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Monday, 20 June 2011

Open Letter to Professor Jendayi Frazer !!!!!

Professor Jendayi Frazer
Department of Social and Decision Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Professor/Ambassador Frazer,

I attached my piece on the "Land Grab" in Ethiopia I posted on Ethiopian websites which is the number one issue as that of human right in Ethiopia with this letter. The last time I talked to you on the phone was in 2005 when you were a guest on Straight Talk Africa program as U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs under the Bush Administration.

You agreed with me then about the human right violation following the stolen election of 2005 by the Ethiopian regime. I can assure you that after five years that "election" is totally robbed by Meles Zenawi dictatorial regime by 99.6 percent "victory". Public rallies and the "Civil Societies" you alluded on your recent RT appearance is non existent and illegal in Ethiopia.

On Cross Talk, "Africa Grab" on RT on the weekend you endorsed most of the African tyrants except Zimbabwe. Did you hear Secretary Clinton speech on "neocolonialism" and African tyrants to listen to their people on her visit to Africa this month ? Who is right, you or Secretary Clinton. ? What Secretary Clinton got on her visit to Ethiopia is blackout and volcanic ash. Had Meles Zenawi was a democrat, Clinton could have stayed few days more to visit Ethiopian "Civil Societies". It was just a good excuse to run away from unpleasant dictator who got his legitimacy by taking photos with G8/G20 leaders.

Millions of Ethiopians are going to bed empty thanks to the "last decade development" under Meles Zenawi which you also endorsed on the RT program. I wonder if you had known going to bed empty. Families are feeding children in shift. This is what West financed and China/Eastern investment partner is doing to millions of Ethiopians. Beside Meles Zenawi and his close allies have billions of dollar in West/Asian banks. The 8.4 billion US dollar is just part of the story that was discovered under UNDP study. Ethiopia is robbed on day light by unaccountable regime. No Civil Society to cry for that !!!!

I did appreciate your stand in keeping African farmers on their land. Diaspora is mobilizing to denounce India and Saudi Arabia the major land grabbers in Ethiopia. For the so called "Civil Society" you alluded in Africa I can tell you honestly what we have in Ethiopia is "Terrorized society".

It is up to Ethiopians to rise up and overthrow the Meles' tyranny, I hope then we will talk about the role of Civil Society.


Tedla Asfaw

New York City