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Friday, 23 April 2010

Save Araya Tesfamariam !!!!

Dear UNHCR representative in New Delhi,

I was shocked to hear the sad news of Journalist Araya Tesfamariam on an update piece (April 22) by Solidarity Committee For Ethiopian Political Refuges (SOCEPR) who is now on the bed side of his sick daughter in New Delhi hospital where his fourteen year old is going treatment for life saving situation. The worst thing for a father is to be attacked severely at this moment by the Ethiopian government send thugs and left to die. This is beyond cruelty, killing father and daughter !!!!

The Ethiopian regime thugs are now following  Araya Tesfamariam even in New Delhi hospital basement to harass and threaten him to be deported to  finish him off. Where is UNHCR which is established to save political refugees like Araya Tesfamariam who is now the number one enemy of the Ethiopian regime marked for death for using his paper to educate the  Ethiopian public before he went to exile ?

I myself  a parent of three young children can not keep quiet when another Ethiopian parent is suffering in New Delhi. This is an extraordinary parent who stood for justice beyond his immediate concern of his family like most of us. He could have served the regime and lead a comfortable life like many others.

Such brave Ethiopian journalists are many in exile and they deserve protection. I ask your office to save Journalist Araya Tesfamariam  from being deported to Ethiopia with the help of the new Delhi Administration where he will surely face torture and death.


                                                             Tedla Asfaw