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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Save Ethiopian refugees!!!

Tedla Asfaw
I listened personal accounts of ten Ethiopian refugees in Libya who are currently abused in Libya's jail after running for their lives crossing Sudan and dangerous desert where some perished and women raped and while reaching in Libya did not get the same treatment Eritreans received on in Amharic last Sunday(Feb. 10).
How can this be allowed to happen in Libya who paid billions of dollars of compensations for the lives of Western bomb victims of Qaddafi sponsored terror?
Is it not the same Libya we heard last week calling for United Africa? what a shame !! If we assume the human right commission and other international organizations have not heard the plight of Ethiopians it is out there and they should contact the Libyan government to take immediate actions.
Ethiopians in the Diaspora should come out and save fellow Ethiopians by writing to all responsible organizations and the Libyan embassies to stop the abuse of our citizens who run for their lives after May 2005 election. Most of the interviewee were jailed following the election of 2005 being a supporter of opposition and they are political refugees.
We will also air the plight of these refugees in Libya's jails for foreign medias who are not aware of this despicable crime in a country who signed the international agreement for protection of refugees. 
For fellow Ethiopian refugees  in Libya we want you to know that we will not forget you and keep fight on your behalf.