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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Why not Sheikh Mohammad H.Al-Amoudi invest also to bring democratic Ethiopia?

Tedla Asfaw
I watched ten parts of video clips posted on about the billionaire, the worlds eighties according to the Forbes Magazine, Sheik AL-Amoudi who invested  heavily in Ethiopia and  hired more than 15,000 workers.
Sheik Al-Amoudi investments are not purely on profit basis in Ethiopia but to establish a ground work for future generations who will follow such experience and also attract foreign investments according to the director who manages most of his investments in Ethiopia.
Living in foreign country  and following the news daily I know investment requires stability of a country to attract or keep its domestic educated power locally  and our country failed to establish these  basic requirements.
A big country like Ethiopia, its problems demand mobilisation of its brain power with the capital investment like Sheik AL-Amoudi and I have no doubt in my mind that Sheik Al-Amoudi could have  achieved exponentially than the one we are seeing now in Ethiopia if we have a stable political atmosphere in Ethiopia.
News according to VOA Amharic this week, more than eighty percent of medical doctors left Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Airlines skilled technicians and high level managers are fleeing to the Arab countries for better payment and if we do not tackle these problems head on what ever investments the Sheik made for his country will not pull us from backwardness.
For every Ethiopian he financed to study abroad there are twice or more that number not going back to Ethiopia after the completion of their study and many running away from Ethiopia on every chance they got.
Sheik Al-Amoudi is a good and liked man by those who directly got assistance from him and for the thousands who got their paycheck from his company.  I have no reason to hate him even if he supported the TPLF regime and not used his money power to convince the regime to respect the rule of law which is the corner stone of politics in many other countries the Sheik invested in billions of dollars.
I would like Sheik Al-Amoudi to be a bridge between the opposition parties and the regime and facilitate peaceful transition to the rule of law because the current situation in Ethiopia is not sustainable for much long and the unemployed thousands in our cities and the unbearable living condition  for millions and the desire to live in a democratic country witnessed by the May 2005 election will all bring change peacefully or otherwise.
To be honest with you why not Sheik Al-Amoudi run for office himself or be neutral rather than give support for the bankrupt regime of Melese Zenaw who is hated by Ethiopians and on the way tarnish his image of a good hearted billionaire on par with Billionaire Bill Gate.
The highest medal Sheik Mohammad H.Al-Amoudi received from Melese Zenawi on our millennium/Esra Meete celebration last September will be nothing compared to the love he will get from millions of our people if he uses his investment power  and stand with the people to establish a democratic system in Ethiopia.

Monday, 29 October 2007

War to replace Isayas of Eritrea is a war to extend TPLF's rule

Tedla Asfaw
The TPLF pending war against Isayas of Eritrea like the current occupation of Somalia should not get Ethiopians support because there is nothing we will get from this adventure and opposition parties at home and Diaspora should come open and articulate their position. 
TPLF's war of regime change to install a puppet in Asmara is to revive the "Tygrai Tigrente" or "Greater Tigray"  an old British colonialist blue print as escape route to "holy land", "Greater Tigray" on the eventual collapse of TPLF.
Personalities like Ato Abraham Yaye recently on Hager Fiker Radio accused the "Amharas" for bombing "Ayeder" in Tigray ten years ago to divide "Tigreans" on opposites side of the Mereb River.
This war of regime change  against Eritrea will be billed for international community as a war on terror similar to the last Christmas Somalia invasion and eventual occupation by TPLF forces which galvanized all Somalis and say no to TPLF occupation and today the resignation of the prime minister Gedi is a sign of more trouble to come.
Melese Zenawi's TPLF by establishing a puppet in Asmara will try to deny safe heaven for opposition political activities and as we saw it in Ogaden this is hard to achieve because most of the problems including the Ogaden and the Oromo uprising are not Isayas creations and it will not be going away with his ouster. The only tangible benefit for TPLF might be few more years to hold on to power by diverting attention from its political and economic crisis at home.
The Tigray people survival rest with the rest of the Ethiopian people and opening the road from Mekele to Asmara will not bring any economical benefit to the people and the only "economical" benefit  for the regime is to secure the use of Asab in a long term lease with friendly Eritrea.
Ethiopians should not die for this war and have not forgotten the huge sacrifice they made in the Badme war more than ten year ago and only to extend the life of the regime, on its wary to crush many patriotic Ethiopians like Seye Abraha  under the cover of "Bonapartism" and still the two regimes are facing each other, this time one of them has to go and for the good of Ethiopia and Eritrea both regimes have to be replaced with the popular uprising of their own people.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Passionate call for all Ethiopians at home and in exile

