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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fwd: Time with Andenet in London by Wondemu Mekonen

Brother Wondemu eloquently reported what he witnessed in London Ethiopians engagement with Andenet party, read it on, you can also hear audio on for the event. It  is true as Wondemu said  Birtukan is a likable Lady for those who met her and for many like myself who followed her on USA trip in the past.

I am not in any position accusing her for what she is doing now but if I were there in London I might say few words and ask some questions. Some individuals who claim to support Andenet here in the Diaspora are engaging on attacking opposition leaders like Eng. Hailu who is in fact pursuing the same "peaceful struggle" while they shut their mouth when TPLF is jailing the OFDM leadership in the name of terrorism at this moment.

If Birtukan remains quite when leaders from OFDM are jailed, is that  going to help the peaceful struggle ? Why Andent until now did not organize a peaceful rally in Addis Ababa and major cities to challenge TPLF and chose what I call a "Hotel Politics" without engaging the public except few  we recently witnessed in some parts of Ethiopia far from international media. Is it not to embarrass  TPLF in front of its financiers and be the victim of its security forces?

Peaceful struggle without the public participation is hardly any struggle and I wish to see Birtukan lead such peaceful rally. The Burma opposition leader who is now under house arrest for many years is for challenging the Burmese junta on peaceful rally and if Birtukan  does not want to take such risk then TPLF will stay in power for many years to come by organizing fake election.


                                                                                Tedla Asfaw