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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Melese Zenawi's man defending Teddy Afro ??

Tedla Asfaw
Mr. Million Assefa was heard saying on 26) that he has defended Teddy Afro for the last eight years,however,when he was accused of killing a homeless person by car in 2006 Teddy Afro  was represented by another lawyer because he was not available then according to his own word.
Mr. Million's record as a lawyer as was elaborated by Ato Abebe, the host of the program, has been on the side of  TPLF accusing opposition parties in court and this man now defending Teddy Afro against the politically motivated accusations is all a set up and we should expose this for international lawyers and ask for advice.
Teddy Afro might have been represented by this lawyer when he had cases in the past as was disclosed on the interview dealing with business but now he can not be his defender because of his legal service defending TPLF on many political cases. The current case of a politically motivated legal circus wrapped up in the Innocent man allegedly killed by Teddy is similar to the now discredited genocide charges against Kinijit's high officials in 2005 which later was dropped after international pressure.
Million Assefa is not a lawyer who has the interest of his client, Teddy Afro, and he in fact is working for his other big client Melese Zenawi maybe undercover to damage Teddy's case and he should drop this case until Teddy Afro get advice from other Ethiopian lawyers possibly from the Diaspora.
We have a case here, accuser TPLF, witness TPLF and defender TPLF/Millon representing Teddy and the verdict which we heard it given by Ato Million is more than fifteen years in jail and this is the rule of law in TPLF's Ethiopia.
I am also deeply saddened  when I hear from Ato Million Assefa lecturing us that everyone is "equal" under TPLF's Ethiopia. If that has been true we should not have many lawyers who used to work in Ethiopia at a government level running for their lives to ask asylum in foreign countries.