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Monday, 27 April 2009

TPLF's Miazia Coup,not Ginbot 7 !!

Tedla Asfaw

The video clip from Ethiopian TV in Miazia (April), displayed guns, ammunition, foreign currencies,computers and  camping gears allegedly confiscated from the coup plotters of Birhanu Nega's led party of Ginbot 7. The timing of this fabricated coup, TPLF's Miazia Coup  follows the same past trends.

Among the many fabricated anti-TPLF plots here are some of them. When TPLF was rejected by the masses on May 15, 2005 the genocide accusation of Kinijit followed immediately and when that accusation did not make sense for TPLF financiers USA and UK, it was  turned as "throwing the regime" by mass uprising coined as "Yegodana Newte".

Many leaders of Kinijit were thrown for almost two years and because of the relentless lobbying and protest on the Western streets by Ethiopians the regime has to release the opposition leaders and face saving formula was coordinated by the elders and all of the leaders were released.

After the release of Kinijit leaders, and the formation of Ginbot 7 as one of the factions of Kinijit we haven't heard about Ginbot 7as a threat for TPLF until now. In fact for the many bombings in Addis Ababa, Shabia supported OLF was blamed. Many educated Oromos were arrested for terrorism activities and this new accusation of Ginbot 7 what makes it different according to the TPLF media, it is ordered from Western cities and Shabia was not implicated on this accusations.

This is not by accident. Those who are preparing this fake coup could not find a clip where Dr. Birhanu Nega, the leader of Ginbot 7 travelling to Asmara to "accept order". They have to prepare their fabricated coup without Shabia.

Who will forget the invasion of Somalia to distract us from the May 2005 election's aftermath , and the killing of more than two hundred people,  thousand jailed and the Diaspora well organized call for freedom and democracy that exposed Western double standard.

In the Somali invasion, the Islamic Court was accused in organizing a coup too. "The TPLF after it found the clue for the "coup" it has no choice but to go to Somalia and dismantle it ". The fabricated story of Shabia foot soldiers and generals evaporated after the occupation of Somalia and we didnot see any of them killed or captured except Eritrean journalists. The victims were Somalis and Oromo refugees.

Why they picked on Ginbot 7, a young organization this time not OLF, ONLF or Arbegna ? When it comes to ONLF they believed ONLF is finished after assassination of its leader and when it comes to OLF they believed OPDO has full control of Oromia after killing the OLF commander. The Arbegna they believed is busy fighting among themselves.

The fear for TPLF is mass uprising by Ethiopians. The Ethiopia Revolution of Yekatit 66 was the combination of many factors which we see in making under the current TPLF tyranny. Life for ordinary people is unbearable, the young unemployed wasted their time chewing chat or standing by streets and the army sacrifice for both Badme ten years ago and recently in Somalia, wars to keep TPLF in power by fabricating fake Nationalism in both cases angered the veterans. The Ethiopian army is frustrated by the people in power and for their sacrifices unrecognized.

Why do Ethiopians need Ginbot 7 or other organizations for mass uprising ? Did we wait for a party to help us the popular uprising thirty five years ago ? The popular upheaval is the natural way of releasing frustration and that is now what is building in Ethiopia. TPLF is isolated and the only way it can stay in power is by making stories like the Gibot 7 coup and stage a circus.

This new circus is well set up until the next fake election of 2010. Ethiopians will witness court circus and TPLF will win in landslide for 2010. "Yeleba Giriger Le Kemagne Yemetchal", translated  "self made anarchy is good for the real thieves". The one who plotted the Gibot 7 coup is TPLF in Miazia/April for the purpose of stealing the coming fake election of 2010.