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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Silence under terror !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Eng. Hailu Shawel is the leader of All Ethiopia Union Party (AEUP), the party formed after Kinijit/ CUD split into Judge Birtukan Medeksa led UDJP and Dr. Birhanu Nega's led Ginbot7 a year ago. Birtukan has been jailed for more than three months for not submitting to the blackmail of Meles Zenawi, and the last we heard from her was on her now  famous letter, "Kale", moments before she went to jail.

The fabricated TPLF coup by Ginbot7 this past week is now downgraded to terror and assassination. Many former TPLF army officers mainly Amharas of alleged Ginbot7 members including an eighty year old man Ato  Tsege  the father of Andargatchew Tsege and others are locked up.

The recent news from AEUP that was posted on websites informed us also that AEUP offices were opened for political activities in all corners of Ethiopia and the peaceful struggle is in full swing.  Are these "organized people" capable of protecting and defending themselves from TPLF terror we are witnessing now ?  Where is the  stand of AEUP on the ongoing terror on peaceful people? Is it maybe because all the accused, UDJP or Ginbot7 alleged members and the former TPLF officers are not AEUP members ?

Such stand is only helping TPLF. It is also self defeating because the Ethiopian people will not win by such failed tactic of divided struggle. The call for unite or else, "Tebaberu or Tesebeaberu" was true in 2005 and still true now to defeat TPLF terrorism.

TPLF has been killing and jailing Oromos in the name of fighting OLF "terror" and now is jailing mainly Amharas in the name of the "terror plot" by Ginbot 7. Does AEUP still believe by organizing the masses in all corners of Ethiopia can defeat TPLF by going it alone ?

Silence while Birtukan Medeksa of UDJP was  thrown  to jail and now Birhanu's led Ginbot7 alleged members  accused of "terror plot" and cleanse Amharas from the army is not defensible. If AEUP thinks it is not the enemy of TPLF we need clarification on that.

Soon Birtukan will be free from jail, but not free to run her organization. Her UDJP will be run by others who are known for accepting TPLF's supremacy and its boss Meles Zenawi and I am afraid yours AEUP is going on that track under your leadership.