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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Birhanu Kebede, the first casualty of TPLF in London !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The London TPLF representative/Ambassador Birhanu Kebede's job is in danger. I met my old neighbor of Aware while he was  a councilor for the Derg Embassy in Brussels in  1980s. The last time I met him was in New York in early 1990s when he was organizing the new office for TPLF.

Birhanu Kebede was a fun loving guy and well dressed handsome man and all who grew up in Aware agree with me on this characterization. He was not known for participating on student protests like his generations. After graduated in political science he worked for foreign affairs. I am not sure if he ever boycotted classes in Addis Ababa University and most likely he graduated on time which is rare.

The last time I heard about him was when he became the London Ambassador of TPLF. Since then I followed his speeches and regular letters he wrote to defend the regime. I send him a letter denouncing his service to the regime and understandably he never answered my email. I try to encourage him to abandon the regime following its electoral defeat exactly four years ago in May 2005.

Last month,however, was a very difficult  time for him in London. The secret meeting he called with the order of Berekt Simon to prepare a  welcoming rally for Meles' April 2 G20 gathering was a disaster. Brave Ethiopians foiled this conspiracy and since then life for Birhanu Kebede has been downhill. According to   Finote Radio of April 12, Birhanu Kebede was insulted by both Berekt Simon and Melses Zenawi and his days in London are numbered.

 Birhanu Kebede's service for TPLF has only brought the biggest anti-TPLF rally in the Diaspora and he is now blamed for not alerting this coming danger and  organize a pro-TPLF rally. What happen to those young students who are studying in Europe under government scholarship ? Why he did not call them  to show up to welcome Meles Zenawi and if he  can not organize this then he is not needed by Meles and he will be soon called to return to Addis Ababa. The news of Finote Radio is not far from the truth.

There will not be any foreign post job for Birahnau Kebede and life after many years of living in comfort will soon be over. I am sure his family will not return to Ethiopia being demoted to start a new life in Addis Ababa. One thing Birahnu Kebede will not do is ask for asylum in London. Using his long years of contact in Europe he will find a quite place out of a public and the next time you might hear about him maybe to serve the coming new administration in Ethiopia after TPLF.

On Hagerfiker Radio program of the  April 2 G20 meeting , Birhanu Kebede did his best to paint his prime minister as a man well respected by all foreign leaders and however such statement is just too little and too late. The next loyal person for London is already on the way and Birhanu Kebede is out for good.