Tedla Asfaw
This past weekend(Oct 20/21)  for the first time I heard by the visiting Kinijit delegates important policy speeches than the usual apologetic speeches to assure us that Kinijit is one and undivided.
Judge Birtukan Medekssa on twenty minutes speech to the crowd in Minneapolis this past Sunday spoke about the spirit of the Miazia 30, May 2005 huge demonstration for a change which angered the EPRDF and accused Kinijit as anti-Tigreans who wanted to bring the rule of "Amharas".
This ethnic card has been with TPLF since its inception and became the bedrock of its policy to solve the question of nationalties and convinced movements like OLF and ONLF  to work with the regime,early in the 1990s,  until they found  that the regime is worst than the previous dictators and paying only lip service to the question of nationalities and wanted to replace them by its own  loyal wings, we call it " Gebare " in Amharic.
As Judge Birtukan clearly articulated we should oppose all who are trampling on group as well as individual rights of our citizens be it in the name of group rights by the TPLF wings of Oromo or Somali or the Diaspora Ethiopian opposition  movements who fail miserably to organize on multi-ethnic fashion and do not see eye to eye with the many Oromo and Somali exiles here in North America.
The nationalist movements should be allowed to organize and operate freely and article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution which incorporates the right to secede should not be used as a cover to deny these movements their legal right to mobilize their people without violating the individual right of all the citizens. Here in the Diaspora we have to organize joint rallies with Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Tigrayan  and others based on the spirit of Kinijit  we witnessed in multi-ethnic Addis Ababa two years ago.
Diaspora movements like "Hibret" and mainly EPRP had made it clear that they  would not talk with any nationalist movements before they accept to live under one Ethiopia. This Ultimatum is a failed policy and the best option is to accept both the individual and group rights of Ethiopians and give time for the suspicion among the elites to work out on their differences without ultimatum.
The argument Judge Birtukan Medekssa brought by citing the last Badme war which took the lives of seventy thousands or more people billed for us as the border war based on the treaty  made by Menelik and Italy almost two hundred years ago would make future wars to make borders be  catastrophic of unimaginable proportion if we go on and try to delineate new borders to partition Ethiopia based on the aspiration of the nationalist movements.
Judge Birtukan Medekssa's call for the nationalist movements in Minneapolis, a city where large populations of Oromos and Somalis resided out of Ethiopia is appropriate. If OLF and ONLF leaders and others who care about fellow brothers and sisters in Minneapolis,  Ogaden or Oromia they should convince all Ethiopians that they are not fighting TPLF to establish a new independent republic but rather to live as equals with  other Ethiopians .
The ethnic card of Melese as Judge Birtukan alluded on her speech had impacts in the Diaspora and many Tigreans and others see Kinijit as a party of Amhara, Gurages and Orthodox Christians and this perception partly is also encouraged by sites/ KIC who are preaching hate in the name of kinijit and  as the  protector of Ethiopian unity like that of Mengistu Haile Mariam and a lot of hard work remained in the Diaspora to fight such dangerous anti-Kinijit spirit.
OLF and ONLF haters are not known individually associating with the Oromos and Somalis for that matter and their noise is always in the name of Ethiopia and such empty rhetoric should be challenged in our everyday routine by our own exemplary character.
It is indeed was very important for Judge Birtukan Medekssa to bring the story of a young writer ninety years ago from Adwa/Tigray who wrote about government role under the multi-ethnic Ethiopia   advising Haile Selasse the" Amhara" ruler.
However, Ethiopian leaders are not learning from this young author as we witnessed in the past one hundred years of the sad story of power in Ethiopia and the current rulers are following on the foot steps of their predecessors divide and rule, ethnic as well as religious, until they are forced out from power.
I hope nationalist movements should also learn from the  EPLF/ Eritrean Nationalist movement who was not only fought more than thirty years  to liberate its people from the "Amhara" domination but kill also individual rights of its citizens in the last sixteen years after "liberation" which led to a call  "Marigne Ethiopia",  forgive me Ethiopia and for many to flee independent Eritrea.
We are all in this huge country called Ethiopia and we should reflect that here in the Diaspora as passionately articulated by Judge Birtukan Medekssa's  twenty minutes speech  and correct our antagonistic and suspicious relationship with  fellow Ethiopians based on the origin of ethnicity and let us dismantle this barrier and come together on the matters that concerned the well being of fellow Ethiopians. 

