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Thursday, 6 January 2011

TPLF and Shabia are Strategic Allies !!!!

Tedla Asfaw

Shabia and TPLF strategic goal of destroying Ethiopia remains unchanged. After the end of the Badme war except tactical difference between Isaias and Meles nothing has changed. Both are working to dismember Ethiopia by creating  war condition in Western and Eastern part of Ethiopia. Both TPLF and Shabia promised not to repeat the Badme type of war which brings war close to them.

The TPLF and Shabia close ally Sudan will be divided in to North and South Sudan. This is a sad day for Meles and Isaias beside Egypt and of course Sudan. The Western part of huge land of Ethiopia which was awarded to Sudan, North as well as South by Melese  with isaias blessing will start two wars one with North Sudan and with the newly independent South Sudan.

War in Eastern Ethiopia which is raging will continue in vicious way if the Arabs succeeded in forming one nationalistic government of Somalia. Mind you Somaliland which has all the historical support as former British colony to declare independence never recognized by Isaias and Meles. In fact Isaias tried many times to sabotage Somaliland independence without success.

For Isaias Ethiopian dismemberment can only succeed using united Somalia. That is also the policy of Egypt. Article 39 the "nuclear threat"  of TPLF and Isaias ambition to be the master of Somalia and controlling the ethnic movements in Asmara are the strategic goal of dismembering Ethiopia.

Ethiopian oppositions own two decades experience is enough to come with a new vision to free our country from Asmara and Addis Ababa warlords. We do not need Asmara if we want united Ethiopia. Neither fascists in Addis who are applying Mussolini's blue print of dividing Ethiopians  by Ethnic Kilil. Shabia and TPLF are anti-Ethiopia and Ethiopians.