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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Unforgettable Agazzi Crimes !!!

Tedla Asfaw

It came to attention of the Diaspora Ethiopians that at Howard University Blackburn Auditorium at 3pm on June 20, 2009  there will be a film show by the ethno fascist regime of Ethiopia likely with the presence of one of the warlords, Sebhat Nega.  The military operation of Agazzi that broke the jail in Mekele, Tigray during the Derg controlled Ethiopia more than two decades ago  freed many rebels has now become  a recruiting film for the regime that has been in power by killing thousands of Ethiopians for more than eighteen years with the help of Agazzi killing squads.

Similar operation on a wider scale was conducted to wipe the Ogaden Somalis, the Anewake in Gambella among others which is the basis for the Genocide Watch to hold Meles Zenawi accountable for its crime recently. Surprisingly the regime that did not allow any free media back home is exploiting the Howard Campus to show its celebrated and  famous Operation.

However, we would like the Howard Community to know that that members of Agazzi shot and killed more than two hundred  Addis Ababeans for protesting the stolen election of 2005 four years ago. While we are remembering the fallen victims in our community it is shame that celebration is going on in the Blackburn Auditorium this coming Saturday afternoon.

While supporters of the apartheid regime celebrate their Agazzi heroes we would like to inform the Howard Community that the peace loving Ethiopians would expose the crime perpetuated by Agazzi and hold them accountable and bring all members of Agazzi who killed the innocents on broad day light by the order of the warlord Meles Zenawi  to face justice.