

Most of the dominant runners in the last twenty years, however,come from Arsi and the world is now focusing why Arsi has produced star athletes like Haile, Derartu, Fatuma, Kinenesa and Tirunesh and many on the pipe line. Its high altitude and famous in producing wheat and Ethiopian Teff which is full of iron are considered as the main factor for Ethiopian domination

Here in USA many cereals are fortified with iron and we have not seen long distance runners like Ethiopian and Kenyan caliber. Kenyan main staple is corn and the "Teff" factor can easily be ruled out in the short term, however, we should still be open for future research if Ethiopia's teff is still a factor.

Sadly this teff which is the staple of millions of Ethiopians is now beyond the rich of Ethiopians and is in fact  exported here in USA and in Middle east and Europe in alarming rate by merchants who are connected with the regime  for foreign currency. There is also large tracts of land leased for foreigners for their own crop production and the case of Saudi Arabia is one  among many.

A regime that confiscated food producing lands from farmers to produce flower for cash, that export "teff" while our country is begging international community to save lives of millions starving Ethiopians, that out right sale large areas of arable land for Sudan for money can do whatever it wants and nothing is impossible including Arsi the birth place of our heroes.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Free from Isaias

Tedla Asfaw

I followed the discussion Addisvoice (AV) editor Ato Abebe Gelaw, Addisdimts host Ato Abebe Belew, Ethiopian Review Editor (ER) Ato Elias Kifle and  EMF editor Ato Kiflu had last Saturday on Addis Dimts Radio and I agreed with AV editor  analysis that rejects Isaias' role in playing as a "uniter of Ethiopia" claimed by Ato Elias Kifle.

The moment I saw the OLF leadership crisis posted on ER (July 31) I posted on Addis Voice Blog and other sites calling for an independent OLF from Isaias and Elias asked me to pull the piece because it is a wrong analysis.

I argued with him to post it on his site  for the public to debate and he informed me that this is not an issue for debate and I do really understand now from the discussion on (August 10) which is posted on which I recommend for all to listen that Ato Elias Kifle indeed believes that Ethiopians freedom is only to come through Isaias of Eritrea.

I do believe like the three of you in the discussion that tyranny in Asmara is not capable to bring stable and united Ethiopia claimed by Elias Kifle



Saturday, 2 August 2008

OLF free from Isaias is good for Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Who does not want an independent Oromo organization? The answer is simple Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworki. After the fall of Derg they both courted OLF to do their dirty job in the name of Oromo people and start a Rwanda type massacre and failed to materialize because ordinary Oromos do not have an enemy called Amhara.

The honeymoon between OLF and Meles lasted only two years and OLF refused to be a toy for TPLF. Oromos and OLF have paid a heavy price for that and none other than TPLF's prison are a proof for that. Young and elderly Oromos are now languishing in jail accused of OLF members and symphathtizers.

Eritrea's strong leader Isaias who has ambition to be the ruler of Horn of Africa also have great capital on OLF and Oromo people and could not bridge the gap between OLF and TPLF before himself went to war with TPLF in 1998. Since then he is hosting many exiled Oromos and giving support for OLF like currently is doing for Somalis' ICU.

Meles is now accusing OLF as a tool of Isaias his archenemy and condemn any one associated with it to be jailed. We remember the dichotomy of "Isat/fire" and 'Weha/water" Isaias was accused, mixing and sending Oromos and those Meles characterize as the enemy of Oromos to destabilize Ethiopia on his parliament speech.

The OLF current crisis within the leadership has to be seen from the strategic interest of Isaias and Melse. The number one loser is Isaias because his desire to control OLF at close range has backfired. The letter out from Asmara on July 31, 2008 looks like someone who is not familiar with  Oromo names. The names of some of the accused like "Leeco " will give us some clue who is behind this division of OLF at the leadership level. This is just repeating what Isaias did few months ago on the exiled leadership of Somalis' ICU dividing the movement and chasing those he did not like.

Another loser is of course Meles Zenawi because OLF freed itself from Isaias and can join hands with other Ethiopian oppositions and wage the struggle for free Ethiopia where one man/woman has one vote and no one is persecuted for coming from any ethnic group.

Both Isaias and Meles are not  friends of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and their strategic goal is to divide Oromo and Amhara and rule their different kingdom forever. Ethiopian oppositions should capitalize on the current new development within OLF and support the force within OLF that freed itself from Isaias and form a united front to challenge the conspiracy of Meles and Isaias who are accountable for foreign powers, West and Arabs.