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Kill HR 2003 and Save Our Boys!!

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma on the US Senate floor plead  for twelve minutes for fellow senators to reject the HR2003 bill overwhelmingly passed on the House floor on October 2 according to the senator by many congressmen and women who even do not know where Ethiopia is on the world map and proud  himself as the most travelling and informed senate in African affairs.
He said the terrorists from the Middle east are now squeezed and immigrating to the Horn and on the last year offensive on Somalia, Ethiopian soldiers stood with us and sacrificed a lot and he said "They did it for us".
Taking into account the national security interest of USA the  recently established East African Brigade which is headquartered in Ethiopia will be a basis for future American Soldiers after the disaster in the Middle East and he urged the senators not to damage the relationship with Melese Zenawi of Ethiopia. Let me ask the senator, if American base is closed in Saudi Arabia for not attracting "extremists" and harm USA ally the Saudi Royal family, why will our poor Ethiopial be different?
Ethiopia which he said the only uncolonized African country is now a strong ally/colony of America thanks to Melese Zenawi by estabishing military base and wage unwinnable war in Somalia, Ogaden  and currently is preparing for a regime change war in Eritrea  and destabilize our region .
The East African Brigade is an instrument of USA to wage war to control the destiny of African people and the unelected regime of Ethiopia is giving cheap service by sacrificing our poor people and the senator call to kill HR2003 bill before he goes to Addis Ababa and present it as gift to his friend Melese Zenawi is an insult to all Ethiopians and has future damaging consequence for the  American and Ethiopian people.
Diaspora Ethiopians currently bickering on power struggle in opposition party, the OLF, ONLF and other Ethiopians have to stage a huge demonstration in Washington D.C and tell the US senators to ignore senator James Inhofe and vote yes for HR2003 which will guarantee security for both the Ethiopian and American people.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Kinijit burial ceremony in North America

Tedla Asfaw
The Miazia 30 /May 2005 millions of Ethiopians rally in Addis Ababa for a change which culminates by voting overwhelmingly for Kinijit party which led for thousands to be jailed and more than hundreds to be killed by TPLF security forces  was crushed by jailing the leadership of Kinijit two year ago.
The Kinijit we know with all its problems mainly from uncompromising behavior of politicians that has been common in the last forty years of Ethiopian politics shows its ugly face in yesterday's meeting in Washington D.C. called for the support of Engineer Hailu Shawel's  led Kinijit, two year old party, by KIC.
In more than one and half hour of speech  chaired by Dr. Taye Woldesemayate choreographed by whistle blowers and cheering crowd, Engineer Hailu, Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigest Gebrehiwote made a funeral speech for all of us to hear.
We know Kinijit party has been sick since Ato Lidetu Ayalew  run away two years ago with his friends and Kinijit leadership was thrown to Kaliti jail/clinic for "treatment" by Kaliti Doctors and finally were released as outpatient by the struggle of Ethiopian people both at home and abroad.
Since our new year the hope of the recovery turns in to worst and  Dr. Taye in his ten minutes speech yesterday compared the division/sickness in Kinijit to the bloody fight between Isayas of Asmara and Melese of Addis Ababa that left hundred thousand to perish.
Engineer Hailu proclaimed a new alliance with "Hibret" which had long term connection with  Dr. Taye the Diaspora leader of KIC which is supported by many of the "Hibret" supporters  and  many showed up to throw their support behind the new Kinijit and "Hibret" alliance.
Is this the alliance of convenience like the one we have seen many times and will finally  died out? we will see that but one thing is sure  this not the alliance that reflect the Ethiopian peoples demand which forced the formation of Kinijit in 2005, "Tebabero Weyeme Tesebaberu" that mentioned again by Weizero Nigist Gebehiwote ten minutes speech.
After the  burial of Kinijit in North America the burial ceremony in Ethiopia will be conducted by the TPLF and unofficially Ato Bediru Adem and Weizero Nigesat Gebrehiwote had a chance on Reporter/TPLF media to inform  Ethiopians the undemocratic nature of the touring Kinijit Five delegates by abandoning their leader, "Nebe Yaleawarawe" and the end of Kinijt the Ethiopian people voted.
Ato Bediru Adem's comical approach to the problem was given half hour yesterday to amuse the crowd what was not comical however was "we will crush them" declaration on the end of his speech and what Ato Bediru crushed yesterday is our peoples hope by coming long way here to participate on the burial ceremony of Kinijit.
The solution for the problem given by Engineer Hailu is for us here to organize in small groups forming cells and debate our future  and for his new party Kinijit and "Hibrete" we can call it "Hibrekin" will carry the torch to liberate our people without firing a gun with the help of the rural Ethiopian farmer/Gebere, this sounds like the Ethiopian farmer is hundred percent with us of EPRDF.
What will the Ethiopian people do about the death of its two year old party ? in a country the freedom to speak, write and gather is punishable we will not hear the voice of the people except the propaganda spreading from different corners who failed us miserably. As regard to the formation of a new party "HebreKin" I will say "Melke Tefu Besem Yedegefu" and sadly Ethiopians bright hope is once again crushed not only by TPLF but by selfish individuals wearing Kinijit's cap and abused their votes and trust.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Kinijit to "Kinenet" can it make a difference?

