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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sibhat Nega from defender to Doctor of Eritrea

Tedla Asfaw

The month of Ginbot in Ethiopia that brought us a "coup" by Ginbot7 brought us too the celebration of "Democracy" and "Development" in Ginbot 20 by TPLF leaders and supporters. Sebhat Nega, on his appearance with Hagerfiker radio's host Negussie Woldemariam who is accused of receiving $10,000 from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Treasury illegally, seemed subdued and confused.

The talk of the "Gold" Tigreans who died for the  independence of Eritrea will defend it forever against the rest of us, the Ethiopians, the "Dust", is now turned to the DR. of TPLF who wanted to treat the hypnotized Eritreans who are suffering under "sick" Isaias. Isaias on his five part interview with Ethiopian Review (ER) and the Patriotic Front (PF) promised to fight the Woyane Clique/TPLF. He declared that there will never be peace with the Woyane.

Sibhat on the development goal of TPLF he said that Tigray alone beat Eritrea on all measures.New colleges,schools and other infrastructure built in the last eighteen years under TPLF/Woyane  in south of the border while north of he border Isaias' Eritrea is still stuck with old infrastructures. The Eritreans were told to believe that they are better than anyone while the reality is different said Sibhat Nega .

However, this time Sibhat did not accuse the Ethiopian nationalists trying to "invade" independent Eritrea and rather accused the Eritrean people for being hypnotized by isaias ferry tale for the last eighteen years. On his five part interview with ER and PF Isaias presented himself as a savior of Ethiopia from the Woyane Clique whom he accused them of institutionalizing ethnicity by incorporating article 39 on the TPLF Constitution.

Isaias said that Woayne/TPLF will not share any power with other nationalities in Ethiopia. If it can not control power then he said that is the end of of Ethiopia as we all know it. Everyone can make its own state and TPLF is the first one to declare independent Tigray. A new war to put in practice the right of nations and nationalities up to cession will be set in motion according to Isaias Afeworki, the "father" of Eritrea.

The Tigray Democracy and Development Party (TDDP) will turn to the Defense of Tigray's "sovereignty". Here is a problem Sibhat Nega. The land TPLF took from Gonder, Wello and Afar is not going to be a Development zone rather a War zone and accordingly your northern "neighbor" Eritrea with or without Isaias  will follow your "independent Tigray " dream  and many states will go to war to carve their own independent states in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Afars in both Ethiopia and Eritrea who never wanted to be living in two separate countries have revolted since TPLF  and Shabia came to power eighteen years ago. The joint  military attack by  TPLF and Shabia is not forgotten by the Afar people. Both Shabia and TPLF's crime on Afar people and the thousands of displaced Ethiopians from Asab is well documented.

On his Ginbot interview with ER and PF isaias also made it clear that Asab  is a sovereign region of Eritrea not for any negotiation. Meles Zenawi had declared for the second time after the conclusion of the Badme war two decades ago that Asab is not Ethiopian. TPLF while incorporating  afar land from Wello to Tigray never attempted to take Asab believing that as long as it is on the hands of Shabia's Eritrea it is safe.

Giving away Ethiopian land to neighbors for immediate benefit by ignoring long consequence that started with Asab is now underway on the western boundary with Sudan from Humera to Gambella that covers large areas of Ethiopian land. Sibhat while educating us about Isaias and Eritrea "sickness" never mentioned a word about the indicted war criminal Beshir of Sudan who is on good term with both Isaias and Meles.

I was also surprised on the recent five part interview Isaias made with ER and PF never asked about the giving away of Ethiopian land by the "Woyane Clique" to Sudan. Isaias is supporting a united Sudan and if this united Sudan incorporates huge Ethiopian land  for both north and south Sudan it will not be acceptable and the war with Sudan is inevitable.

The TPLF 's disastrous  Somalia invasion which Sebhat Nega categorized as an opportunity for Ethiopians to know better Somalia and for which he claims  got "affection and love"  from Somalis is the biggest joke of Ginbot. Sibahat Nega is getting older and sicker. The  medicine he would like to prescribe to Isaias and Eritrea  is better be tested on TPLF/Woyane clique controlled Ethiopia.