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Thursday, 28 February 2008

A letter to Somali friend

Dear Abdullahi Dahr Moge,
I read your piece, the Somali nation, TPLF's sacrificial lamb posted on (Feb. 28)and saddened for exporting this terror to my brothers and sisters in Somalia while we have the power to stop it in our own soil in Ethiopia.
Your chronology of the TPLF's brutality from its inception to present time, shamefully , celebrated as the 33 years of TPLF struggle for "freedom and equality" by TPLF mafia this month at a time innocent lives are cut short daily in Somalia and  in Ethiopia's Ogaden  is outrageous.
USA and the west who are now busy to force the Kenyan opposition settle their differences to make Kenya on their holiday vacation list did not help Ethiopians when they were murdered in broad daylight in 2005 you mentioned in your articles  because they have an evil agenda for proud Ethiopians and Somalis.
After destroying the peoples revolt in May 2005 Melese Zenawi orchestrated religious conflicts in our communities and accused the Islamic Courts that took over Mogadishu from US sponsored warlords and start war which is totally rejected by Ethiopians  you correctly categorized as TPLF's war.
Fifteen months occupation of Somalia by TPLF brought destruction never seen before and at the same time Ogaden Somalis were bombarded and massacred and many lives lost as you correctly put it in the most barbarous way I and many compared it to the  genocide in the  Darfur population by Beshir of Sudan.
Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora are against the crime perpetuated in Somalia in the name of fighting "Islamic terrorism" by the known terrorist regime of Melese Zenawi whose terror throughout Ethiopia mainly in Oromia and Ogaden is well documented.
Ethiopian armed oppositions like OLF and ONLF are defending their people and Ethiopians have to support these movements to remove the blood thirsty regime by rallying together in all western cities and educate foreigners that their tax payers money is wasted for killing women and children in the Horn of Africa.
I do believe freedom for Somalis and Ethiopians can only come by removing TPLF from Mogadishu and Addis Ababa and the resistance in Somalia should be supported by all peace loving Ethiopians as legitimate resistance.
Ethiopians and Somalis are brotherly people even if we had wars before we always see as one family.The occupation of Somalia by fascist TPLF soldiers is not acceptable for proud Somalis like it was not acceptable for proud Ethiopians more than seventy years ago during the fascist Italian occupation of their mother counry.
                                                                                                                      Tedla Asfaw