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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pre Election Terror should be condemned by all !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

The killing in Tigray of a Medrek candidate last this past Monday is an Election Terror ninety days before a planned election. Meles Zenawi who declared five years ago Interhawe for his supporters to start a war Tigrayans VS others after he lost election and failed miserably and is now calling Tigrayans to kill each other for him to stay on power. His cadres answered and spilled blood when we are celebrating the Adwa victory in Adwa.

He started an election terror early this time and the killing of Aregawi Gebre Medhin and injuring other candidate gravely is the beginning of  an election terror.

AEUP president Eng. Hailu Shawel previously informed us one killing in Gonder a member and  now the Medrek candidate killing should not be seen in isolation. It is our death by all definition. The death of Medrek candidate and AEUP member are both to chase away opponents way before election starts.

Both are the attempt to kill us separately because TPLF thinks Medrek and AEUP will not stand together. Big miscalculation !!!!It is time for AEUP and Medrek to denounce these killings in unison. Gebru, Seye, Beyene, Merara, Gizachew and Hailu have to stand together to fight the killers by mobilizing the  masses.

Indifference to loss of life is unacceptable. Those who died were killed for organizing their supporters and if the leaders of Medrek and AEUP are not standing together they will be losers.

I urge the diaspora supporters of these parties  not to look for an scapegoat, Hailu Shawel, for TPLF killing. This is not Medrek VS AEUP it is the killers VS those who are organizing their constituencies peacefully.

AEUP made it clear way before this killing that it will only be part of a transparent election. If not it will not participate to give legitimacy to the killers.

I am encouraged that Medrek's leadership is now turning three hundred sixty degree that boycotting of this election is a possibility. Organized boycotting by AEUP and Medrek has to be explored immediately.

                                        Unite and defend our people !!!