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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bravo London !!

I followed this week protest in London (Ginbot 7 Radio)  in front of the TPLF Embassy on the third anniversary of the killing of hundreds of our citizens by the TPLF killing squads for voting TPLF out of office. While many of us were swept by Obama fever you guys reminded us that without the sixties struggle for the right to vote in America almost 44 years ago the 44th president of America would not have ended by voting for the first Black to the White House.

I hope it would not take us that long for Ethiopians/Africans to choose their leaders and sadly most of Africa is just like America more than 44 years ago. We can not vote and challenge our black masters camouflaging themselves as ethnic or national liberators.


                                                                                             Tedla Asfaw