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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Shabia and TPLF Western Sponsored New Alliance !!!!!

Tedla Asfaw

Who is giving order for the Eritrean Colonel Fitsum  to hand over EPPF without any fight to TPLF ? The only opposition groups I know who rejected taking orders from Asmara are the Somali opposition leaders of Somalia who fled to Asmara after the invasion of their country by USA contracted TPLF in Christmas 2005/6.

Asmara's ambition of creating another TPLF/EPRDF had been creating havoc in all opposition movements who got "shelter" in Asmara for some time. The likes of General Kemal Gelchu who defected after the killing of Ethiopians for rejecting TPLF in the 2005 stolen election  and now Colonel Tadesse of EPPF are few among many victims.

I strongly believe and which is now also confirmed by WikiLeak a plot to overthrow Isaias and put pro TPLF regime in Asmara is underway. Only a new alliance of Meles led TPLF and a regime replacing Asmara by another warlord will start the failed policy of looting Ethiopia  under the domination of Tigrayans in both side of the Mereb River.

Eritreans has already moving in large numbers to Ethiopia as refugees and are allowed to take the benefit of all that is in short supply for Ethiopians, food, work,education  and shelter.

Is this not the beginning of the new alliance designed by West to marginalize the Ethiopian masses by bringing the tyrants of Asmara and Ethiopia  together for long hold on power to "stabilize"the Horn of Africa for Westerns interest and foreign exploitation of their natural resources.

It still is not too late to understand the coming danger and for Ethiopian oppositions in Asmara do something before their movement is handed over to TPLF without any fight. Elias Kifle editor of the Ethiopian Review diagonalized the problem accurately on his latest piece Dec. !7. But his prescription will not save the patient/oppositions only gives them few months or year to survive.

It is time to attack the problem before it spreads beyond the Mereb River. It is only a united struggle free from Shabia and TPLF control that will give us our liberty. The  new Western made bridge between TPLF and Shabia is not a freedom bridge it is a bridge to slave the proud people of Ethiopia for years to come.