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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Celebration and Killings

Tedla Asfaw
Ethiopians while we are celebrating the release of the elected leaders of Kinijit we are witnessing the intensification of killing and blockade of food aid to thousands of Ethiopian Somalis in the Ogaden. This is the testing time for all of us if we really wanted justice and equality to come to Ethiopia and we can not be spectators while such crime is committed by the TPLF regime and let us mobilize the thousands who are coming out for celebration of our leaders to expose the killing and the starvation in Ogaden in the Western cities like we did in the last two years demanding the release of our leaders.

The May 2005 peaceful revolution should spread to Ogaden who are now punished for resisting tyranny of TPLF and wanted to be treated as equals and forged alliance with other opposition groups in Ethiopia who formed AFD.

AFD haters are not expected to denounce this killing or starvation because for them anyone who first did not pledge alliance to Ethiopia should not be protected or supported and the TPLF harsh and genocidal actions will in the future might lead a big problem which will invite foreign forces like the one planned for Darfur.

Who is going to blame the Ogadedn Somalis if they choose to be independent from regimes who always kill and starve them and never seat as equals to solve a problem since King Haileselasse's time.