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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Zimbabwe's slow motion election result

Tedla Asfaw

The result of the election in Zimbabwe is going on in a "slow motion" and that is very different from the previous election result in Zimbabwe or to many who have been going on in Africa.

Premature declaration of winning have brought destruction in many African elections and Zimbabwe's opposition party has been warned not to do so and the public is extremely patient and the speculation on who won and lost is going on.

This morning the opposition claims to win the presidency and I hope this will not bring the opposition supporters and the police on the street to battle on the street.

I have no doubt in my mind South Africa which has been the destiny of many refugees would not tolerate more refugees and would like Zimbabweans to bring order to their country and might play a big rule in convincing Mugabe and the opposition to make the deal.

This remind me what happened last week fight in Basra between the Mahdi army and the Iraq government. While the prime minister, Malik ,is boasting to finish the Mahdi army relying on fire power of USA and Bush called it the last important battle to free Iraq, Iranians worked behind the scene convincing their Shia allies the Mahdi army to stop the fighting.

Here we might have the same result. While USA and Britain talked tough and demonizing Mugabe as always the big player here maybe South Africa. Mugabe will not bow to West pressure to give up power,however,he will be convinced by South Africa to encourage a grace exist for him and save Zimbabwe from its economic hardship and bleak future.