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Friday, 31 October 2008

Obama Girl from Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

She is an Obama girl from Ethiopia and her name is  Dire Tune and those of you who watched the London Marathon of this year you know what I am talking about. She is competing in this New York City Marathon this Sunday to beat other "old" experienced athletes like Paula Radcliffe. She  might not have much experience like her and others but she has the  the intensity and the power to win like Obama.

This is another Obama Girl not the cutey dancing and singing in the subway of New York City, "I have crush on Obama" but a cute 23 year old who is a winner like Obama and this Sunday she will lead by example and beat all those without or with experience like "John McCain", the likes of Paula Radcliffe, Catherine Ndereba and I am not kidding.

In the past athletic competitions, Ethiopians have performed very well after human made disasters. Let me take you to the Atlanta Olympics final event in marathon. A deranged man planted  bomb and we all were scared and the next morning in women marathon Fatuma Roba trashed everyone and won the Olympic Marathon.

Here in New York City after 9/11 devastation the worst on American soil the sad marathon went as usual in November and we know who comes in top in men's  marathon. It was Ethiopia's Tesfaye not only won but set a new record for NYC Marathon. This time we have  human made financial crisis in the Wall Street and America is looking for  a real leader and that leader is no doubt Obama and our Ethiopian Obama girl, Dire Tune  will show  him the way by example two days ahead of him. Let the Obama Girl from NYC come out open on the surface and sing  Obama is a winner like Dire Tune from Ethiopia.

Dire Tune's win in  New York City marathon this coming Sunday will be replicated by Obama  and he will be  in the  White House in 2009 trashing all stereotypes. He will bring back NYC as the financial center of the wold. The Obama Girl from NYC, however  should not be jealous for Obama picking the Ethiopian winner because he himself is the winner like her.