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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

What happened to Kinijit's spirit?

Tedla Asfaw

Am I confused? Not at all and most of the Diaspora are not members of any organization and we are not responsible for the battle for Kinijit since our elected leaders have been in jail for almost two years.

The battle is now looking like the battle for Nakfa in the 1989s when the Ethiopian army was close to breaking the backbone of Eritrean Liberation Front/Shabia and with all the tricks of Mengistu Hailemariam it faliled.

Here in the safe and sunny summer in North America the master of all these infighting is none other than Melese Zenawi’s TPLF and the battle ground is not the Nakfa Mountain rather the plain fields of Kaliti.

After Melese/TPLF wisely circulating the release of jailed leaders in th Diaspora to sabotage the US congress bill we heard the formation of the new Kinijit called Kinijit International Council(KIC) chaired by Dr, Taye declaring victory on Andargatche/Mewa’s KIL and preparing itself as the only Kinijit who can give flower to the eventual “work or exile” trip to Europe and North America by the soon to be freed leaders of Kinijit most probably after the celebration of Ethiopian millennium.

Do not worry the travel schedule will be kept secret to avoid KIL showing up with bunch of flowers and have photo opportunity with our heroes/heroines and convince some of them to join its camp..

This is not the Kinijit spirit and it is rather what we call blind “ kitiket ” and for the safety of the elected leaders we the majority of Ethiopians have to avoid the warring groups and organize a rally by known civil activists who have been tirelessly organizing protests for their release.

We can start a welcoming ceremony independent of Kinijit/”Kiteket” like the millions in Ethiopia who will celebrate their representatives release free from this foreign born Kinijit/ “Kitiket” viruses.