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Friday, 4 April 2008

Well Deserved Fellowhip!!

Tedla Asfaw
I was thrilled to read this morning the news(April 4) from the Stanford University in London posted on that Ato Abebe Gelaw has been awarded the Johns Knight  Fellowship for Professional Journalists at Stanford University for this year.
Ato Abebe will join other twenty accomplished journalists to do the job he has already mastered. I have known Ato Abebe by writing him my views on various topics  and later invited me to join him as an Addis Voice Blogger on his own designed website.
This was a big honor for a person like me who is not a trained writer but as a  person who has a strong desire to express my views that started in 1990s on  the Ethiopian Review, Ethiopian Register. As a student of Ato Abebe since 2006 my confidence grow daily and now am a regular on his blog.
When I read what he has accomplished as a Yahoo Fellow in  journalism with back ground in political science,law and teaching English, I was not surprised at all for Stanford to grant him its prestigious fellowship.
Ato Abebe by joining other accomplished international journalists will be in a good position to learn from  their experiences and no doubt others will also learn form his exemplary career and his website that he established two years ago that is now the major source of information and a platform for debating freely on all matters relevant to Ethiopia and Africa..
We all Ethiopians should be proud of Ato Abebe Gelaw and wish him and his family the best in his journey to discover new wisdom and be an example for our young students of journalism that in hard work and commitment you will attain your potential followed by well deserved recognition.