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Sunday, 8 July 2007

On Yared Tibebu's confession

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Yared's assertion of the division in Kinijit between Ethiopian nationalists and left wing groups isnot convincing and as far as we know all political groups in Ethiopia their affiliation with left wingideology is long gone.

The division inside political organizations in Ethiopia is a result of lack of democracy in theirorganization and the ambition of power by individuals.

Kinijit in this way is not different than any similar organization back home or in exile and we really donot have a culture of running political organization and as far as I see Kinijit should be commended for handling its political debate while infiltrated byspies in a much better way than others.

The division what we see between the unelected KIC andKIL is not about ideology and it is about lack oftransparency which is wrapped by the blanket of the socalled the Kaliti letter and both groups claim to beEthiopian nationalists who accuse the minority regimeof TPLF as anti-Ethiopia.