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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The next step after June 11

Tedla Asfaw
We know very well that TPLF is not to let our leaders go and have tried to divide them for the last two years in prison by sending so called negotiators foreign and home and to bow on Melese’s shoes and ask forgiveness to satisfy his Emperor’s ego.

Melese could not find a single person to bow and if they had wanted they could have joined his sleepy parliament and make fun of themselves and insult the millions of Ethiopians who voted for them in May 2005 and asked them for their vote to be counted.

Our heroes showed us courage and it is up to us to follow them and take our freedom from a regime that will never give us without fight and yesterday June 11 the regime officially declared the fight by convicting our thirty nine brave leaders..

The fight have been going on in the Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia and I urge Alliance for Political Freedom and Equality (AFD) to mobilize the Diaspora and raise money to support the liberation of our country from the hands of TPLF. Hibret supporters are urged to put pressure on their leaders and join the alliance even if they have reservation and if they do not join I ask them to stop attacking AFD verbally and continue their own struggle to remove TPLF from all parts of Ethiopia once and for all.

This week resolve of the crisis in Kinijit is a good sign and it will now play its role in AFD efficiently and I urge platform with OLF and ONLF supporters in the Diaspora to start understanding and develop trust which will isolate TPLF and its very few supporters in the Diaspora.

Like the May( Miazia 30) demonstration two years ago in Addis which sealed the fate of TPLF we here in the Diaspora have to organize similar multiethnic Ethiopian demonstration which will send a signal to USA and UK leadership that they have to abandon Melese before it is too late.

I will conclude by appealing to my fellow country people who are planning to travel to celebrate our millennium (HULETESHE AMETE) in Ethiopia to postponed this trip out of respect of the millions who voted for our jailed leaders.