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Friday, 23 July 2010

Blessing or curse?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tewdros Andhanom, Minister of Health, told Awramba Times that it is a blessing to work with Meles. Of course it is! If you are one of his hand-picked lieutenants expected to heap accolade on one of Africa's most reviled tyrants, no doubt it is a blessing. Ask the ordinary people in Ethiopia. They can tell you the curse that has befallen on the poor nation since the tyrant came to power. They know the curse as they live it everyday.

Tewdros also says that he has neither the qualities nor the talent to replace his boss. In fact, that is the very reason he was selected to be a minister. Tyrants always employ negative selection to make sure that they are surrounded by incompetent and talentless people who will say yes to anything to please their boss.

That is a blessing...being a butler to a ruthless tyrant. After all, Tewdros can't have his own opinion as long as he lives in the pocket of a dictator.
Dictators favour those who come out and say they are nowhere near the talents of the boss. In other words, serving the boss is the very pupose of their existence How pathetic is the life of talentless people like the servants of the despot!