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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Father of Ethiopia, Ababa Janhoye !!!

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Date: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:46 PM
Subject: Father of Ethiopia, Ababa Janhoye !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I read Dr. Abebe Ambatchew one hundred thirty pages book titled, " A Glimpse of Greatness, Emperor Haile Selassie First:The Person " on this Easter weekend. From the start I was in hurry attracted by a title "The Person" " Ababa Janhoye " from a people who know him, working closely.

Ababa Janhoye, the closest I came to him was as a teenager  in my elementary school days when his  entourage passes through Aware in Addis Ababa. We run to greet him and get a reward, brand new one Ethiopian Birr handed to us by him through his  car window. The lucky one got directly money from him and those who were not strong watched from distance. We all enjoyed his affectionate smile from distance.

His picture hanging giving a diploma for our fist family member in our home was a pride for all of us. During Derg early time when the campaign to discredit him was in full swing we brought it  down from our wall. However, the terror under Derg did not save many I know and many young lives of loved ones were damped on our door steps.

The Derg campaign accusing Emperor Haile Selassie as a "thief" for owning  St George Beer Factory, "Ye Negus Tela Metmekia " propaganda brought many young people to shout at him "thief", "Leba" when he was driven from his palace and seen for the last time in an old Volks Wagen. This factory,however, was a legal property of Janhoye bought from foreign owners on Dr. Abebe Ambatchew book.

The personal story I read on this book is also going very well with similar stories I heard from my late father. My father accompanied "Janhoye" to  potash mine in the Dahilak  desert. Many dignitaries accompany the king and the Afar Balabits brought large number of local Afars to greet the king.

Temperature on that part of Ethiopia is unbearable for all of the highlanders. As soon as they camp in the site all were fighting for drink, the mineral water called "Ambo Wha". In the middle of the fight for the bottle "Janhoye's" glass of water was untouched. My father told me he believed many including himself drunk more than one bottle of water without break.

The sweat which was pouring on many faces and the calm comfortable Janhoye in his seat was the story my father shared with all he knows. Dignified man under extreme temperature handed clothes for the Afar locals one by one. The story on Abebe's book a visit to Tibila farm in the upper Awash did not surprise me because temperature wise Tibila is much comfortable and there is an average a temperature difference of twenty degrees or more.

When it comes to being the "Emperor of Education" that is not only true but was also the basis for Janhoye development policy, on how to exploit the natural resources of our country by our own. "Let our children learn "science" , will look for our natural resources themselves". That was why Janhoye gathered bright kids from all over  Ethiopia, educate, feed and cloth them to learn and develop their  country.

Dr. Abebe Ambatchew figures on the education status of our country after the five years occupation of Ethiopia by fascist Italy with the resources available to him was extraordinary. The current TPLF regime supporters count of the number of schools and colleges and comparing it with Janhoye's time is non sense.

Compare the time of Janhoye with other countries of his time. Compare our students of his time with other countries and you will reach to conclusion that Ethiopia was progressing in education and development. The most important thing is that many who completed their education in foreign countries were quick to come home which is not true now. A country which is losing its human capital like our country will not develop only by foreign experts and foreign loan.

Ethiopia under Derg was run by Russians, Cubans and North Koreans and TPLF Ethiopia is proud to open Ethiopia for all who have money. The major player in our country is now Chinese  professionals and daily laborers in thousands. Ethiopia is not a country Janhoye has envisioned to be developed by its children rather foreigners are now on driver seat exploiting  our resources.

Ethiopians are now spectators or working mainly on menial job for foreigners. Those who accused and murdered Janhoye are now locked up in jail while their jailers are millionaires who owned the majority of business in Ethiopia. Tell me who is the thief or "Leba" There is no one,however, who is accountable more than  Mengistu Hailemariam and Derg for the situation our country is now.

The killing that started on the government high officials, sixty of them, most of them well educated Ethiopians from poor back ground was the beginning of the end of Ethiopia Janhoye built from scratch. The master of this crime, Mengistu Hailemariam, is now living in comfort.

The elderly Janhoye trusted his people more than his close associates. He was begged to go to exile, begged to give a go ahead for his loyal forces to use force to keep his throne. His last word before he went to prison indeed should be how Janhoye seen in history, " if my deposition is for the unity and integrity of Ethiopia I will go, but keep Ethiopia united".

Ethiopia after seventeen years under Derg and eighteen years under TPLF is still in war. Neither Mengistu Hailemariam nor Meles Zenawi have  conviction for our people and country. Mengistu run to save himself while leaving his associates to death and jail. Meles Zenawi is working hard to be respected internationally using  his fluent English while hiding from his people back home. He will in the end will follow Mengistu running for his life. However, Ethiopians one day will  give a proper place he deserves for their beloved father, Janhoye, and will held accountable rulers who run away from justice.