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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ethiopians Protest Rally in D.C.!!!

The Willard Washington, D.C.

Public Relation

Dear Barbara,

Ethiopian community is outraged when we hear the unelected regime members of the Ethiopian Embassy planned to organize a party at your location on Jan. 25. It makes it even worst because it is in the month when we celebrate Martin Luther King struggle for freedom  and equality.

In Ethiopia freedom and equality are used only for propaganda purpose to divide our people while the very few which are connected to the unelected regime live a life of the rich and the famous similar to America. Millions of Ethiopians,however, are living on food aid from USA.

According to the recent poll organized by foreign group, close to 50 percent of the educated young would like to leave the country for lack of freedom. Ethiopia is much worst than Tunisia. Ben Ali the tyrant who is hiding in Saudi Arabia is not as worst as Meles Zenawi.

Ethiopians back home are not even allowed radio programs originated from D.C, VOA. How could we allow members of the Ethiopian regime to party in D.C. ?  How could you give your space to these kind of people, Seyum Mesfin and Girma Biru  ?

I am asking you to cancel the reservation or be prepared for a boycott of your hotel by Ethiopians in the future. Our protest in front of your premise will expose not only  members of the criminal regime but also those who are doing business with them.


Tedla Asfaw