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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Part one, TPLF's Election Debate Drama !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Space available for rent, so much sq feet for so much dollar, and you can contact us at this number. In fact similar advertisement was posted on TPLF Ethio tube to attract new buyers of "Democracy Space" and we all know when it comes to business space it is one hundred percent controlled by Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT).

Some of the bidders/opponents  were encouraged by the 2005 openness of this "democratic space bid" and since then, however, this  space is only "allowed" on few sq meters area of the the TPLF parliament building in Addis Ababa. Out of the parliament building, the Ethiopian people are not allowed to gather or speak on any matters that concern them, Zero Space.

Ethiopian politics like the economy is now hundred percent owned and run by TPLF and this staged debate of politics on Ethiopian TV is a reality show. The staged drama is made for for USA, UK and other Western  observers who will be allowed to monitor the "election 2010" in Ethiopia. Hey !!! Look debate is going on for all who believed in "peaceful struggle" and come on join this drama before time is running out.

The vote, however, has already been casted in rural Ethiopia way before anyone embarks on a mission to "monitor election 2010". EFFORT has already paid the rural poor masses to be  member of TPLF/EPRDF and forced the poor opposition party out of business. In the city, government employees as well EFFORT controlled businesses have already bought the vote to be displayed publicly at the presence of the International monitors who come to witness the coronation of Mels Zenawi's TPLF  for the next five years  in power.

The TPLF security will be armed with Iranian type security motor bicycles to chase all trouble makers in the coming June 2010 landslide victory. Shooting on head will be discouraged  while high speed chase of young people on the streets of Addis might bring larger causality for lack of proper training on riding the bikes. How about getting help from Iran ?.

We should also expect the "Shabia supported" oppositions like that of Ginbot7 trying to make another coup similar like that of Ginbot 8 this year to sabotage the coronation of TPLF. How about organizing our people not to be part of this coming circus ? A common front against TPLF made election drama should start early on all fronts.

The real opponents of the TPLF should make a call for Ethiopians to stay away from the election drama and  punish those who are forcing our people  to vote for TPLF. The TPLF cadres wherever they are should not be allowed to imprison, beat or kill anyone who is boycotting this fake election.

Citizens have to say no to all kind of intimidation by TPLF in schools, churches and mosques whenever they gather. Ethiopians have to boycott EFFORT the company that is bribing our people to keep TPLF forever on power. The staged one hour TV "debate" drama series be also boycotted..

The UDJP and AEUP parties should come out early on this game and make it clear that they will not be part of any TV made propaganda by TPLF. A call for unconditional release of Judge Birukan should be the number one priority of UDJP. MEDREk platform led by Gebru and Seye is also part of secret TPLF orchestrated drama to be boycotted.

The Ethiopian people  problem is not  lack of paid space to talk politics, it is a lack of real space for discussion and tackle all our problems including the right to be governed by our choice. Without free media, assembly all the rest is a circus TV reality show and we will boycott all these for what it is, to keep TPLF and EFFORT for years on power.