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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Congratulatory letter to Seye Abraha

Dear Seye Abraha,

I just finished reading nine pages speech by you  on Medrek gathering, estimated to be six thousands, at Mekelle Municipality last Sunday. The speech was one of the best I heard from former TPLF leaders. I wish you made such speech when you joined the UDJP few months ago. On that speech I congratulate Dr. Negasso Gidada while demanding more from you on my piece, "Well come Dr. Negasso Gidada and we are waiting for the arrival of Seye Abraha". I am happy  your plane touched at the Mekelle Municipality safely last Sunday. Well come home Ato Seye Abraha.

I have respect for you and I saluted you when you came out of jail after separated from your family for more than six years. I wish you success on whatever political platform you wish to serve your  country. I wish Medrek and AEUP  work in collaboration than adversarial because the only one will benefit from such division is none other than the TPLF gangs.


                                                                                   Tedla Asfaw