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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

There is no reconciliation

Tedla Asfaw
I heard Ato Aboye Sibhate’s long interview and what struck me is his statement that there is no “reconciliation between his TPLF/EPRDF and opposition parties because he said you cannot reconcile “dust” with “gold” and rather we might forgive but never reconcile.

What is he saying that you have to submit to his rule and ask forgiveness and follow their lead and do not challenge and if he believes that he found new convert to his camp I am afraid most of his supporters are disappointed by his ultimatum.

Aboye Sibhate’s group will be there to rule and if they are threatened he might be using his “constitutional’ right and formed his own republic and others will follow suit and this is nothing new but these days the TPLF/EPRDF officials are not afraid of saying it is because they believe that Ethiopians who will not accept the partition of their country will follow them believing that for the sake of Ethiopian “unity” they should not anger TPLF.

Sadly the division and mistrust between nationalist movements like OLF, ONLF and others multinational movements like EPRP which Aboye Sibahte characterized as also “nationalists” is making our predicament intractable and all efforts to reconcile until now have been frutiless.

The article 39 of the constitution is opposed by multinethnic and the nationalist groups accepted it and accused the TPLF regime for using it to dominate their regions politically and economically by organizing pro TPLF Oromo, Amhara , Somali and others and destroy them.

Multiethnic organizations like EPRP/Hibret will not seat with any one who support article 39 and that means TPLF/EPRDF leader like Aboye Sibhat assertion there is no reconciliation between “dirt” and “gold” might be correct and that only helps the regime in Ethiopia to stay in power as far as he can and if not he will make his own golden republic and other nationalist movements will follow its example.