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Friday, 19 June 2009

Create, win and write about war !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I read a story from "Ethiopia Zare" about the recent book "The Ethiopian Revolution: War in the Horn of Africa" by Gebru Tareke posted on ethiomedia. This morning I also read the book review by TPLF General Tsadkan posted on Aiga.

Tsadekan's view is the Tigray nationalist view which many of us do not agree. Professor Gebru, a Tigrayan EPRP fighter himself was ridiculed by Tsadekan. If Tsadekan has anything to say why not he writes his version of the armed struggle to topple Derg and beat back Shabia ?

However,  Tsadekan do not consider the Badme war of the late 1980s to be briefly covered by Gebru on his recent book. Why ? The war that took hundreds of thousands of lives both in Ethiopia and Eritrea is not a TPLF led war and should be ignored.Period !!! A war that brought all Ethiopians including the hated Derg officers to beat back Shabia needs to be written by someone. For Tsadekan only exclusive "Tigrayan" victory without anyone help  is the war to be told . "Bravery and war engineering is only the domain of TPLF" and books has to be written to confirm to this Tsadekan's/TPLFdoctrine. No wonder TPLF banned armed struggle in Ethiopia after it controlled power because there are no "brave people" to conduct such war on the land of Ethiopia.

What does Tsadekan says about the defeat of TPLF in Somalia ? What is going on in Ogaden desert ? What is going on in Welkait ?

Ethiopians need another Badme to unite our people and defeat TPLF  once and for all. Tsadekan can join his buddies for this coming battle.