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Sunday, 29 July 2007

KIC should follow the example of KIL

The news that Kinijit International ( KIL) has dissolved itself after the release of the elected leaders is one of the good things that we are hearing in this month of July and we should commend KIL for excellent job they did while the leadership was non functional in the last two years. The fight with other faction claiming legitimacy is now over and I believe the recent formed Kinijit International Council (KIC) should follow the step of KIL and dissolve itself and we have not yet heard,forget about the Kaliti letter any legitimizing of KIC by the elected leaders and it will be unwise to do so because many who were behind KIL for the last two years will be disappointed by such move,

Kinijit leadership should evaluate all the works done in the last two years all the good and the bad one and that should start by controlling all the offices in Kinijit's name in the Diaspora for that to happen KIC should follow KIL and dissolve itself.

The attempt by KIC to call meetings with the elected leaders of Kinijit is dead wrong and that is divisive and all the paltalks who are trying to reflect the past position of KIL and KIC are not helping us to heal the past wound and move forward.

We should not forget the thousands of Ethiopians in the Diaspora who were calling for the release of the elected leaders and other political prisoners and we know many are not members of Kinijit and our struggle is to bring all political groups to function in Ethiopia without intimidation and harassment by TPLF an not to start our own exile movement separated from our people.

The politics of "Asayewalew" has to stop and let's be humble and polite like our people and get their trust by our deeds.