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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Birtukan's Kinijit undemocratic action !!!

Tedla Asfaw
The Capital from Addis reported the "wedding" ceremony between Temesgen Zewde(MP)and Judge Birtukan's Kinijit faction and understandably no one from Eng. Hailu's faction was  present . The ceremony was concluded by electing sixteen members of Supreme Council, fourteen from Temesegen supporters and four others including Professor Mesfin Woldemariam.
Judge Birtukan as reported on Capital  she  is trying  to make a "last minute deal" with Eng. Hailu's faction that was also reported on Ethiopian Review as a joint appearance with Ato Abayneh of Hailu's faction this past Monday which Ato Abayneh, acting chairman of Kinijit,  denied on paltalk radio but confirmed that elders are mediating between Hailu and Birtukan's factions  maybe for the last time before permanent split.
The Kinijit supporters anger in Ethiopia for what is going on within Kinijit is forcing these last minutes contact if it materialized and so as not to be seen in public as spoilers, however, deep inside the Kinijit factions are embarking to solidify their own positions in undemocratic way in case of Birtukn Medekssa
The call for the general assembly of Kinijit was ignored wisely by Birtukan's faction and rather try to reorganize it from top to down  by bringing new sixteen council members which will finally join with the other Supreme Council members of Kinijit that supports her faction.
This undemocratic action, avoiding the general assembly,out of "fear" for their deliberation which might be against her and her followers interest and finalize a "weeding" with Temesgen Zewede is a big mistake on her short lived political experience.
This might be a big blunder which might cost her big time form her die hard fans  in the Diaspora and by not learning from Lidetu Ayalew(MP) she might get the same treatment he got from the wider publicwhen hey sabotaged the formation of Kinijt after May 2005 election  by bringing flimsy excuses and later run for his life to the sleepy Parliament of TPLF/EPRDF.
Eng. Hailu's faction surely will call the general assembly using a legal cover of Ayele Chamiso(MP) who got the legal name of Kinijit and it is possible that the majority will show up to make an important decision for the future of Kinijit.
In all these political circus the millions who supported Kinijit are intimidated by the TPLF/EPRDF cadres to vote for the paid candidates that are fed and clothed  by the regime in power numbering  around  four millions in the spring local election.
It is sad the spirit of May 2005, the hope of electing  representatives that serve their people is now turned in to recruiting paid candidates by the regime and forcing the public  to vote for them and on the other side Kinijit's elected representatives that won the hears and minds of people end up splitting and betraying the people who gave them their votes.
The regime in power ultimate goal is to rule by preparing such make-believe election by denying  free press and assembly, however, if Kinijit did not come through the  general assembly and save the democratic hope of our people the action taken by Biruikan's faction to force new party from top will get the same fate as of Lidetu Ayaew's infamous party.