Tedla Asfaw
Kinijit is one of the most frequently used names in Ethiopia since 2005 and I wonder how many parents gave this name to their children. The Kinijit party might be forced to find other name to get "legalization" according to Engineer Hailu Shawel and I suggest the new name to be" Kinenet ".
The current crisis which evolves around individuals in the leadership of Kinijit is getting worst day by day because of accountability and openness, Kinijit leadership lacks "Kinenet".
On Swiss paltak (October 9) Engineer Hailu promised Kinijit will resolve its difference in Addis Ababa and the Diaspora supporters fear of the division of Kinijit is unfounded and Kinijit if it has to change name to be legalized it will change name. I hope they will consider 'Kinenet" as one of the contestants.
Kinijit is a party formed as  a result of popular struggle which forced many splintered opposition groups  to unite and  unseat TPLF in 2005 election and such movement with in short time have won the hearts and minds of million supporters.
However, in the last two years while the leadership was in prison groups who were organizing support in Diaspora in the name of Kinijit formed two warring groups which received the visiting delegates separately and now openly Kinijit is divided as pro-Hailu and the other one as pro the "Fives".
The last Thursday visit  by Judge Birtukan and Dr. Hailu Araya to Engineer Hailu in Minneapolis was a short " Enkoane Yemarewo" and the "Shiemeglena" by Dr. Fikre Tolessa was just a news for Engineer Hailu and he has never met a man called Dr. Fikre.
I hope Dr. Fikre Tolessa will elaborate on what happened last Thursday and if the "Shimagelis" met associates of Engineer Hailu only it should be said so and we should not be told story according to Engineer Hailu Shawel which is not true.
Engineer Hailu's promise of solving  internal leadership crisis when we even could not agree on what is said few days ago clearly shows the Engineer and his associates lack "KInenet" and  his  faction might prevail in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia gravely wounded.
One thing is sure many like myself are disappointed by many of interviews Engineer Hailu gave as a leader and even if his supporters will come as victors in the party fight in Ethiopia Kinijit we know in the 2005 is gone for good and  new name like "Kinenet " I suggest will remain only a good name with no substance at all.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Home Run for Team Ethiopia

Tedla Asfaw
Today is a historic day for Ethiopians struggle even if  we did not see many Ethiopians in the streets of Addis Ababa or in foreign streets celebrating because of the past month traumatizing experience here in the Diaspora, many people were forced to avoid politics as much as they can.
Back home in Ethiopia where people are not allowed to show their feeling it is not expected for the Ethiopians to come out and celebrate the passing of HR2003 today in the USA House of Congress unanimously.
The Diaspora king makers are wasting their valuable time last month on who will be the next king or queen of Ethiopia and they were caught off guard today and some of them avoid to put on their site what happened today in the House entirely.
The avoid the testimony of Dr. Birhanu Nega and Judge Birtukan Medikssa because they are "illegally" representing Kinijit maybe without the blessing of the chairman Engineer Hailu who is now recovering in the Hospital.
The testimony by Dr. Birhanu and Judge Birtukan Medekssa will indeed be a forceful weapon to convince some wavering senators when the bill goes to their floor to get a veto proof majority and  becomes a law.
We are grateful to the American democracy where the voice of the voiceless millions Ethiopians heard today and the time of exercising our God given right to speak and live freely in our own country is indeed one inch closer thanks to the HR2003  for which many Ethiopians and foreigners  worked hard to reach the floor.