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Monday, 3 November 2008

Obama is a Ben Carson of Politics

Tedla Asfaw

Americans are ready for smart intelligent leader who will pull this country from its current decline. I am almost completing  Ben Carson's book "Take The Risk". This internationally recognized neurosurgeon who grew up poor was considered as a dummy in his elementary school and with hard work and encouragement from his fifth grade science  teacher happens to be white and a strong belief form his "illiterate" mother that if he reads and stays out of trouble nothing is impossible.

Professor Ben Carson has succeeded like many other African Americans to live a rich life and moreover Ben Carson's customers are coming from all over the world to get his service and they trust his judgment and no one has questioned his skin color.

Obama might be the Ben Carson's of politics in America and many Americans black and white need his good judgment to pull out from the current economic mess. Like families who bring their children to see Dr. Ben Carson from all over the world, I believe Obama is the cure for  the economic sickness of America and the whole world.

My worry is for our children in schools ground from elementary to university not to be a target of racists and the Federal government and local authorities should keep our young people safe by mobilizing resources.

America is going to change for better this Tuesday and there is a risk with it not from lack of leadership but from few fringes who do not want to see black in the White House.

With President Obama Americans will have bright future and those who are still blinded by color will lose big time and they might strike back.




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