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Monday, 15 February 2010

Urgent Global Fund Raising to Bring Change in Ethiopia !!!

Dear Toronto AEUP Supporters,

I would like to salute you for bringing Sun Shine in this gloomy winter in North America. Ethiopians in New York and its surrounding regions have been hibernating for many winters, and some  in fact are "whispering" that there are more "Woyanes" in our Metropolitan region, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut than other similar regions where Ethiopians reside..

It has been awhile we come together to stand with our people. The last time I remember we come together is less than fifty people to receive Eng. Hailu in secretly called meeting  two years ago which I was invited by a friend. I also remember the energy, when we came to support AAPO in thousands and raise huge money. Some of the people who organized those fund raising  since then have gone to Ethiopia for their better "life" and comfortable retirement.

Many who happen to stay here and struggle have personal animosity towards each other which has nothing to do with the struggle home. No wonder, it is very hard to disprove, that most Ethiopians in our region are "Woyane supporters", "Hode Aderes". Most Ethiopians, however, are distancing themselves from the struggle after the Kinijit spirit was sucked from their lungs thanks to the division of Kinijit and the animosity that has followed.

This Kinijit breakdown created also  good opportunity for some "Hode Aderese"  to go back home and build their home for future retirement. Such selfish Ethiopians sadly are represented in high  percentage in our region. This is very embarrassing for few of us who are trying our best to be the voice of the voiceless in all avenues, rally, radio, TV, paltalk and Internet.

However, your fund raising  this month  and the Global Fund Raising Fund you suggested on your Paltalk yesterday is very crucial for many Ethiopians who believe in AEUP led struggle of organized people, free debate and free rally to repeat May 2005 on which AEUP played the leading role. This is only possible if we stand with AEUP and walk the talk. Such fund raising will make those of us here and many others to give money which is a burning issue for AEUP right now. I suggest if such fund raising to be conducted electronically and sent to AEUP immediately.

I hope you will organize effective and easy way of sending money that will involve a large population of our community. I and many of my friends are ready to use our credit cards when you are ready. The Toronto exemplary action  indeed has brought sunshine in a gloomy  North America where large Ethiopians reside.

I commend all of you for your leadership. I  would like to tell you that I am very proud of you for standing with Ethiopian people by supporting AEUP. I  can assure you  that for the remaining one hundred days before the election, we can raise  one million dollar from ten thousand Ethiopians, it is only one dollar a day, Yes we Can  !!!


                                                                                                                              Tedla Asfaw