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Monday, 4 February 2008

One is Greater than Eighteen

Tedla Asfaw
Who said eighteen is greater than one not in the desert of Arizona where Super Ball 42 was played or in the blue lit Empire State of New York. The Giant fans of chanting eighteen to one was answered in spectacular fashion last night and the celebration was under way to wee hours of this morning and we have to wait for the big one tomorrow in lower Manhattan.
I was watching the game with my three boys and let me be honest with you they thought me the game of foot ball and before they were born I never watched  the game because I did now the rules and to your surprise my mother who came to help me with my first child liked the game then without even knowing the rules behind it maybe she enjoyed the battle and the piling up of grown up boys on top of each other with tremendous force to secure the ball she called it "Yebuhe Dabo Yemesele".
Yesterday we watched the game as usual my kids converse while watching. Hey Eli , "do that and do not do that", challenging the umpire when he gives a penalty against their team.
We were confident the way the game started especially the Giant defense go after Brady the quarter back who led the New England Patriots to eighteen zero post season and the "rude" fans of New England  taunting us nineteen -zero for the whole week and no one was to be found to give interview after the game yesterday.
This is good for our family because this is the first time our children twelve, ten and eight saw in real life what winning is all about and the case of Yankees and Mets has been frustrating for them and now their first celebration has started.
In the last position after the New England got the lead we were a little bit worried and however after Eli the quarter back escaped being sacked and the spectacular catch of the ball by the Giant rookie we did not doubt that New York Giant were destined to win the game.
We were jumping up and down at 10PM when New York had a touch down and the Patriots dream of nineteen to zero is gone for good and I do not believe it will come again and Giant fans were right that it was eighteen to one and we might add  that one is much bigger than eighteen.
I told to my kids if your maths teacher is quizzing you to prove if  one is greater than eighteen  you have to bring the giant equation that is G is greater than 18P and prove that one win  in the Super Ball  is greater than eighteen wins in post season.
We hope 2008 to bring  victory for New York Yankees and Mets and we might see the world series to be played by these two New York teams or beat the "New England Red Sox"  to suffer another spectacular defeat for New England.