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Friday, 20 July 2007

All political prisoners should be released

Tedla Asfaw
This Ethiopian saying is appropriate at this FridayJuly 20 to express our joy for the release of 38opposition leaders. Forgive me for saying few thingsto dampen our celebration and however today is acelebration day for their families and millions ofsupporters who voted for them and the DiasporaEthiopians who campaign tirelessly for their release.As we know this is half victory and until allpolitical prisoners and especially the Mecha TulemaDevelopment Organization leaders, the young and thevery old one, many Somalis from Ogaden and the youthsof Oromos and the EPRP leaders who are now rotting inunderground jail are free nothing will change for ourcountry which will give us a dim of hope.The millions of Ethiopians do not have right to gatherto celebrate this victory but on our religiousgatherings,in mosques and churches, we shouldcelebrate this day and continue to campaign for manywho are still in jail.Here in the Diaspora we can have at least a one dayunity and celebrate this day. Thanks