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Monday, 31 January 2011

Save Ethiopian Refugees in Cairo !!!!

 Ambassador Shoukry,

 Washington, D.C.

Dear Ambassador,

The first time I saw you was yesterday on ABC program. I know you will be very busy this time because of the ongoing crisis in Egypt and my email might not be too important to reach to your attention. But I do believe that as your neighbor and an Ethiopian residing  in New York I was convinced to write this note.

Few minutes ago I heard the sad situation of fellow Ethiopian refugees residing in Cairo. Women and children are huddling together and with the help of Egyptian neighbors are surviving gangs and rapists at present. We are hearing also women are raped and some are kidnapped. Their call to UN was not helpful at all because no one was in office.

Who is going to help our people when even in peaceful time their own so called "Embassy of Ethiopia" never take care of Ethiopians. It is only you who can make a difference for the  poor Ethiopians who are crying and begging for help. You know the neighborhood of Cairo where poor refugees mostly reside.

I have confidence you will do the right thing and give protection for the abandoned Ethiopians in Cairo at this dangerous time.


Tedla Asfaw