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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Obama on Africa !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Obama mentioned Sudan's referendum on one line and Tunisia uprising just few words that is what he said about Africa on his State of  The Union Address yesterday. In fact he wisely avoided Egypt even if he is aware of the anti-Mubarek demo yesterday. Congress did not show any interest either as wee saw  from the reaction.

The Tunisian uprising has not achieved its goal of removing the tyranny. Kicking Ben Ali and arresting some of his allies while keeping the system all together is not change at all. The proposed election six months after unless it is free and fair will bring back the former regime with name change only.

The West is worried about such upheaval coming to Saudi tyranny too. Yesterday's very limited support for freedom in Africa in USA State of The Union Address by Obama is not encouraging. Africa is now left for Africans and we have to go to street for change. Fake elections in Africa is over. Obama  is just another American leader that cares for USA interest.This time it is told by someone who  looks like us.