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Saturday, 24 July 2010

ESAT: What is in Name ?

Tedla Asfaw

I read a piece by Wondem Hindessa Abdu, "ESAT: What is in Name ? , July 24 " posted on Ethiopian websites about the "Baby" called ESAT that was struggling to be born in last May and after few days of its "birth" it ended in "hospital". Early June when I heard its serious "illness" I wrote a piece and posted on many websites, "Meles Zenawis' Information Terror". On that piece I coined "fire", "esat" for ESAT. I am not surprised according to your finding that back home Ethiopians called it "esat", fire too.

Our people are forward looking people and they want to get their information other than TPLF 24/7 propaganda. The challenge for ESAT is huge as you said. I wish you provided us with the cost of running such program. I wonder why Eri-TV Amharic and Oromoffia were allowed to run smoothly for almost ix years while the baby ESAT was attacked at its young age ? If ESAT is Esaias Afeworki Television according to TPLF wise men what do they call Eri-TV ?

Is Esaias a boggy man TPLF would like to have to keep its Tribal supporters on line ? Long Live Eri-TV and Death for ESAT, it seems. We know what is good for us !!!