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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde's Statues

I saw the statues of our Olympic heroes broken down to pieces by vandals and was aware of the effort by Japanese students to raise funds to erect it back on Debterw site today.

This despicable act is against Ethiopians and Ethiopia because these world known athletes, three times Olympic gold medal winners 1960-1968 two times by Abebe Bikila and one time by Mamo Wolde has no parallel in the Olympic marathon history, and Ethiopia was on the world map because of their shining victories and has become a major motivation for all our heroes following their foot steps.

Sadly Mamo Wolde died in prison and he did not get any sympathy from a regime who hates those who contributed for the causes of Ethiopia at home and world.

The Ethiopian regime had ignored all the appeals by the international community to release Mamo Wolde while he was gravely ill and we did not bury him as our hero.

What a shame that we allowed the statues of our heroes to be vandalized and this vandalism is not random and has political motivation.

Our brave athletes has to come forward and put the statues where it belongs and provide financial assistance to be protected twenty four hours and we should thank the Japanese students for their effort and the Ethiopian journalist who printed the story.

This evil act will bring all Ethiopians together and we should make our feeling known to the world in this year London Marathon coming soon.

Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde are in every Ethiopians heart and no evil forces can take them away and we will erect back their statues for the whole world to come and visit them they are our national treasures.


Tedla Asfaw